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Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition Watch

Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition Watch Watch Releases

I associate the Junghans brand with clean lines, classic styling, and clever functions that add to rather than detract from the overall balance of the watch. The Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition watch is at once these things and yet not quite what I would have pictured a pilot’s watch to look like in the hands of Junghans’ design team. This is rugged; it is beefy; it is unabashedly traditional. I’d expect to see a Junghans on the wrist of an effete, thoughtful guy (or girl). This watch looks like it might have been cut from Harrison Ford’s wrist that time he crashed his plane into a golf course (yeah, it really is that masculine).

Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition Watch Watch Releases

Between September 25th and September 27th, 2015, Junghans previewed their new watch, which they plan to release in 2016. The pre-release event was held at the site of the company. Guests were given a tour of the premises and treated to a rare insight into the history of the brand, and the chance to view buildings not normally open to the public. To accentuate the aviation theme, guests were then given a short flight over Schramberg. As passengers in old-fashioned propeller planes, they were able to see the factory from a bird’s-eye-view, which is how it appears on the case back of the new Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition watch. They were all allowed to wear and test the watch during the flight. Managing Director of Uhrenfabrik Junghans Matthew Stotz noted that events of this nature were necessary for the “internationalization” of the brand.

Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition Watch Watch Releases

This is a pilot’s watch of note. The bidirectional bezel ensures the Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition watch stands out from the crowd. Large chunky bezels are commonplace on dive watches but less frequently on those for pilots, the bidirectional rotating bezel adds a useful function to the watch, but offers much more in terms of design than it does practicality. In the quest for uniqueness and identifiability, brands whose watches employ rotating bezels (or static ones, for that matter) regularly experiment with the component silhouette and also its edge, which is often knurled or crenelated to facilitate operation.

Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition Watch Watch Releases

In the case of the Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition watch, we can see a heavily scalloped bezel defining the overall appearance of the watch. This dodecagon pattern is remarkably uncommon given how naturally the shape lends itself to the function. It is undeniably bold (which may be why it is also quite rare), but is able to justify its polarising appearance by its ease-of-use. The generous scalloping gives the watch character when viewed head-on, but gives it significant presence when studied from the side. The height and protrusiveness of the bezel are notable traits that see this 43.3mm-wide watch stand 14.4mm off the wrist. Its size plays a part in its excellent legibility. As one would expect of a pilot’s watch, this instrument can be read with ease thanks to an uncluttered dial and large numbers in applied luminant.

Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition Watch Watch Releases

There are two variations of the Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition watch available: one black strap with white lume, and one brown strap with vintage lume. Both watches have identical specifications and are powered by a self-winding movement (calibre J880.4). The stainless steel case has a water resistance of 100 meters and a closed case back decorated with the bird’s-eye view of the factory.

This chronograph is a clean machine: Two sub-dials at 3 and 9 o’clock indicate the chronograph minutes (at 9) and the running seconds (at 3). With no date, the dial is beautifully sparse. Such attention to space is a defining trait of this German brand. With sensible omissions, such as the date, hour counter, and glass case back, and with a bold, non-invasive approach to design, the cost has been kept at a reasonable level: With a price tag of $2,464 the Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition watch might just be ready to fly off the shelves!

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    Looks obese, should be called Junghans Meister Diabetiker.

    • wallydog2

      Those who have diabetes, or who have diabetes in the family, especially Type 1, don’t make jokes about it.

      • Larry Holmack

        So true…..some guys just need to grow up!! Diabetes is not a laughing matter, and can affect anyone of any size or shape.

      • SuperStrapper

        When he was calling himself Skeletor he outed himself as a homophobe and a racist: Making light of diabetes would be nothing of consideration for someone like that.

    • It’s not Swiss, though. How were you able to type out your comment while in the throes of ecstasy?

      • AKDISQUS

        Who said I discriminate against Swiss brands, I take all watches at face value.

      • WINKS

        …by being on all fours?

    • TrevorXM

      I kind of thought it looks like it might have started like this lard-arse GS watch and then went on a weights/cardio and diet regime and got ripped. That Junghans is ripped. This Grand Seiko is obese.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I’ts nice, has a nice clear face, i like the scalloped bezel. ……….But apart from that,its really boring Who actually uses a chronograph ?. Just makes most faces too busy and pointy. Sure it’s a nice complication,but one i have zero use for.

    • I use a chronograph complication every day that I wear one.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        For what exactly, why do you need a stop watch ? Are minutes and second hands not enough ?

        • Various things. Timing my drive, timing tea, how long I’ve been at lunch away from work, how long it takes to poop, etc.

          Watches don’t have to be for serious things, and chronographs don’t always have to time how long you’ve been in the air or outside of a space capsule. It’s just convenient to mark the beginning and end of a task or event by pressing one button, rather than having to remember the minutes and seconds you started at.

          • Raymond Wilkie

            This is a debate am not going to win so let us agree to disagree and both take great pleasure in viewing the timepieces that make it on to the blog.

          • If you knew you weren’t going to win an argument, why make such an asinine point in the first place?

            I follow the comments on this blog fairly closely, and you always have something unkind to say in extremely poor English, without any reference to what you own or have viewed in person.

          • Raymond Wilkie

            Firstly, your first comment is absolutely not true. ( you’r comment on timing your shit, and i am the one coming out with asinine comments !!) Secondly am not going to sit here and argue that you need a chronograph to time your poo that’s your business..Bad english !, its MY language, you’re the one who has fucked it up. Thirdly, don’t sit and comment on my English like some douchebag on their high horse. i.will leave whatever comment i want. i dont have to give a complete run down of why i may like or dislike the watch in question in every review.

          • If English is your first language, you’re awful at it. It takes me a long time just to decipher what you’ve tried to mash together to form a coherent thought.

            Lastly, you comment with such vitriol on every post I see, I have to wonder what your collection looks like. All grand complications from Patek, VC, and AP? I’m thinking Seiko, and definitely not Grand Seiko.

          • Raymond Wilkie

            Thats absolutely not true at all. if i think something is a piece of nonsense i’ll say. My last post was very complimentary..Let this be the last comment.

    • TrevorXM

      I use one to make sure I put in enough hours on a project in the course of a day. If I commit myself to, say, at least three hours of fiction writing, then I start and stop it if I have to and keep track. If, in the evening I have not competed the time I have committed, I work until the full time is up. Works great and results in a feeling of accomplishment. A chronograph is a very useful tool.

  • Shinytoys

    It’s a beautiful piece and the price is right. I am much more familiar with the 100+year old clocks that I collect from Junghans. They make a beautiful movement, and their chime chorale is one of the most beautiful and musically correct I’ve ever heard, I would buy this watch without hesitation.

    • egznyc

      Do they still make clocks? I didn’t know they used to but that makes sense. You know, I bet, that there are people in rural Landaster county PA that build hand-made clocks using German movements – I remember admiring some just last year – so maybe Junghans still produces these movements.

      • Shinytoys

        Sadly, Junghans hasn’t made a wall clock in many years. I’m not sure about the history, no doubt we could both find it on google. Regarding clockmakers in the Lancaster area, their still lies some beautiful wood craftsmen /furmiture cabinet makers that still build beautiful clock cabinets or bodies, but if they want a German movement, they have to look elsewhere other than Junghans for the movement unless it’s refurbished from days gone by.

  • wallydog2

    Very handsome watch. If I had one I’d have to acquire a Heidelburg dueling scar.

  • cg

    Very nice. This is definitely reasonable in price and execution. A must buy.

  • A unique and striking design, to be sure, but what’s with the name? It’s a watch commemorating an event held to celebrate the release of the watch? How very recursive of them.

    • Unique? Looks a hell of a lot like an homage to the Breguet Type XX. With an uglier bezel and less functionality, of course.

      • SuperStrapper

        And 1/5 the cost.

    • The model (shown here in press images) was presented in September exclusively to participants in the event. The series model will follow in 2016. Assuming it will be without without the event labeling. Probably just “Pilot Chronoscope”.

    • egznyc

      Yes, I, too, found the labeling (on the dial, mind you) rather confusing and unnecessarily distracting).

  • Spaceguitar

    This watch is badass.

  • Beefalope

    I like all of the design elements of that watch except the bezel, and that just kills it for me.


      Never trust a person with thin lips.

  • DanW94

    It probably doesn’t happen often that you get to work the word dodecagon into a review. Well done Rob…
    (Oh, and I assume Harrison Ford had on his Khaki Pilot watch from Hamilton when that plane crashed, seeing that he is the spokesman for them…

  • Larry Holmack

    I like it!! It’s just unusual enough for me to want one….could be a little larger….43 mm is a bit smaller than I usually wear…but….I wouldn’t mind having one in my collection!

    And yeah…the diabetes comments are uncalled for!!! It’s a disease that does not discriminate…anyone of any size can have it. I hate to tell you how many NFL players are diabetic…and not just the giant sized linemen. My mother-in-law died from the effects of this disease…and I lost several friends in college from Type 1 diabetes…& neither was overweight. One was a really good friend…both kidneys shut down without notice while he was sleeping…and he never woke up. So keep the juvenile remarks to yourselves…..

  • SuperStrapper

    I like watch, but the bezel is a little strange and I’m not a fan of the dial branding. It’s not available until 2016 but says pilot event 2015 on it. What it should say:

  • JimBob

    What’s with the Germans and scalloped bezels?

  • spiceballs

    Generally I appreciate Junghans watches and I like what they are offering here (for a not too unreasonable price) even tho’ its not my “cup of tea”.


    2 years ago I would have said heck yeah I want one. Now I say what what’s in it ? 2892? 43.3 hum that is 3.3 too many and 14 well a tad too thick as well. I like it though just wish it had a slimmer twin

    • egznyc

      Yeah I agree but it’s rare to find at least a reasonably price auto chrono that’s much thinner in profile. It’s just the nature of the beast.

  • Lurch

    The dial needs the 9 and 3.

  • Jens Deppner

    In my opinion this ia an awesome looking watch. Normally I do prefer clean watches with centered seconds. I just love to see the seconds ticking away. In all chronographs I know, the centerd seconds pointer is not showing the actual time anymore but the elapsed seconds from the chrono. That means it stays still most of the time and the actual seconds are shown on a small sub dial which is far less spectacular. If I understood that description above right, the actual time is still shown by the three big pointers and the two sub dials indicate the chrono. This would then be a very unique feature. And this would really be fabulous and a good reason to consider this watch as being the next to squire.

  • Richard Baptist

    I like unusual watches and I like this. I also like that it doesn’t cost a pound of flesh. I’ll have to watch this one to see if I like it enough to pull the trigger.

  • A_watches

    Fake patina ageing..nah

  • egznyc

    Not a bad looking watch. The bezel is a very useful complication (if it can even be called one) as it can be used to track the time independently of the chrono complication. But that dial text is pretty weird. It’d be cleaner and better without “pilot event 2015.”

  • Svetoslav Popov

    I don’t buy watches with AR on the outside! Never!

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