Don’t miss your chance to enter our October 2016 giveaway for a chance to win a Tissot Heritage 1936 Mechanical timepiece on aBlogtoWatch.com. There are still a few days left, so click here to enter, as well as to learn more about the watch and the giveaway. Good luck and don’t forget to check our awesome watch giveaways each month on aBlogtoWatch.

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Hand winding = The future. Shite fonts = Gawd no! …Do I win?

  • With this watch on my wrist, the universe and I will be, at last, left alone without tiresome intermediaries.

  • I love vintage Tissots and this is a cool ‘remake’ I also want to see if I can get used to wearing a big watch like this.

  • I wore a family heirloom pocket watch for my wedding, but to be honest I couldn’t rely on it’s time keeping accuracy with all my nerves so strapped a wristwatch on too? I think a pocket watch case with lugs and strap is the perfect reiteration of the design, practicality and tradition!

  • I would carry a pocket watch like a 21st century #nasty gal, with a chain that snag to my trouser belt hook and slide the watch into my trouser pocket.

    • Hey #nasty gal, if you wanna win this thing you have to comment on the other article. Good luck.

  • hi, i would carry a pocket watch cause it s the image of elegance, chic … there s no specific circontances to carry it and somewhere for somebody who loves watches it s a way to protect it.

  • I am impressed with the retro look of the watch – it remind me of the time when live was slower and more relaxed. That is why I would carry a posket watch today – it takes some extra time to take out the watch and reat the actual time.

  • This is a very elegant timepiece.
    I agree with other bloggers – a pocket watch can be worn no matter the occasion. A pocket watch is tactile as well as being aesthetic. One is engaged with the deliberate act of reading the time.

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