This month on aBlogtoWatch, one lucky member of our audience who enters below will win a Tissot Heritage 1936 Mechanical timepiece. A fashionable way to wear a modern watch with a vintage spirit, the Tissot Heritage 1936 is directly inspired by the time when wristwatches were still very much based on the design of pocket watches. This transitional period often saw round pocket-watch style cases with attached lugs and a strap. The style today is both charming and legible, with the Tissot Heritage 1936 wearing boldly at 45mm wide in polished steel. Like many traditional pocket watches, this timepiece features a hinged “hunter-style” caseback which opens up to reveal a view of the manually wound Swiss mechanical movement.

The dial of this Tissot Heritage 1936 Mechanical watch features legible pomme-style hands and Breguet-style Arabic numeral hour markers. Attached to the case is a soft, rich brown leather strap. In addition to being a handsome and fun-to-wear watch, the Tissot Heritage 1936 Mechanical reference T104.405.16.012.00 also has a reasonable price of $995. Enter below for your chance to win one this month on aBlogtoWatch.

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Good luck, and thanks to Tissot, the sponsor of the Heritage 1936 Mechanical watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

I’d wear a pocket watch at a wedding or any occasion where I have to be formally dressed. It’ll definitely be different from everyone’s dress watches.

  • I sometimes wear a pocket watch just because I can really. If I’ve got a three piece suit on why not finish off the look with a pocket watch on a chain.

  • If I were to own a pocket watch, I would regularly carry it with me in my purse out of convenience, especially since I don’t always have pockets. On the other hand, if I wore slacks, I would keep it in my pocket since I find the chains stylish.

  • As I only have one three piece suit and not many occasions to wear it, the opportunities to rock a pocket watch are somewhat limited. If there was another acceptable & fashionable way to wear a pocket watch casually, I would!

  • I like this Tissot piece very much in spite of the size. I would carry a pocket watch any time…any time I want to feel the presence of my great uncles who left them to me.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch when I’m wearing a waistcoat. Not often, but it does happen.

  • A would carry a pocket watch at the local chess championship. It could impress quite some people

  • I would wear å pocket watch everyday, just to put that small pocket in my jeans to good use.

  • I was actually just wondering when I’d wear a pocket watch. This last week I’ve been exploring my inherited pocket watches while researching their history. Yesterday I received my first manual pocket watch, and it has it’s own chain. My 5 year old son has been keeping up with a small Quartz pocketwatch with a clip (in his pocket mostly). Because his wrist is so small I’ve not been able to get him to wear a wrist watch while introducing him to tell time with analog hands. As soon as I can regulate my newest pocket watch, I’m going try to make room in my pocket to see how I like it. I’m fascinated with time right now and enjoy learning about the evolution of timepieces. Pocket watches definitely have their own spot in history. I hope to not see them remain there. Can’t wait to bring back the style when the occasion occurs.

  • As a drummer, I’d carry a pocket watch when I play drums because I don’t like to wear a watch when I’m behind the kit.

  • I would wear a pocket watch at this local cigar lounge that I always visit. Wear a 3 piece suit while I’m at it, to get that time traveler vibe. Tissots watches are, timeless!

  • I would wear a pocket watch at this local cigar lounge that I always visit. Wear a 3 piece suit while I’m at it, to get that time traveler vibe. Tissot watches are, timeless!

  • I could put that pocket watch in my jeans watch pocket as I stood to teach my Sunday School class, yes I said Sunday School.

  • I go to a really formal event and dress like a royal turd, with top hat, coat tails, and pocket watch.

  • Complements my style perfectly, would wear a pocket watch to a sales meeting to get noticed 🙂 perfect.

  • I love the pocket watches! I want always to have a pocket watch. but I think it is not convenient to carry pocket watch clothes we wear today. Unfortunately, pocket watches today use very difficult.

  • Of course I would wear pocket watch even today. It’s a style. I would wear them when I need to have my hands completely free and clean, for example manual work, cooking, etc…

  • I would wear a pocket watch to a black tie event in a 3 piece suit. Good way to add some vintage appeal to a modern day suit.

  • Is rule 2 mandatory or not? I’m never quite clear on this.

    If it’s not then here’s my entry, fingers crossed etc…

    If it is then this entry’s invalid as I don’t use facebook, or google+ and I don’t need articles emailing to me either. I just visit this site, probably more often than is good for me.

  • Whenever I ride my motorcycle, which is twice a day at least, I cannot see my beautiful blue Tissot prc200 as I always ride with a motorcycle jacket and gloves – safety first. I have never thought of this solution but a pocket watch can be an original and stylish way to know the time while on my bike. Thanks for the chance!

  • I would wear a pocket watch anytime I’m wearing a three piece suit, it would be very classy!

    Tissot is coming out with some really nice vintage-inspired watches these days!

  • I lik the trend of the modern watch mechanics with a vintage design. Several manufacturers have released some nice ones. I carry a pocket watch every day… my phone, and I have about reached the limit of things to carry in my pockets.

  • Love this watch. I’d wear a pocket watch whenever using a 3-piece suit, or if I knew my wrist watch would get banged up. Also sometimes you just don’t want to wear a watch, and just feel the need to switch up. A pocket watch is a more interesting alternative to just using my cell phone.

  • Interesting question, I think a pocket watch is less limited in terms of shape and size compared to a wrist watch so there’s even more scope to produce an artistic, unique, complex piece. Based on this it would be great to have a conversation piece to discuss with other watch fans… I wouldn’t carry one as a day to day timepiece but definitely would consider one as a beautiful amalgamation of art and engineering to enjoy and admire.

  • I think I’d wear it everywhere. Very unique and stylish. Not limited by what you wear.

  • Realistically, the only time I could see myself wearing a pocket watch is during some sort of themed convention or during a costume wearing occasion. Just like monocles and ear trumpets, pocket watches are a thing of a bygone era. However, Tissot has done an excellent job capturing the most likable (to me) aspect about pocket watches and made it wearable for the modern gentleman (or lady); the dial is the most likable part, and it is a stunner on this new timepiece!

  • That’s a really handsome watch which I would love to win.

    Seriously, I cannot think of a place or occasion where I can carry a pocket watch. Maybe to a steampunk costume party.

  • I suffer from mild eczema and found that, for a period, watch straps were causing my wrist to flare up. The only solution was to invest in a Mondaine pocket watch, which I enjoyed wearing for a while…though, as previous posters have pointed out, contemporary fashions don’t always lend themselves to carrying a pocket watch. I’ve subsequently “trained” my left wrist to tolerate just about any type of watch strap without flaring up. A case of mind over matter…I just couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to wear a watch!

  • As a police officer in England I’d like a pocket watch to be a bit old school when I’m noting the time of arrest!

  • Nice watch… I’m a professional historian so I can get away with tweeds and pocket watches… I will wear my grandfather’s watch now and then if I go to a conference, or something mildly dressy.

  • nice watch. The only reason for a pocket watch is working in hospital. You don’t need to take it off when you wash your hand so frequent

  • I would wear one while traveling – just so I could adjust my glasses imperiously, glance down and exclaim in the airport: “Good Lord, would you look at the time!”

  • This old fashion style in the wrist… Really incredible…. I would wear a classic pocket watch in special social occasion like a marriage.

  • A perfect watch to wear for my chats with my Dr. pals – both male & female. It seems that I have inspred, if I may be so bold to say, an increased interest on their part with time pieces.
    I do occasionally carry a pocket watch and I am very fond of the hunter type back cover.

  • Realistically I could only see a pocket watch being practical today at costumed events or themed conventions, though practically I can see a pocket watch being good for situations where a standard wrist watch could get scratched or broken.

  • This would be the perfect x-mas gift for my Daddy who collects watches. I love the descriptions you provide, because I learn a lot about watches. Thanx for your time.

  • A gentlement, across an overwhelming scene of ultramodern horological timepieces, sitting at the bar, with a tequilla in one hand, reaches into his pocket with the other, flings a pocket watch attached to a gold chain, and checks his time, giving a smirk in the process, is how i would wear a timeless classic

  • I consider pocket watches are best worn to formal events. Like weddings or banquets.This is a classy watch and would look great on my wrist!!!

  • I’ve never been all that keen on Tissot watches, but this one suddently out of the blue ticks all the boxes for my tastes.

  • I don’t have a pocket watch, as I see the uses as being very limited. Perhaps used when one has a smart watch on the wrist? Less clutter that way………..

  • Pocket watches represent a classic, nostalgic period and as such would be appropriate at any formal event. The transition from pocket watches to wrist watches is of particular interest to me. This Tissot is a very cool, eye-catching timepiece. Would love to win it.

  • I would carry it with me when I’m attending functions or weddings because its really cool and eye catching when I bring it out to check the time.

  • I keep one in my pocket while golfing to track yet another five hour round.
    More classy than the current offerings of those designed to clip to your bag.

  • I could see myself carrying a pocket watch with formal wear, albeit it would have to be a very thin model to not disturb the silhouette of a finely tailored suit.

  • Now this is a good time peace very classic and beautiful well balanced and thank your for not having a date window

  • My first mechanical watch was a tissot and I love this one. I would use it as a conversation piece on family reunions.

  • I’d happily wear a pocket watch anywhere. I’ve no fear of looking daft or pretentious, people think that of me anyway 🙂

  • I love pocket watches, but would only wear one in the opportunity where I could wear a vest and be able to reach easily in a vest pocket. I think pocket watches are a handsome touch of class.

  • Would be rotated with my other 35+ watches collection. All kept in mint condition. My first real watch was a Tissot 60’s vintage given to my by my dad in my teens so I have a soft heart for vintage Tissots. I like pocket watches due to my engineering curiosity at mechanic engineering marvels, but what I have in my pocket is an iphone. I wear watches, not store them in pockets.

  • honestly, I cannot really see myself wearing a pocket watch. In everyday life, there’s already enough stuff cluttering in my pockets, and in formal wear, I like to keep the contents of my pockets to an absolute minimum (I even have a special mini wallet to use when I wear suits). So yeah, I’ll stick to wrist watches. However, I wouldn’t mind having one or more well made pocket watches on display somewhere in the house, just to admire from time to time.

  • I would wear this to work every day. Being a younger prifessional, I think this could show my appreciation for history and tradition, which usually becomes a bridge of sorts to the older generation in my industry

  • The only time I could see myself wearing a pocket watch would be with formal wear. But it would have to be slim asmto not ruin the silhouette

  • I would use a pocket watch on special occassions if and only one was passed down to me by a relative. I do love the look of pocket watches though so I am diggin what Tissot has done here!

  • I would carry a pocket watch in very formal events, wearing a tuxedo, since I wouldn’t be wearing a wrist watch. I would mostly keep it at home and look after it so I could pass it on

  • I would use a pocket watch at somewhere like the horse races or at the goodwood revival. Places where classic looks are celebrated and sometimes needed.

  • There are times when a pocket watch still makes sense, but it cannot just be any pocket watch:
    1. A thin elegant gold pocket watch to be worn on a chain with a waistcoat on formal occasions. You could of course double up with a matching elegant gold wrist watch to keep track of time in another time zone 🙂
    2. A tough protected watch that you can wear in extreme situations where vibration could damage the mainspring such as when operating a jackhammer or driving on badly corrugated roads. Better not to have the watch on your wrist then.
    3. A pocket watch with a chronometer for timing sports events, etc. Easier to operate than a wrist watch.

  • The only time I can think of to wear a pocket watch is a to fancy dress party. Not many reasons to carry a pocket in this day and age. Maybe if you were not allowed to wear a wrist watch?!

  • I wear a suit to work everyday so i’d sport that pocket watch with pride. If i had a more laid-back environment for work like casual wear i couldn’t see myself wearing into often except for fancy dinners or posh events.

  • I work in a high tech company in silicon beach where every person has a smart watch. I go the opposite way with mechanical and automatic watches. I would wear a pocket watch all the time to go further against the trend that I view as the “new quartz crisis”. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career interpreting data and finding new ways of manipulating it to help companies perform better. However, classic timepieces have always been my passion and nothing with a battery will ever be on my wrist.

  • Wearing a suit, that I wear every time, with a pocket watch it would be great! Very classy!

  • I like steampunk designs and pocket watches, so this modernized version would fit well with my daily wear.

  • The only time I’d carry a pocket watch is with a three piece suit. I feel like that is the timeless way to present it, clasped to a button and tucked away in the vet pocket.

  • I often carry a pocket watch on Saturday with good jeans (they already have a watch pocket) and an old beat up dress shirt.

  • I wear my late grandfather’s pocket watch pretty much any time I wear a three-piece suit (which is fairly often in the winter months, in England).

    On the other end of the double Albert chain I wear a JDM Citizen high-accuracy, thermocompensated, quartz pocket watch because, as much as I’d like to rely on a 1930’s timepiece to get me to meetings on-time, the old watch is not exactly in chronometer territory.

  • Unfortunately the only time I would carry a pocket watch nowdays is at a retro-focused event (cosplay, car show etc.) I get the old-world charm of pocketwatches, but unless you have a three piece suit on with a cane and a bowler hat, it just looks pretentious to me.

  • A pocket watch is a relatively old fashion way to track time. In our today’s world I would carry such a watch when I’m in public transport especially in a train (high speed or regional) to check that how much time remain to catch my next correspondence

  • I’ve been wanting a pocket watch to wear with my suit because I think it is perfect for that and this would fit the bill.

  • I need a desk clock, but I’ve always thought a nice pocket watch in a display case would be even better.

  • It would be nice to wear this pocket watch with a three piece suit in a “Downtown abbey” style 🙂

  • I would carry a pocket watch on days that I didn’t want to wear a watch. It would be a nice option. I would probably hook it on my purse — that would work great.

  • I would wear a pocket watch to work with a suit. I’ve been tempted by the Bomberg “Day of the Dead” watch with pocket watch screw in case (for something fun & a bit different)!

  • It’s hard to pinpoint an exact occasion where is wear a pocket watch. It depends on the outfit really. I still believe they make a handsome accessory mostly connected with evening wear.

  • It’s pretty hard to wear a pocket watch as it used to be worn, but to be honest I would just put it an inside pocket of a suit or sports jacket.

    Just remember not to put your keys in the same pocket.

    That is a nice looking Tissot with the wire lugs and the two tone dial with the rail road track,

  • A pocket watch would be great on days I’m at tech conferences where everybody has a smartwatch on their wrist.

  • I wouldn’t be able to carry a pocket watch everyday, too anachronistic, but would be great to have one for formal occasions, like while wearing a three-piece suit. I think it would be very classy and it hearkens back to a time when people put a bit more thought into their everyday style. Wearing one shows that you can appreciate the history behind it.

  • I would wear a pocket watch when I was feeling nostalgic and anti-technology which is almost daily now. I would put it in my front right pocket in the little change pocket attached to the pocket that my pants have. Since the dial will be larger than my wrist watch, I wouldn’t have any trouble reading the time.

  • A pocket watch will be great for an elegant ocasion where you are trying to impress you inlaws maybe, father of your wife or girlfriend, if he has an appreciation for watches it will be a very good topic for discussion.

  • Love this watch…I used to have a pocket watch which I wore with a vested suit. I haven’t replaced it…but this post is prompting me to think about it!

  • It seems that pocket watches are doomed to be extinct in today’s world… But i think i would most probably bring a pocket watch when looking at your watch would seem inappropriate or rude.. Like maybe in a business meeting or formal occassions such as a wedding.

    That way you won’t seem to be in a rush everytime you look at your watch 😉

  • I used to carry a pocket watch as a kid that I got at a flea market just because I thought it was a cool timepiece. Now I’d probably only carry one if traveling on trains or if it matched certain attire.

  • I would only carry a pocket watch to some sort of appropriately themed party. Unfortunately, I think that I would be mistaken for a hipster of some sort if I carried one openly in public, so I don’t expect myself to ever own one.

  • Great question! I think there’s still a lot of room for a pocket watch, especially in formal wear situations. Specifically, I’ve worn a pocket watch at a friends wedding because it was in a colder climate, I wasn’t going to be removing my jacket, and I wanted my cuffs tighter around my wrists (I’m in south Florida so anything below 70° feels colder than average).

  • i actually had an orient pocket watch (Orient CDD00001W ). it never saw use. i sold it. there are no circumstances in today’s world that would have me carrying a pocket watch as i love wrist watches too much.

  • I’m a drummer and percussionist so can’t always wear my fancier, non-shock resistant watches when I’m performing somewhere. I’d definitely carry a pocket watch when playing at a concert. Right now I have to use my phone or pull out my old G-Shock.

  • A pocket watch would be a cool piece to own but I don’t know when and where I would wear one. I love wristwatches and I can’t imagine not wearing one.

  • I always bring a nice shiny pocket watch to steam punk conventions. Alternatively, it would work well in a zombie apocalypse as a shiny watch on the wrist would attract zombies.

  • Great question folks. At nearly 50yrs old i`m happy to carry/wear a pocket watch anywhere that climate permits. even a waterproof one for swimming if one exists. Imagine , you could even keep in in your swimming trunks and whip it out when required….

    Tissot looks good though..

  • I would wear a pocket watch to events like the Kentucky derby, with the appropriate attire.

  • I’d wear one almost everyday, especially with long sleeves but without a gold chain or similar. Why? I just love the feel of mechanical things.

  • i believe, in today’s context, pocket watch should be worn on a very formal occasion such as gala dinner, business meeting, or any kind of event which involves deep and meaningful talking with someone. If you wear a wristwatch on the aforomentioned event, i am afraid that you will consciously or unconciously look to your hand to check time. Looking continuously to your wristwatches could be bad because you could give impression to someone you are talking to that you are bored–this then would become an obstacle to the relationship that you are trying to make whether personal or business relationship. Thus, with a pocket watch, i believe that it would make it harder to check your time whether consciously or unconciously and then it would prevent the impression that you are bored to someone you are talking to. Moreover, personally i think that pocket watch has its own place for the watch aficionados and for people who even don’t have interest in watch world. By having pocket watch, it will be a good conversation-starter with some new people.

  • I work in a research lab and having a pocket watch would be a nice alternative to a wrist watch, which is always covered by gloves.

  • A pocket watch would come in handy if you were doing some sort of work where a watch on your wrist could be scratched or damaged.

  • I would wear a pocket watch to business meeting or formal dinner. Why? Because it would turn a couple heads and a good topic for networking with people.

  • I would carry a pocket watch when I wear a suit. It accessorises well also becomes a conversation starter at any gathering. As such a wrist watch is concealed when wearing a suit.

  • 1936 was the year my late father joined the Canadian Army as a signalman to fight fascism and to defend democracy – or because it was The Great Depression and it was a job, three meals a day and a good pair of boots.

  • Anytime I want to make a unique expression about who I am….today that is the functions watches serve. Even the apple watch has no truly unique function yet so it is all a statement about who we are.

  • “boldly at 45mm” indeed.

    I would wear a pocket watch if I changed my style to grease monkey / hard livin’ alcoholic uncle that said the word ‘clobber’ a lot.

  • I would wear a pocket watch during a Hipster Convention, with a full beard while wearing a three-piece suit that had a suitable pocket in the vest for a pocket watch. The watch would naturally be supplemented by a pocket watch chain, for more a more thorough effort at Hipsterness.
    I found this beautiful pic of a Tissot Pocket Watch…I’d love to own this one:

  • If I was to wear one it would have to be at a very formal setting, but I don’t know if I’d ever truly have a reason to

  • Blue Jeans! Almost every pair of blue jeans has a watch pocket sewn into the right side front pocket. I think pocket watches are a must at a horse track when you are betting on the ponies, so I would probably wear one to one of the triple crown races, if ever given the opportunity. I would prefer for it to have audible chime feature too.

  • I will pair pocket watch with a set of suit with theme from the 30s. I might wear this in a grand function. With thepocket watch, I might gain peoples’ attention.

  • That’s a very nice watch in this giveaway! But, I would never wear a true pocket watch. I own a very old one that’s been handed down to me, but I’ve never put it in my pocket and used it. I’ve got keys in one front pocket, carbon fiber card/money clip in the other front pocket and an iPhone in my back pocket. That leaves one back pocket and I wouldn’t put a watch in it. I would and do wear a watch on my wrist that has a pocket watch movement inside of it. Does that count?

    It’s funny how everyone here says, “I would”. But, in actuality, they don’t. Doesn’t that make the, “I would” irrelevant?

    What does Mark Carson have to say about this?

  • Only time I can think of me wearing a pocket watch would be while wearing a 3 piece suit, like at a wedding or something. I would still love to win this watch though!

  • Either while wearing a suit, or when I’m wearing jeans. Although I must say, I think it’s hard to find an outfit and occasion that suits a pocket watch.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch with a 3 piece pinstriped suit. I can see it at a wedding or other formal gathering.

  • Yes, wearing a pocket watch at a special event would be very fitting. I think the uniqueness of a wedding or promotion calls for a special watch such as this.

  • love pocket watches and own quite a few. Not practical to carry. Enjoy “playing’ with them.I love vintage style contemporary wrist watches and have this Tissot on my “short list”

  • I love pocket watches and have owned one, but I hate having to pull them out of my pocket, so would never wear one.

  • I work at a maritime port and commonly on board ships. That’s where i’d carry a pocket watch. Comfortable, big, legible and there is no chance it will get tangled anywhere that could potentially shove you into harm’s way. I actually think pocket watches are pretty practical.

  • Tissot has very interesting watches and I would love to have this mechanical watch! Yes!

  • I don’t often wear a three-piece suit, but when I do, nothing completes the outfit like a pocket watch with chain. I have a late 19th century Hampden that, while not a high-grade timepiece, has a great deal of sentimental value to me. I really like this new Tissot, also partly for sentimental reasons, as the Unitas 6497 was the first caliber that I got my hands on in watchmaking school. If I don’t win the giveaway, I may just have to purchase one of these.

  • Although I really like and impressed from a nice pocket watch, I think that I don’t see any relevant occasion where I would carry a pocket watch on me. Sorry, in my life I just don’t find an suitable occasion.

  • Actually I’ve been thinking of getting a pocket watch. I’d wear with jeans attached to my belt loop on a chain. It doesn’t have to be a formal occasion, but hanging out, going to concert etc. it’s a great way to wear a timepiece.

  • I’d carry a pocketwatch if I was invited to a white-tie wedding of a king/queen. I’d wear a monocle, too

  • Great old-timey inspired design. The numerals are elegant but not overbearing. I especially appreciate the 24-hour numerals that almost disappear into the design of the minute dial on the face of the watch. Polished steel and hinged case are wonderful.

  • Since it’s October, then we can talk Halloween. If I went to a Halloween party dressed up as W. Churchill, two things I would have to have: a cigar and a pocket watch!

  • Could see wearing a pocket watch with my tux for special occasions. Thanks for offering this Tissot model. It’s a beautiful piece.

  • I’d only ever carry a pocket watch if I wasn’t allowed to wear a wrist watch and carry my cell phone.

  • I have considered carrying a pocket watch when I have business presentations, especially ones where I need to use my hands. I do not want a wrist watch reflection catching people in the eyes, grabbing unwanted attention, etc….I should also consider taking one to church. I catch myself checking my wrist more often than I should, in large part because it is so easy. I should be focused on the message, not the time.

  • What a nice watch! I’d wear a pocket watch at formal black tie event, there is nothing classier than pulling a pocket watch while everybody else looks at the time in their smartphone!

  • I would like to carry a pocket watch in situations where I would need to signal my disdain for other peoples tardiness by demonstrably checking the time on a big pocket watch

  • A pocket watch would be good if you are in a situation or environment where you might bang up a nice timepiece on your wrist but still want to enjoy a quality mechanical watch.

  • A few times a month I’ll carry a pocket watch. I have a collection, but most enjoy taking my Grandfather’s “Scotty” for sentimental reasons. Carrying a pocket watch is very nostalgic, but the main reason I do is I can really enjoy the craftsmanship of the more expensive pieces with the large movements and detail, plus the engravings and artistry of the Hunter Cases in gold and silver.

  • I wear a pocket watch to “class it up” a bit, as part of a special night of cocktails or as a conversation starter… and sometimes simply because my cuffs are too tight for a wristwatch. Just as my mechanical watches are selected partially to pay homage to the past, the pocket watch pays slightly flashier homage to a more distant past, which has been a great way to break the social ice.

  • Honestly the opportunities to carry a pocket watch would be very limited – black tie affair maybe. Might carry a modern rugged pocket watch while playing sports, camping, hiking, etc. Maybe it could include weather functions (barometer, altimeter, etc).

  • Very classy time piece. I agree with JF Beaulieu, the time to carry a pocket watch, is to a black tie affair.

  • I have a couple of old pocket watches and have thought about when to wear them but never have. I considered it when attending the opera or a formal wedding.

  • I wear a pocket watch to business meetings and expos. Since everyone wears a wristwatch, I find wearing a pocket watch instead more appealing. It opens completely different discusssions in a lot more positive mood.

  • Beautiful watch! I’d wear a pocket watch at any semi-formal, or formal event. There’s something elegant about pulling out a pocket watch, while everyone is using their new iPhone 7 to check the time.

  • I am an avid outdoorsman and I would carry a pocket watch when chopping and carrying wood and riding my dirt bikes as well as on hunting and fishing trips. These activities give wrist watches a terrible pounding and I usually wear a pocket watch or no watch at all while pursuing them.

  • The Tissot Heritage 1936 is an interesting watch capturing the spirit of yesteryear. For those who see some good in the past it may be a reminder of gentler days. In today’s world I don’t think I would ever wear a pocket watch for any occasion although I do have my grandfather’s Waltham.

  • Love the design! I’d wear a pocket watch during fall,winter, and whenever i get the opportunity to wear one of my coats, pulling it out of the pocket while drinking my coffee or reading a book.. first of all to check the time and then to get lost in its aesthetics

  • I’d most definitely use a pocket watch at work! I always wear dress pants and it would suit them perfectly. I’m asked for the time very frequently and it would make for a great excuse to use it! Would definitely make for a great conversation starter. Thanks for the opportunity ABTW and good luck to everyone!

  • I’d wear a pocket watch to formal events where a three piece suit is appropriate.
    Don’t really know a lot of other opportunities where i would wear one.

  • I would purchase a pocket watch but it would have to be afyet I’ve purchased my grails. The setting for one would be formal wearing a suit or tux.

  • I would use a pocket watch during work that causes filthy hands or can damage a wristwatch.

  • I love being outside. Whether doing some tree felling, skiing, hiking, building, etc. I always want a time piece on me. But wrist pieces either get caught on different things, are covered by gloves or clothing, or are just too nice to risk damage. A pocket watch would be perfect to carry in these situations.

  • I often carry a pocketwatch. Mainly in memory of my late father who collected railroad grade watches. I inherited his collection, and even added a few of my own since his passing.

  • I love the hunter caseback on this piece. I have a pocket watch which I have wear occasionally with a three-piece suit. I love the engraving on the gold-filled case. The watch was a gift from my grandfather, so I get the double pleasure of enjoying the watch and thinking about him when I carry it.

  • I’d only wear a pocket watch with formal clothes and it would have to be vintage!

  • I would probably only carry a pocket watch if I were in costume. My wrist is my space for a watch and I am very satisfied with that. I think of my phone (which I always keep in my pocket) as fulfilling that need anyway. If I had a nice pocket watch, I would either display it or sell it to fund the purchase of a wrist watch. I really like the Heritage 1936 though.

  • The Tissot Heritage 1936 is an interesting watch capturing the spirit of yesteryear.

  • Such a beautiful watch. Elegant and classic. If I had one, I would carry a pocket watch to any formal event. It would definitely be better than pulling out a phone to check the time!

  • I love this watch!! As for a pocket watch, I already own my later fathers vintage ( early 1900’s Hamilton ) pocket watch and have worn it many times when my wife and I attend one of her company functions. Would I consider purchasing another one…of course!!

  • in my opinion, now a days thereis only one situation for a pocket watch: the marriage. A 3 piced dark grey suit, black shoes and a golden skeleton pocket watch on a chain… just great ?

  • I would carry a pocket watch in the summer if outside doing yardwork or just strolling around. I don’t like the tan line a watch makes on my wrist

  • The idea to have a watch based off a pocket watch is retro and way cool. really pulling them hipster heart strings. pocket watches are definitely nice to have when you don not want any things like straps or bracelet on your wrist. likely when i can be all formal with suit and shirt or even simply hipster with a tee shirt and skinny jeans but don’t want any accessories on the wrists. keeping time on the other hand is like a good habit to have a watch somewhere in the pockets!

  • I would wear a pocket watch for some timeless events just like the pocket watch, marriage, work anniversary and the likes. It will stamp the memory of the event with timelessness.

  • Pocket watches are great for fun but formal dress events like a wedding. Pocket watches aren’t practical for every day use, but when you want a unique touch to your fashion sense, it can make a statement.

  • I know most people are saying that they feel that they would only wear a pocket watch to a formal event, but I feel like it would be something that I could wear every day. When I was younger, we got my grandfather a pocket watch that he wore almost everywhere, so I can easily imagine a pocket watch in casual attire. As of now, I only have wrist watches, but my favorite thing about watches is that each is different in its own way. I love how you can choose what complications/styles you want and I love expanding my collection with new, different types of watches. For example, I have never seen a watch with the “hunter-style” case back like this beautiful Tissot displays. It would be an honor to add this piece to my collection.

  • I don’t often wear a three-piece suit, but when I do, nothing completes the outfit like a pocket watch with chain. I have a late 19th century Hampden that, while not a high-grade timepiece, has a great deal of sentimental value to me. I really like this new Tissot, also partly for sentimental reasons, as the Unitas 6497 was the first caliber that I got my hands on in watchmaking school. If I don’t win the giveaway, I may just have to purchase one of these.

  • A pocket watch in the modern world, in my opinion, belongs with the owner, in social static environments where it can be the source and trigger for a conversation topic with curious others. Places like cafe, bars, public events are primed for a pocket watch to have centre stage and entice a new raft of followers. Such timepieces are an event to take them out of a pocket to read the time, therefore they belong in ‘event’ scenarios.

  • Perfect for any dress-up or dress-down event. On a chain, it’s sleek with suits, simple with a t-shirt and jeans.

  • The only time I would wear a pocket watch is to a wedding. With all the customs associated with weddings, they are one of the most formal events, and a pocket watch would fit the conservative traditions associated with weddings. Having said that, I would must rather wear a dress watch.

  • A pocket watch could be very welcome in a vintage/barn style wedding! Both for the groom and the guests.

  • First off, I love hand wind movements. Second, the retro look is fantastic. I’d love to add this to my collection.

  • I’d use a pocket watch mainly when wearing a suit, but a smaller one would probably go well with the small pocket in jeans

  • Aye, this is a fine watch…I’d wear it every day if I win it, but considering my chances, I won’t and I personally cant afford it, sadly. I’d carry this watch every day and everywhere I go. This watch may only be worn at a formal event by others, but I personally love this style of watch. Others would say that they’d like to ONLY wear it at formal events, but I’d carry it everywhere with me. Anyhow, besides the subject, I’d like to thank Ariel Adams and those at ABTW for funding this post! This watch would complete a formal outfit but STILL! 😉 Thanks to Ariel Adams and ABTW! :DDDDD

  • I would purchase a pocket watch but it would have to be after I’ve
    purchased my grails. The setting for one would be formal wearing a suit
    or tux.

  • Anytime I was wearing a vest…I’d match it with a pocket watch on chain. The look is just so dapper! Plus it would be such a good conversation piece. Hopefully pocket watches make a comeback.

  • this watch has a style very Vintage, with the right look could be used every day. In my opinion, the watch goes well for a ceremony or social events. Captures much the scene

  • My wife gave me a pocket watch for my first Father’s Day. I don’t wear it often, but it never fails to become a topic of conversation when I do. Pocket watches don’t have to have diamonds or other accessories to catch the eye.

  • What a beauty! Vintage style in a beautiful new look. Would look FABULOUS on my wrist.

  • I wear a pocket watch whenever I wear a suit or tux. It gives me a feeling of luxury and elegance.

  • i really want to have a classic manually wound pocket sized watch with a display back. this is just so good! this and the stowa marine, just perfect!

  • I usually wore a pocket watch all through middle and high school. I did a lot of motorcycle repair work and dirt riding and I liked to keep my wrists free. They were inexpensive watches that weren’t very classy but it was fun to wind it every day and pull it out when someone asked for the time. Now that I’ve gained an appreciation for timepieces I may have to take another look at the quality pocket watches that are available today. I might end up carrying a pocket watch as my daily beater.

  • Well, I’ll wear it everywhere I go., with tux, suit and tie, or…. Jeans with t-shirt….
    It’s kind of a teenager trends nowadays here in South West Asia. A classy chic pocket watch, with chain, hook it on the belt loop and done.

  • I think the one situation I would carry a pocket watch is if I would be wearing a vintage suit (something 1920s-ish), probably British. Why ? Because it (the pocket watch) looks cool with such an attire.

  • It is usually very fitting for a pocket watch to be worn at formal occassions or with a vest. But I think I could wear it with a pair of denim as well. Even if it’s small enough I could wear it like a pendant with proper stylings and it still fit a casual outfit of young man like me. Not to mention that although it may sounds sentimental, if that’s a pocket watch that I inherited as a legacy it’s possible for me to carry it on every setting, just like its name, on my pocket.
    Personally there are times when I feel don’t like to wear anything on my wrists, especially since I am a person with allergy, sometimes I get hives. But if I look at my phone, the distraction could be annoying in some conditions. And that’s the moment that a pocketwatch is helpful.

  • Pocket watch looks great for any occasion whether u wear it with suit or jeans. I’d definitely wear it with jeans.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch in the coin pocket of a pair of dark selvedge jeans and crisp white T-shirt..Why? Just Because it’s unconventional and I think it would look really cool with the chain attached.

  • I’ve found that pocket watches work best with formal outfits, but I’ve worn one with jeans before. I find that it can be difficult to pull out of your pants pocket. If I wore a vest casually, it’d be a no brainer.

  • I am currently working on a pocket watch as part of an online course in watch repair. The watch itself is not interesting – but if and when I finish taking it apart, putting it back together, and it still works, then the watch will have HUGE value for me.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch at weddings, as I usually wear a waistcoat. Just to check how late the bride was to the ceremony!

  • I’ve been looking for such a dressier watch, would be very nice to own and good to go on any occasion!

  • Thank you for motivating me to research pocket watches, which is very interesting indeed. Especially interesting was the mandated certification of watches that were to be sold to railroad workers that started at the end of the 19th century. I would carry a pocket watch anytime either of the following two conditions were true: 1) I was wearing a vest and working or, 2) I was wearing a vest and traveling. The reason why I would carry a pocket watch is for the same reason I use fountain pens, because I enjoy some of the finer things in life (at least those within an educator’s budget). Also, this would send me out in search of vests with watch specific buttonholes.

  • I suppose I could see wearing a pocket watch in a situation where even a rugged watch might be damaged. Perhaps when welding or dealing with intense heat or flame.

  • I think i’d use it in many circumstances: from a Grand Gala event to a night passed with friends. Why especially in the night is simple. The reflections of the metal with the moon light are outstanding. I love the lights on the watch, how they are reflected..
    It’s a pleasure to see “what time is it” even inf you dont need to know it at that right moment!

  • I don’t know if I would wear a pocket watch but I think it would look great on my hubby when we are dressed up for a more formal event. He would wear it more as an accessory or decoration than for function but it’s always great to be able to check the time.

  • As a hairdresser, I would use a pocket watch because I don’t want to get my wrist watch wet when washing clients hair. That way I could have it safely in a pocket for easy access.

  • I would carry a pocketwatch every possible chance i got, because it is a classy way to carry a timepiece. Preferrably in a vest or when i get my self a bunad(norwegian national costume).

  • During my concert, to fashionably check out how much time I have with my audience. 🙂 A great eye catcher and performance filler.

  • I play upright bass, and dress up, often. I like using my Molinja pocket watch, to keep up, with time and style…

  • There is a 1920’s lawn party that a friend goes to every year and I will be attending for the first time next year. It seems like a great opportunity to wear a pocket watch

  • I’d wear it anytime; just to be anachronistic. The ubiquity of time telling on phones is missing the point.

  • Last wore a pocket watch when I got married nearly 29 years ago. Have it in a box but would certainly wear it with a 3 piece suit to a formal occasion.

  • A night at the opera, a day at the races, well I don’t go to the track, but classical music events it would be cool to pull out, get a few looks…. When I was a kid I found a pocket watch in the mud. Wonder what ever happened to it.

  • Tailor made suite would be a perfect match or pretending to be a hipster for a haloween.

  • A fantastic watch, the Tissot Heritage 1936, I would wear it every single day! However, I own a pocket watch and I wear it every single time I wear a 3-piece suit with a vest.

  • I would carry & use a pocket watch if it had day/date/alarm/chrono and had a large enough display for all data to be readily legible to people with old eyes such as myself.

  • Pocket watches go great with any 3 piece or vest. Unfortunately not everyone gets the chance to wear clothing like that in day to day life anymore.

  • I carry watches in my pockets because I chose to walk through neighborhoods on my way to my parking garage where an expensive watch on my wrist could make me a target for mugging or car jacking. I don’t want to advertise affluence. Once I get to my office I usually put the watch on my desk. So pocket watches are extremely practical for me. I also sometimes work in a setting with high intensity magnetic fields where rings and watches just can’t be worn. Again pocket watches are a very practical solution and a larger easily viewed dial is a bonus for older eyes. I

  • To be honest I don’t see myself wearing a pocket watch. Maybe if I wore a three-piece suit to some event.

  • I would only carry a pocket watch if I did not want to wear a wrist one. I think for men it would be specially very chick to wear one with a 3 piece suit

  • A pocket watch could be a part of my everyday carry rotation. I wouldn’t need a special occasion

  • The last time I wore a pocket watch it was before cell phones. The weight of my Victorinox pocket watch was rather nice to have with a corduroy blazer and tweed pants. Now if we could make an iPocketwatch that functioned much like the scaled down phone but more robust than the iWatch I might try it again. As for pure mechanical time pieces, I believe it is just a bit too much of a historical piece for everyday.

  • I would happily rock a pocket watch because as a professional ballet dancer I am always appreciating art from a different time. This watch is a perfect reflection of how artistic and innovative our ancestors were. And because I perform rolls of ballets made hundreds of years ago. I truly appreciate that.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch to occasions where a wrist watch would be too casual, or situations where a wrist watch would be likely to be knocked about or damaged if worn.

  • I wear my pocket watch to formal events for my wife’s company. It is a Zenith Grand Prix 1900..unfortunately I really don’t know a thing about it! But in that circumstance is clearly stands out from the generic wrist watches that most others are wearing.

  • I still own a pocket watch, but rarely use it. I’d like a suitable pocket watch for hunting, keeps the watch nice and clean and safe from damage in the bush.

  • I would were a Pocket watch with blue jeens cause both will never die cause they are classic

  • This would be a nice entrance into the world of Swiss watchmaking, I currently only own entry level Japanese watches.

  • I used to carry a pocket watch for a certain affected style, and I’m afraid I couldn’t again without mimicking that affectation. However…there are some just amazing vintage pocket watches out there, really beautiful, and I just might see rocking one again with a well-tailored three piece suit.

  • I would carry a pocket watch if I was somewhere where jewlerry was not something you want to flash around

  • This is a very nice looking watch, reminds me of when I was a young lad and got a Tissot as my first mechanical watch. The only time I can see myself using a pocket watch is when going to a formal event like the Royal Ascot to go with a morning suit. Otherwise I already feel like there are too many items vying for space in my pockets.

  • I’d like to carry a pocket watch on a station platform while waiting for a train. I’d take it out when the train was late getting in and look so retro doing it.

  • I would love to have this watch!. I would carry a pocket watch when the weather is too warm so it feels more comfortable knowing that I sweat a lot on my wrist.

  • I work nights all alone in a big office building, so I like to dress up with a tie and jacket to keep myself in a work-time frame of mind. A pocket watch would be a cool addition. to show off in front of my imaginary friends. Anyone hungry? Hey look, a butterfly that looks like Sean Connery!

  • I’ve often worn a pocket watch in “this day and age.” First, I like the look of a pocket watch, and it does have a particularly nostalgic air to it. Second, I like the idea of fishing in my pocket for the watch itself. It’s not a bad thing, really. That said, I wouldn’t mind winning a Tissot wrist watch!

  • i mostly wear my pocket watch to formal events and fancy balls. it just adds a little twist to the tuxedo/suit!

  • I’m a surgeon and I always carry a pocket watch in my white coat. That way I always have a watch when examining patients but I don’t have to worry about taking off my watch when I scrub into surgery.

  • Have considered getting a pocket watch for those occasions I would wear a tux to.. a pocket watch still has its place in this world

  • I love that design and see the back is amazing. The dial is beautiful. This is now my favorite Tissot watch.

  • I always get my automatic watch off when I mix cocktails… that would be the perfect oldschool bartender watch!

  • Perhaps if I were taking a trip on the Orient Express I’d bring a pocketwatch with me because it seems appropriate to the journey.

  • I still carry a pocket watch in the form of a stop watch to time film and video production. Can’t switch to fully digital been using it off and on since 72.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch while hunting. Can easily pull it out with gloves on. And if you can find a pocket watch with compass built in, jackpot.

  • I’ve never had a pocket watch before but I could see myself wearing one with a Tux or other dressier occasions. I do really like this Tissot mechanical and it’s vintage vibe… very nice piece.

  • I would – or acctually does – wear one at work as a train driver. Right now it’s Seikos Railroad Pocket watch. Although there’s a clock in the cabin, and there’s a clock in my phone, and so on, I still like to keep something reliable with me.

  • If i was to carry a pocket watch it would be any time I am dressed up to a nice event. Its like being stealth but with a hidden gem!

  • I´d wear it on those days where I wouldn´t want to wear a wristwatch and be stressed out by thinking about what time it is. If I really needed to know the time, I´d just whip it out 😉

  • I would carry it while on my bush trail walks. Why? It will be safely tucked away until needed.
    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  • I love pocket watches so much I carry with one every day 🙂 no need to have a special circumstance for it… Why? Because I love them!

  • With a well made and attractive pocket watch it would be fun to wear it all the time. But really it would make a great weekend watch. It suits life at a slower pace.

  • Pocket watch is difficult today… but in a reunion with some real aristocrats, maybe some lords, why not?

  • Where: At a black tie dinner.
    Why: In homage to my ancestors who owned the pocket watch before me.

  • thanks for the opportunity to win a fantastic watch.
    I would wear a pocket watch almost anywhere, because i would love to have something to put in that little seldom used pocked on my jeans!

  • I got married three weeks ago and wore my great-grandfather’s pocket watch in my waistcoat.

  • A pocket watch at a black tie event – it’s a level above a wristwatch in class I think

  • First, let me say thank you for the opportunity to win such a classy timepiece! I would graciously wear a pocket watch at any chance I get. I wear a suit 5 days a week and would have no issue adding a pocket watch in the wardrobe. More so, to answer WHY i would…I have a need to constantly carry something important on me: to fidget with, to appreciate, and enjoy. I just knowing that i have something I treasure close by always makes me happy! Thanks again for the chance!

  • Thanks for the giveaway.
    I don’t wear a pocket watch, but I would love too. The idea of opening that little cover to unreveal time, and then place it back in a tiny place… Now where or when ? Well, why not not for a day to day activity like… work.

  • my son would love a pocket watch for Christmas as he has just discovered them and thinks they are classy. He would wear one when he wasn’t working

  • There are a lot of gorgeous pocket watches, but I don’t wear one for two reasons: It’s pretty unpractical to find out quickly how late it is (the same applies to cellular phones) and besides I would worry all the time about causing scratches or serious damages on my timepiece by wearing it in a pocket!

  • I have a buddy who always carries a pocket watch (usually digital). He does so because his body is such that ALL wrist watches self-destruct when in contact with his skin. They literally corrode from the inside out. The only watches he can carry are of the pocket variety. Given I don’t have that problem, I would likely carry a fancy one for special black tie events. However, I would find one useful when I am dealing with design work. Sometimes my watch gets caught on the components I am soldering and testing. Going without a watch has been the solution in those situations.

  • I would definitely carry a pocket watch in my upcoming Gatsby themed party. And also when I’m wearing too many brackets to have room for a watch on my wrist haha

  • I certainly love pocket watches. I used to have one when I was a kid, it had a train engraved on the back and a beautiful white face with Roman numerals. If I were to carry a pocket watch today would be just for show, as a conversation starter or that sort of thing. I’d put it in an inside pocket of my jacket, or in the designated pocket in my jeans if I wasn’t wearing one.

    By the way, I really like the aesthetics of that Tissot. It sort of reminds me of the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec collection, which I happen to love. I also don’t have a watch with a brown leather band in my collection, and I could really use one.

  • I always love wearing my dress attire, but it is annoying to have my cuffs different sizes to accommodate my watch. I’d much rather have a pocket watch in my suit pocket. Also, the ability to view a larger, “naked”, movement would be simply mesmerizing.

  • I would carry it most days to the office. There is something about carrying a piece that pays tribute to some amazing timepieces. Yes, I would carry it…

  • I have a three peice suit that I definitely don’t wear every day. And same would go for a pocket watch, it would never be a daily driver. But the occasions that call for a three piece suit would certainly pair with a pocket watch.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch whenever I’m required to dress up for a formal event. It doesn’t happen too often, but what a statement it would make to have one with you. It would be like you stepped out of a time machine from 1920.

    If I’m reading the rules correctly, I’m to leave my email address in the comment section too? Just in case it’s [email protected]

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  • My son’s into classic steam trains. I’d wear a pocket watch at the train museum or on a train ride with him.

  • Thanks for yet another generous giveaway.

    I’d maybe carry a nice pocket watch as a functional conversation starter…perhaps to some formal settings and possibly as part of an formal event or even a Halloween accessory just because.

  • I’d pocket a watch for formal events. Sometimes I don’t want a wristwatch flashing about. This pocket watch would give me the opportunity to live out one of my dreams. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Pocket watch? Absolutely! Everyday carry,just by thinking of peeking at a precious instrument in my palm for time is classic.

  • Never thought of that before, but I would definitely carry a pocket watch if I worked somewhere where a wrist watch might get wrecked, something like a mechanic maybe. Not much of a stretch in practicality either because jeans still have a pocket watch pocket!

  • I carry a pocket watch at all times; it’s also called a cell phone. I wear a wrist watch for convenience and show. But I would carry a proper pocket watch in formal attire. The wrist watch, especially today’s big styles, always gets in the way with a buttoned dress shirt sleeve cuff. I’d have to get a vest and watch chain too…

  • I would carry a pocket watch whenever I wear a tuxedo to a ball or to any black tie event. I reckon it’d also make a great conversation starter.

  • I would wear a pocket watch at work, as an electrician it’s not wise to wear a metal watch on the wrist.

  • I would wear a pocket watch, from time to time, just for the heck of it. And the novelty.

  • i dont own a pocket watch. but if i had one i would wear it where i could not wear a wrist watch.

  • If I worked in an office and wore a three piece suit everyday. I would attach the fob to my vest and keep it in my vest pocket. A classy way to use a pocket watch!

  • I’d definitely wear a pocket watch to match my monocle whilst I am passing GO and collecting 200 dollars.

  • I would wear it at a cigar lounge or a whisky bar. It just looks the part with a nice vest. It completes the vintage look.

  • I’d carry a pocket watch at all times so that I know the time – plus they are cool

  • I love watches, so I carry a pocket watch just whenever I want to. Also it’s an excellent conversation starter nowadays and so it gives me an excuse to talk about watches the moment someone I know might ask me for the time 🙂

  • Is carry a pocket watch at a black tie event. Accessories complete the while outfit.

  • Another beauty in these giveaways. I probably wouldn’t carry a pocket watch, but I would use a watch like this as a desk watch at home or in the office.

  • I have to wear cuffs everyday at work. Not only that, my cuffs are quite tight and sometimes make a wrist piece difficult. I’d totally rock a pocket watch in my daily suits ??

  • I’m not one for wearing a pocket watch. I would consider it for a formal event if I am wearing a waistcoat.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch to work. It would look amazing with a blazer, two or three piece suit.

    I’d also bring it with me hiking, if it were a newer, more robust one. I think that I would be easier than a wristwatch, because that might get scratched on rocks or something. Having it in your pocket gets it out of the way.

    If I won the Tissot, I’d wear that thing almost all of the time… It is a tool watch, a dress watch, a pilot watch, and a sweet watch.

  • Il like the idea of wearing pocket watches in places where a wristwatch would be at risk of being damaged. Say while working outside, hiking, etc. It would also be nice for those moments when I am looking at my watch less frequently.

  • I have two pocket watches that I used to carry when I was about 10 years old. I was always into timepieces since my Dad collected, but pocket watches I got into watching old western movies with Clint Eastwood. Today I would carry for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, etc.

  • Pocket watches signify class and are great conversation starters. Thus, I would carry one to work and also have one on me at the pub after work. Just to differentiate myself and show my appreciation for horology. Even if no conversation is started, having one on me brings back good memories too, the era of the monocle, handlebar mustaches and top hats.

  • Beautiful typography! When would I buy a pocket watch? As a table clock or a small one for a jacket pocket.

  • A handsome trench piece with a prettily decorated movement. One would need to get some good gentlemanly manners to go with it.

  • I would give it to my husband for wearing at cool whisky bars or at weddings and other formal events

  • I never have a thought to have pocket watch, still prefer have wristwatch. Here in my country I have never seen such a gentleman carrying a pocket watch. I think that’s good idea to bring pocket watch for formal occasion.

  • I would not wear it but put it on top of the desk (with some sort of stand) during some meetings or when working in something that needs timing. I sometimes remove my wrist watch and do that, but a pocket watch seems more fit to this function.

  • I would wear it pretty much anytime other than when wearing workout clothes. I like the style and old nature of pocket watches and would like to carry one in daily use.

  • That is a nice piece. It ticks many boxes. If there was one thing that would really make a ‘connection with the pasta’ was to include a porcelain dial.

  • I carry a railroad key-wound piece that my aunt collected, just at family occasions. If you’re not wearing a vest, it can feel a little cumbersome.

  • I would carry a pocket watch to all formal events involving top hats and canes. The reason is I find it awkward telling time on my wrist watch while using my monocle. Haha I mean no offense to anyone, I just thought it was funny.

  • I think with any dress uniform a traditional pocket watch wouldn’t be out of place.

  • I would carry a pocket watch to a watch show/event. Really to just show it off. Otherwise it’s just not practical for my tastes. I would really like this Tissot!

  • I dont think i would wear it for any reason because i think it is really not adapted to my lifestyle but could could have one for exposition in my home. It would be a great conversation starter and a great ornement.

  • I’d love to own this piece. Its nice to add to my small collection. For the pocket watch, i never thought to own a pocket watch for real. I rarely go to a gala and super formal stuffs. Its kinda awkward these days haha.

  • Love this Tissot. Perfect size, design and movement for a heritage piece. I would wear a pocket watch only in ‘converted’ to wristwatch way.

  • This is a big watch. Maybe it would be more practical if it could easily convert to a pocket watch. Would I wear a pocket watch…maybe if it was a family heirloom. Could wear one with a 3 piece suit…maybe I could wear a vest more often, but likely I would start to look like a hipster douchbag.

  • Without a waistcoat, a pocket watch isn’t really practical, but my brother is getting married so maybe an opportunity will present itself.

  • I would wear a pocket watch when I would worry about damaging a watch on my wrist during physical outdoor activities or work.

  • Only reason I might use a pocket watch would be if I had to do work that may damage my wristwatch. Really like this Tissot watch.

  • I would wear my pocket watch with a fabulous three piece suit for the sheer pleasure of it!

  • A pocket watch makes the final touch when you wear a waistcoat.
    It’s the perfect jewelry for a man.

  • In world where the art of wearing a watch has gone away with the advent of smart phones, a pocket watch would be a great homage and throw back to where watches used to be. That being said, I would would wear a packet watch on date nights with my wife and at my place of business, which is in the watch industry.

  • I would use a pocket watch on a formal night. I like to use tight shirts, so most of the time I can’t even use a wrist watch.

  • A 3 piece italian cut grey suit and oxford black shoes will be wonderfully complemented by a pocket watch with a silver chain. The perfect gentleman’s look for a daytime wedding! Using a pocket watch inserts an awesome touch of timeless fashion to your look.

  • I think that in someway everyone of us carry a pocket watch: our phones.
    I would only carry a “traditional” pocket watch just in some particular circumstance, maybe to show some style.

  • Probably to either a formal black-tie affair, a diplomatic or royal function, New Year’s at the Vienna Philharmonic, etc.

  • I see myself in a particular cigar lounge. Hounds tooth jacket with leather elbow patches, silk waistcoat. Brandy in hand. Occasionally taking the watch from the fob on the waistcoat. Not to see what time it is, but to see that time is passing.

  • I would use a pocket watch most definitely for formal evenings. Formal evenings convey a sense of traditional fashion and the pocket watch has always been a symbol of traditional fashion.

  • Any black tie/tuxedo event. I remember hearing somewhere at fancy parties it’s rude to the host to wear a watch as it signifies you’ve got somewhere else to be

  • I’d wear it with a waistcoat at formal events, galas, the philharmonic. I’d wear it around my neck if it was also a time turner.

  • I think a pocket watch makes sense in a credit oriented country without coins where keeping one in your pocket won’t scratch it. And if you don’t like bracelets then a pocket watch is a good way to avoid problems with leather or canvas in humid or wet environments.
    And it’s got a vintage vibe which is nice sometimes even when going casual.

  • First off, I absolutely love the Tissot. Second, I used to carry a pocket watch in the 90’s, when I was in my swing music days! Today, would wear it in some situations where I would beat up a wrist watch (certain work) and still want a time piece.

  • I got so used to not using a watch, but hate taking my phone out every time I need to know what time it is that, a pocket watch would be ideal for a daily wear. Sometimes we tend to just leave classy pieces like this for “special” occasions, and then it is not enjoyed as much as you’d want, because most of the time it is placed away. I believe that you can add a bit of classy and fancy in your every day, by wearing the right accessory. Something that would definitely be a conversational piece as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I can’t imagine wearing a pocket watch these days, but I like to look of this one as a wristwatch.

  • I may carry the pocket watch depending on what clothes am I wearing, some attire is just more appropriate than other. I would also like to have a table mount where to insert my pocket watch to make it a table clock.

  • I work in a school and it feels hypocritical to tell students not to have cell phones out, and then have to look at one myself to find out the time. I’ve been wanting a watch for a while, and I would use this pocket watch as an everyday tool. I’m old-fashioned in that all I want from my watch is for it to keep time accurately. No alarms, no computer, no stopwatch, etc. Thanks!

  • The Tissot Heritage 1936 evokes the timeless elegance of a pocket watch. I have the pocket watches that belonged to my great- grandfathers. Today, I carry them on special occasions and over the past few years with increasing frequency as a connection to the past. It’s an interesting contrast to carry a pocket watch and a BlackBerry. I wind them regularly and each time look at each of their inscriptions and imagine what their days were like. I would love to win the Tissot Heritage 1936!

  • To me a pocket watch would make sense for me in the winter as I wear long sleeves and don’t have room for a wrist watch. I also do more writing in the winter and wristwatches get in the way.

  • Love this Tissot from yesteryear. I’d take my pocket watch on my rock fishing trips. Totally out of place you’d think but who would actually do this…me.

  • I carry an All Carry by Cranky Hanks and a pocket watch would fit perfectly in it and fit right into my EDC lifestyle. I would make it a part of my everyday carry rotation.

  • I would use a pocket watch to stand out from the modern crowd. There is something endlessly classy in taking out an instrument from your pocket in order to tell time.

  • I am not to fond of pocket watches, my daughter on the other hand loves them. This would make an amazing gift no doubt.

  • I like what tissot has been up too lately, this watch just sends it over the top in a good way.

  • I would use a pocket watch with my Indian traditional attire as it will complement it best as it will be traditional meets traditional

  • I would opt for the pocket watch at any time. It’s more protected in an empty pocket than on your wrist.

  • Under all circumstances. A pocket watch stands out in the sea of smart wristwatches anyway.

  • A pocket watch is a sign of class, understanding, and affluence. It points towards where horology and the world of watches originates. I would wear a pocket watch with any attire because its unique, interesting, and more involved – having to pull it out, open it up, and wind it up – is a part of the process and appeal.

  • Never really tried using a pocket watch. But I would probably use it while at work in the hospital. I take my watch off and put stuff it in my pocket for surgeries and some procedures anyway.

  • I love pocket watches. I carry one in the coin pocket of my jeans. Because I can and it fits there perfectly. This Tissot timepiece is fantastic. I love how the back opens like a true pocketwatch.

  • I am getting married and would have said it matches greatly with the suit in this special occasion, but in a wedding i think the less relevant think is time, so the best occasion would be everyday to work.

  • In today’s world filled with smartphones.. I can see myself bringing pocket watch when… Wearing fancy clothes, either novelty-costume, tuxedo, at wedding, assorted party, watch-event. Or just when I want something nice to carry around. Like around the house for instance.

    When I was little, my mom used to have all sort of Swiss mechanical trinkets (clocks/music boxes/pocket watches, miniature clocks, sculpture with clocks. Its just those things that is nice to have lying around the house, and fiddle around with. Though completely unecessary…)

    Have to say though. I can see that in the near future; mechanical homological/timepieces might/will/is viewed less for utilitarian purposes, and more towards art/novelty pieces. Smart watches is getting more and more compelling by the minute. It’s getting to the point where it appeal to the logical and emotional side. The new Apple watch is really nice; it provide a lot of functionality and it looks beautiful without needing regular maintenance, not to mentioned the incredible annual price increase. Mechanical timepieces is beautiful and intriguing yes. But in today’s increasingly intricate world – do we need more hewdache/complexity?

  • I can’t imagine carrying a watch in a pocket, but a pocket watch on my wrist seems cool.

  • A classic gentleman’s three piece suit can never get bored of a pocket watch on a fob! Besides, the guyss at Levi’s put in a small pocket on denims to put in a pocket watch. So I guess it’s the best way to relive times gone by! I love the idea of carrying a pocket watch and would love to own one of those pieces I feel proud to check time every now and then with a quick dart of pride!

  • personally i would use pocket watches for formal suit, particularly in weddings and other special occasions. it is true that pocket watches were used primarily before the 20th century, but its always refreshing to go against the grain and be different from the rest! moreover, apart from classic designs, one can also find pocket watches that have a contemporary design. moreover, in my opinion, pocket watches can be more decorative and eye catching since they can be easily observed from both sides. thanks once again for this opportunity!

  • Tissot Heritage 1936 Mechanical is a beautiful watch! Tissot tends to not abandon historical styles within their product offering, and this model is a true classic! A pocket watch goes well with a vested suit in semiformal occasions, such as dinners, business meetings and receptions.

  • Beautiful watch. Love the caseback door. Pocket watches are still useful today. For instance if people have (dare I say it) moved over to a smartwatch but still want to experience the joy of mechanical watches then that’s a perfect excuse to carry a pocket watch.

  • When I am at a theme party, a back to the 50s style themed party.. Or use it under a formal suit…

  • I always love the classic and vintage watch, and Tissot really made me want to have a pocket watch to carry around. If i do have a chance to win this giveaway, this could make me feel like i’m a a classy gentleman. I’d like to wear it on a formal dinner with a special person.

  • In the rush to adopt new technologies, to make watches ‘smart’, it is nice to see a company who realise that the ‘smart’ thing to do is to keep in touch with their roots. A classic design. I would wear it in a heart beat.

  • In this fast moving world, i never go without wearing my watch as time runs out too quickly and under bad circumstances time is more valuable than money in fact time is money which i must need a pocket watch to save and look after my money. Preferably a Classic Tissot heritage is a must have for me in order to survive and move with time.

  • I’ve always worn a pocket watch. My favourite being a 1920’s model from Tissot.
    The Heritage 1936 harks back to the days when watches were still beautiful mechanical works of art and not digital notification centres.

  • I’d like to begin by saying that I really want a pocket watch. I’d wear it to work most days, as I wear smart attire. I would also wear it to weddings and formal events. Why? I have an old fashioned style and love the idea of getting a pocket watch out to check the time. Its different and would be a conversation starter!

  • Time management is the keynote of success, Well we all have heard this quote since our childhood and even written essays on this topic but do we really apply it on our practical lives ? The answer is not most the people do. In order to be practical we must need to monitor our time 1st and for that we should carry a watch. In my life time is the first priority of all since I am a teacher I always tell my students about the value of time and I have even attended time management workshops. So as a conclusion in order save and monitor my time in probably during work we must have a watch with us so that time management becomes practical which will ultimately effect on the quality of our work

  • I would say an ideal place for me to wear a pocket watch would be when i visit my grandparents, as it would be fun to bring some memories through timepieces.

  • The best place for me to bring my pocket watch – Junghans is in winter time with my wife to walk alongside the river and enjoying the view and wonderful moment – it’s much precious than anything in the world.

  • I would wear a pocket watch any time I dressed up in formal or even semi-formal attire.

  • Actually I carry my grandpa poker watch with me to remember him, I think the tissot with his 45mm is a massive piece, love the hunter case back, ready to be engraved.

  • If you are interested in the famous “Unitas” 6497/6498 and want it in a high quality “manufacture” format this is the way to go. Hamilton offers a less expensive version, but it does not have a fully open case back.

    That said, the size of the “Unitas” watches makes them a bit hard to wear daily, so while I have nice watches I went with a cheap option ($105 – Chinese Seagull clone) for my “Unitas”:

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a9b542bdc167fda0372ed081db43c05b3cd8148dd810a798b210f42fd5466e81.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a4ad681b07d1d94d9f849aca0f99ccf3b0c0f516bb5e0cd1680d9cf0b99412d5.jpg

  • Pocket watch defines time is always available to be carried everywhere.i’ll put in a pocket blazer or pants that have small zip to a dinner or meeting.when people ask why,i’ll say time only exists in this world unless i can prove otherwise. So there you go

  • I would only wear a pocket watch if it is a theme party and I suit up as Willy Fog 🙂

  • I would wear a pocket watch to a formal dinner or party. It would be nice conversation starter.

  • A blog to watch, I love this watch and if you ever give me a chance to win and own it. I will die happily ever after. Love the design of the case back. So unique and classic.

  • I used to walk around with one of those chain wallets, so I would have zero issue walking around with a pockets watch and a nice chain, no circumstance required.

    Also, I have been fascinated with them since I was a child, since all the old timey shows had them and so did my father.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch to work in the yard. That way, my wrist watch would not get dirty. I have a very old pocket watch but keep it in a glass display case.

  • Been working in the gulf for a few years now and the summers are brutal. My leather strapped watches barely get worn. I’d carry a pocket watch out here to keep my wrists free ( and from keeping them from getting horrible wristwatch tanlines ).

  • Ooooo, nice giveway! I’d probably only wear a pocket watch to a steampunk festival, really.

  • There are occasions in which I work in a machining environment, and when I set foot in those spaces my wrist watches have to come off for safety purposes. A pocket watch is perfect in those cases, and still allows me to use a mechanical watch to track the time.

  • Beautiful classic design…My grandfather always used to wear an old American Waltham (I think) pocket watch when he was out fishing; I cant think of a better use.

  • This watch has a unique feel to it. Its is a classic watch which meets with the modern standards and taste. Having this watch in my collection will be a great thing adding that I would have it in my wrist for my whole life.

  • I’d carry a pocket watch when wearing French cuffed shirts and cuff links. None of my watches currently fit under the cuff.

  • I would wear a pocket watch when going out in casual but new settings where – i am embarrassed to say this – I tend to knock into things and scratch my watches. Prefer to keep the good looking watch safely in my pocket.

  • I may carry a pocket watch if I bought one of those fitness tracker / heart rate monitor.

  • Great brand they are very diverse and have something for everyone.
    I just took a new job which puts me at my desk most of the time. I would probably wear a pocket watch on the days I didn’t travel .
    It would give the feeling of being back in time with all the great entrepreneurs

  • I would carry a pocket watch in order to protect my watch, which is bulky and easily knocked against walls etc. I also would happily use one if, similar to that of Hermes, it was not too large and could be put onto a wrist adaptor strap.

  • Just beautiful. Refined despite its diameter, it would be great even on the wrist of a modern dynamic woman…

  • I would use a pocket watch if I ever got a job as a train conductor. I would pull it out of my vest pocket and proclaim “Allll aboard”, in my best baritone voice.
    Cool looking watch, kind of reminds me of the better looking shinola runwell.

  • I would carry a pocket watch any day. I’m already used to check the time on my phone instead of my wrist. So taking a real watch out of my pocket would feel sort of the same.

  • I worn one before I wore a wristwatch because a wristwatch felt uncomfortable. Maybe if I was in a foreign country and didn’t want my watch stolen I might carry a pocket watch that hooks into a belt loop so it won’t get lifted.

  • id wear one without a reaso , especially in one of my three piece suits. they are so practical and beautiful and their understated elegance matches perfectly with every occasion.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch anytime I have a fifth pocket (i.e. Jeans). I think I’d be cool to carry one if I found one that I liked and one that had shock absorption built in.

  • Actually, the second watch I received as a youngster was a pocket watch. I always wanted one, already as a boy. I have, unfortunately, lost my boyhood pocketwatch long ago. But I find myself longing for one more and more. I could imaging wearing one in almost all circumstances … except while doing sports, gardening, or under the shower, of course. But otherwise, in a business meeting, it the theater, on the weekend. Really, almost anywhere.

  • I love to wear a pocket watch with a jacket or a suit. I like the look and feel of wearing something traditional that my great grandad used to wear.

  • I’d carry a pocket watch any day, they’re gorgeous, stylish and stand out from the crowd.
    Facebook follower : Despina Veneti, google follower : Despina Veneti

  • Why would you not carry a pocket watch? They are unique these days, they stay protected in your pocket and they are stylish. I have 3 and carry them often

  • I love the look of a pocket watch, and I would wear one with my jeans if I had one. They are just so stylish!

  • Ah, the best time for me to wear a pocket watch is when I do low voltage cabling at work. My wrist gets into pretty tight places and usually my watch takes a beating before I remember to remove it. Thank goodness for sapphire glass.

  • Train travel, especially through Europe feels like the perfect place for a pocket watch, even if it is a high-speed train. As to why, it feels like a nice homage to the heyday of the pocket watch.

  • A very nice watch, vintage looking, that would make a good pairing to my grandfather’s Longines.

  • I have two pocket watches currently and typically wear them with my three piece suit of a tuxedo, depending on the venue. They are a very classy accessory to wear and practical as well. I have also worn them with jeans and a white dress shirt, more along the lines of urban chick. Of the two, I prefer the mechanical pocket watch as there are two opening, one for the time and the other to show the mechanism’s inner workings. Most people who see me wearing this are fascinated by the double sided opening as most people do not really see pocket watches today or even watches for that matter. A great majority of the newer generations rely on the Smartphones. Under an apocalyptic situation where all technology implodes on itself, most people will be hard pressed to tell the time.

  • I carry one in my small denim pocket. It is a watch pocket so it fits perfectly there.

  • I’d carry a pocket watch for any event that would require dressing up in a suit or tuxedo, as I find in general wrist watches on bracelet don’t really look great in that situation. A pocket watch would add some class to the outfit. Here’s hoping I win the Tissot!

  • I used to have a pocket watch. I would certainly wear one to a pretty formal event, like if I were a member of a wedding party. I love how the chain peeks out from under the jacket when it’s open.

  • I would wear pocket watches with t-shirt & jeans. In that way, that little pocket on the front right of the pant leg (which all jeans have) would be utilized.

  • I would dress up just as an excuse to wear the pocket watch. I love old fashioned mens styles and would love to imagine a world where every man was chivalrous, wore pocket squares and waistcoats to put their watches in.

  • I wear a pocket watch (heirloom, from an uncle) when the occasion dictates something fancier than just a suit and a wristwatch. Makes for a cool conversation piece.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch when performing, so as to have less of a shiny distraction on the wrist.

  • i would wear poket watch in my relaxing trips in old town center at coffe shop, i love the poket watch old stile.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch with a suit plus another on my wrist because you can never have enough watches.

  • A pocket watch is also a plus when you have a nice suit. Just makes you even more classier, as a banker I’m telling you how I use it and will continue using it.

  • I sometimes feel like I already am since smartphones are today’s pocket watches. I would wear a pocket watch at a formal occasion,or a very rugged model in the great outdoors

  • I´m going to be honest and say that I don´t see myself carrying a pocket watch In any situation , wrist watch all the way.

  • I think the exposed lugs and dial treatment make for a striking watch. Having accidentally scratched a couple of cases over time, the idea of a pocket watch appeals when moving things, or packing up to go away, when you are most likely to scratch a wristwatch. Hmm, perhaps with a nice fob chain with a 3 piece suit would look great.

  • Was in a physical occupation, were watches were damaged alot, mainly broken straps etc… Use to carry my pocket watch in leather pouch [belt attached] on a chain..

  • I’m currently on an inpatient pediatrics rotation for my third year of medical school. Some of the infants on the floor are in large cribs which allow physical exams through bars in the crib…but the extra thickness of a watch prevents me from sneakily checking on them. Since you can’t hear some heart and lung sounds if the baby is crying, and opening the crib is loud, a pocket watch would be ideal.

  • Unbelievable. Shine a free trinket in folks eyes and they come out the woodwork in their droves.

  • I love wearing pocket watches for special occasions that I need to dress up. it adds a different level of class.

  • If I had a proper pocket watch, it would likely be an heirloom. It would be a unique timepiece, reminding me of an ancestor who was the original owner. It would represent to me family, history and style. I would wear it as an accessory that also has function and meaning.

  • Recently I was at an outdoor event where I needed to repeatedly time an activity. My wristwatch was a bit too small for this, and I would have definitely preferred something that was easier to read. One of those old school pocket stopwatches would have been perfect. I’m not sure I’d ever want a pocket watch for the time alone though.

  • I find it difficult to hypnotize someone with a wristwatch, forget it if you have a smartwatch. A pocket watch would come in very handy the next time I feel the need to do some voodoo.

  • I’d be keen to use a pocket watch any time I was wearing a suit or sports jacket type arrangement, particularly when it was a bit colder.

  • I wear pocket watches about once or twice a week. The newest being roughly 80 years old. They’re easy to read, and being the librarian of a small library, on days staffing is low it’s great not to have a watch on the wrist to avoid banging about on shelves and carts.

  • I don’t know how often I’d actually be able to use a pocket watch. I suppose for extremely formal events like a black and white dinner or a night out to the opera.

  • I carry a pocket watch every time I have to wear a suit to an executive meeting at work. A wrist watch does not work that great with cuff links.

  • The more traditional cruise lines – Cunard (established 1840) and others – still require passengers to dress formally for dinner; men in black tie or dark suit, ladies in evening gown or lbd, typically on a couple of occasions per week. I would enter into the spirit of this by wearing my grandfather’s Waltham – either conventionally (with a waistcoat) or maybe in the breast pocket of a jacket, with the chain attached to the buttonhole.

  • if it was heriloom id give to my son but id carry it in my purse cause im a lady but id guess it would be like at a wedding funeral or perhaps if i was not a country girl who would put it up to be given to heirs id well put it up

  • I like to use a nice pocket watch with a formal (tux) suit. You attach the chain to either the waist (if the chain has a clip) or the button hole of the vest. This works better than a wrist watch. Which is difficult with cuff links(French cuffs).

  • Whether the watch has a movement in a pocket-watch case or a wristwatch case, I appreciate a manually wound watch. There is a connection to the watch and its daily attention I like which is absent in automatic movement and, certainly, quartz movement watches.

  • Great looking watch. Has a cool factor that a smart watch just can’t match. I’d wear a pocket watch to meetings with my Gen X clients… show how it is done “old school”.

  • From time to time I will carry a pocket watch that belonged to my Grandfather, when I look at it brings back memories of another ‘time’.

  • It’s a very nice watch. The back of the watch is stunning. But the cover is a waste of time. Why did Tissot put a cover on the back? Give me the watch anyways. I will learn to live with that.

  • Carry a pocket watch in summer. When it’s really hot I can’t abide anything on my wrist. Weird, I know.

  • I would (and do, in fact) wear a pocket watch anywhere I’d need to wear a three-piece suit. Why? Because I have a pocket for it then. I mean, normal clothes just don’t present that many places you can put a pocket watch. Then again, maybe I’m just not being creative enough.

  • I doubt I would carry a pocket watch unless going to a costume ball dressed in vintage.

  • I’d carry a pocket watch to a formal event. It would be a great finishing piece in that type of gathering.

  • Pocket watches are always classy. I would use one daily just for the vintage feel of another time.

  • I have a vintage piece that I usually wear with a 3 piece suit and it looks stunning. Would love to add this great Tissot to my collection

  • I would carry a pocket watch everywhere, it just has that class which wrist watches cannot replace. I use blazers most of the time for work and this Tissot would be the perfect addition to it.

  • A vintage style pocket watch would be the perfect accessory for a Halloween/costume party dress as George Washington!

  • I think it would be fine to wear a pocket watch with any outfit or for any occasion because it would look out of place regardless of the situation.

  • I actually think a pocket watch would be a great option for work, especially in situations where you’re working in extremely tight quarters & would scratch up a wrist watch.

  • I would wear a pocket watch pretty much any time I would wear a suit, particularly at weddings. My father has one that his grandfather passed down to him and I would love to have it refurbished one day.

  • Nice looking watch for specific occasions. I would probably only carry a pocket watch to an event where a wrist watch wouldn’t be appropriate. Some type of vintage style party or wedding most likely.

  • I would wear a pocket watch anywhere. It would be fun to look at for the time, just as I enjoy looking at the time on my wrist. This watch is neat. Bold at 45mm and powered by an ETA movement that I was fortunate enough to get to take apart in an horology introduction class. Thanks for the great blog Ariel! All the best. Also, where did HourTime go?? You and John were back for a few weeks with great content and commentary on the industry. It’s great to hear from voices who haven’t “drunk the Koolaid,” and can make things a little more lighthearted; it helps this hobby seem more approachable. Cheers!

  • A pocket watch is great when working with your hands. Keeps from scratching up the watch or destroying it (especially when doing electrical work).

  • I never really thought about it but I’d probably wear use one when I’m doing an activity that doesn’t require being too active. Something like walking, Eating out, going out, etc. And having a pocket watch would make going out look “fancier”, idk though but I wouldn’t mind winning one ? ?.

  • as a member of a professional organization,I attend a lot of formal and informal functions. I can see a pocket watch going with a suit or a suit jacket paired with jeans

  • I would wear a pocket watch whilst doing my live action roleplaying! Would suit my outfit perfectly!

  • I will use pocket watch on weeding ceremony with traditional
    suit to give old theme and the best would Tissot a watch with history

  • I would definitely carry a pocket watch with me during a meeting. It looks cool and very appropriate for a formal setting. What’s more it will serve as a perfect time keeper. Imagine whipping out the pocket watch when the meeting has over-run. A very polite and discreet way of informing all attendees that it’s time to wrap up the meeting !

  • I can think myself wearing a pocket watch in a theater on a classical concert wearing a traditional suit.
    But I wouldn´t mind take it to a bar and just be different with it 🙂

  • I would definitely carry a pocket watch to a themed party , maybe a 40’s or 50’s theme night?
    I personally think that all vintage pocket watches have an excellent story to tell which would be an excellent ice breaker with people!

  • I would consider wearing a pocket watch, only if it has been turned into a marriage watch in a wristwatch’s case.

  • I would wear a pocket watch with a three piece suit for a wedding just because I think it looks smart with the pocket watch chain connected to the waistcoat

  • I always promised myself I’d get a pocket watch if I ever drove (conducted?) a train, and a Rolex when I sold my first car as a used car salesman. So far, I’ve done neither, so this Tissot would be perfect!

  • I always remembered my Grandpa with his hanging out of his pocket golden pocket watch and wanted to do the same,at some point growing up, a sentimental remminisant of past days was always fueling this desire.Perhaps it’s time with this Tissot to revive the past.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch to my favourite cigar shop/lounge in London. I think the watch would make the perfect compliment to the Edwardian decor and furniture of the establishment.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch to any event where I wanted to meet new people and have something to be remembered by – especially a business event – because they would always remember the guy with the pocket watch and it can add depth to the conversation as the piece would likely have some history.

  • I would wear a pocket watch on a long chain around my neck with a dress for a formal ocassion.

  • I wear a pocket watch when I can, used to not be allowed to wear a wrist watch at work so I wore my pocket watch instead. A big factor for new pants is “will my watch fit into the fob pocket?”

  • I would like to wear a pocket watch, if I had one, with my jeans. I used to hate taking off my wrist watch each time I had to take apart a pc. A pocket watch would save me the trouble and all my jeans already have the pocket watch holding dedicated pocket. May even look cool too.

  • I don’t usually wear any of my pocket watches but theres is one occasion that I would consider it and another where I indeed carry one with me nowadays.
    So, these days, where I live we have a tradition in universities where we have several occasions during which we [mostly students but sometimes professors as well] wear a traditional custom that resembles much like a normal suit with the addition of a black cape, where the goal is to be all black and white as tradition tells and people are not allowed to use any accessories that may break the rules (i.e. earrings, wrist watches, sunglasses). In this situation, me and several other friends, reliant on watches as we are, we take out our pocket watches in bright daylight so we can still keep time the old fashion way without breaking out of character.
    As for the second situation, were I invited to a white tie event, akin to Benedict Cumberbatch, I’d wear one as he was the only one that supposedly got the outfit right and still got to carry some piece of horological history with him. Can’t be a single day away from watches.

  • I have two old pocket watches that needs service. When I get that done i will wear them with my three piece suite and look good.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch for a usual day, just for the love of watches and horology.

  • For me a pocket watch would be most suitable if you’re someone looking to standout from the crowd

  • I’d probably never ‘wear’ a pocket watch (the chain and all), but I would gladly carry it in my pocket all the time (if there would be any space left near my phone, keys, wallet,…)

  • I would take a pocket watch to places I didn’t want to hear a watch like the gym and I could just put in my bag to check the time coming and going.

  • I haven’t a pocket watch but I really would like to wear an old one on a formal occasion with a three piece and tie or when I’m very relaxed and I don’t need to look at my watch for seeing the time.

  • I would carry a pocket watch if I’m doing a job where wearing a watch on the wrist may interfere with the job. e.g. need to use hands reach into small areas

  • When I was young I had a pair of overalls with a pocket watch pocket and a buttonhole to secure it. So I’d need to purchase another pair of overalls.

  • I would wear a pocket watch for a formal occasion. Wearing a tux adds an air of prestige and what better time to wear a pocket watch than while donning black tie garb, unless of course you’re James Bond, then it might get in the way.

  • I could imagine wearing a pocket watch to a formal occasion. But I’d also need a monocle to stay in character

  • I would wear a pocket watch on days when I know I will be doing a lot of typing. Otherwise I end up taking off my wristwatch and setting it up beside the keyboard somehow.

  • I would only wear a pocket watch to my wedding (faaaaar down line) and have it engraved after the fact. I don’t see myself wearing one often so such a special event, and customization to an heirloom to commemorate it would be most appropriate in my mind.

  • If I could win this give-away, it would be my first swiss made watch in my collection (so far all of them are ‘japanese’), mostly because of a student’s budget. Hence, this masterpiece deserve to be treated as my treasure, it could be worn only in some formal and special events. I could even imagine how gorgeous I & my beloved watch could be if this particular one belong to me 🙂

  • 3-pieces suit & celebration is the natural combination for a pocket watch. I could wear it with less formal clothing, but I’d prefer wristwatch.

  • I have worn a pocket watch at formal events usually with a waistcoat to safely hold it.

  • A three piece suit does the job to put in use a pocket watch… At the end of the day it’s all about esthetics

  • Nice watch (good styling; no date; great price:value proposition) – thumbs up, Tissot
    Great giveaway prize too – thumbs up, ABTW

  • As a computer programmer i have to be active on my keyboard & my wrist watch hinders with it. Even today, i keep the watch at my desk once i start work. So a pocket would be an ideal fit for me as a daily wear

  • New Years Eve, with a tuxedo. For those times when you need to know the time, but shouldnt be checking it too often.

  • Working in the hospital environment, a pocket watch is just the ideal watch… having a watch on the wrist have some restrictions….

  • I honestly can’t think of a time or place that I’d go with a pocket watch. I fear it would end up getting knocked around with keys etc, or just fall out and get lost. The wrist is just such a handy place to carry a watch!
    That said, this homage is really nice looking!

  • Very nice looking watch. I’d carry a pocket watch any time; just to be different. Would help strike up conversations and encourage interactions with others.

  • Great watch by Tissot, I’m a big fan of vintage looking watches.
    I’ve never owned a pocket watch before, if I had one, would carry it when I’m wearing jeans, put that little front pocket to use. Why, cos I’ve got a pocket watch!

  • I would carry a pocket watch in a suit jacket or trench coat for that vintage old school vibe and feel. Would feel very good opening up the coat to reveal a beautiful and mysterious pocket watch, very unique and stylish. Definitely has a lot of charm and a little style x factor

  • I already carry a pocket watch included in my cell phone but the tissot would stand out as a nostalgic throwback

  • Unlike James Bond et.al. a pocket watch is THE choice for wearing/carrying with formal wear.

  • Tissot makes great watches at a great price which makes them an extremely great value and great gifts. I love my Couturier Chronograph as a daily wearer. This design is similar to another watch in my collection, a 1934 Omega “Open Heart” Skeleton Apprentice watch, which has a similar case-back for the movement. I would carry a pocket watch with a suit or vest that had a pocket that respected and protected it. Few tailors include them now. I will be sure to include that in my next suit.
    My thanks to Tissot for the great offer! Kudos on the design elements on this one. Very nice piece!

  • I’d carry a pocket watch today in pretty much only one circumstance: When I had to in order to win a give-away for a wristwatch (or something else I’d value). See, I find a wrist watch to be everything I need in a timepiece that’s not my smartphone. I will say, though, that my sister-in-law does use a pocket watch, so it’s not like *everyone* has moved on beyond that anachronism.

    The hinged case back on the Tissot Heritage 1936 is a nice feature, for when you want to show this one off.

  • My first real Swiss watch was Tissot. I’d love to get another one! And this is is a perfect watch for a more formal occasion~ 🙂

  • Though I already own a pocket watch and really love it, I rarely wear it. Only for formal events.

  • I feel pocket watches are very cool to wear on formal occasions. Not sure that I would consider a pocket watch on a casual or sports occasion as I feel I might be more likely to misplace it on casual occasions. Heck – I tend to more easily misplace my phone and keys/wallet on formal occasions. I feel that on formal occasions, I am altogether more ‘buttoned up’. I have two two Tissot watches; a T-Touch and a 1000 meter diver, and they are both in pretty regular rotation on my wrist. Tissot makes amazing watches on the whole. I would love to add another that is a bit more formal on the wrist for such occasions!

  • Beautiful classical watch! I always am thrilled with a classic timepiece, gears, Swiss movements, etc.! Love the design!

  • Very nice classical timepiece, i think a pocket watch is perfect for formal events but definitely it would look great with a string in the special pocket in jeans for a touch of class ..

  • This is a good looking business casual watch. The contrast stitch makes it appear more weekend-y but the clean dial and script add a nice upmarket touch. I’d wear it.

    I also like the lack of a date. As a person with too many watches, dates are often more of an annoyance than anything else.

  • Have to say, that as this is the month of Halloween, nothing completes an old fashioned costume like a classic pocket watch! But luckily this Tissot is for the wrist, and I’d be happy to wear it year round!

  • I think it’s a cool watch from the front. If it’s a “new vintage,” though, why do companies insist on a display back for something this inexpensive? I can understand if it’s a Patek-level finish, but this clearly is not. Is it just that they think seeing a machine-stamped balance wheel is that neat?

  • I’d love to wear a pocket watch when I’m dressed formally, the pocket watch just adds to the look.

  • I have two pocket watches??. One I inherited from my grandfather?. He carried it everywhere, everyday. I personally do not carry it..
    The other is a inexpensive Winnie-the-Pooh pocket watch?that is a permanent passenger in my handbag ?.

    I would love? to win the Tissot Heritage 1936 Mechanical Watch ?for my wonderful husband?who is the love ? of my life. It would make an awesome gift? for his birthday?, which is in November 8th?.
    If I am the lucky winner?? I can be emailed ?at LLMG1960(AT)(AOL)(DOT)(COM).

    ?I am have Liked aBlogtoWatch?on Facebook as Linda Meyers-Gabbard.

    ?I “Circle” aBlogtoWatch? on Google+ as Linda Meyers-Gabbard.

    ?I have Liked Tissot? on Facebook as Linda Meyers-Gabbard.

    ?I already subscribe to aBlogtoWatch ?with the same email? mentioned above.

    Thank you ??????????

  • I’d wear one if all suited up for a formal business meet. Preferably with a wonderful chain attached to a buttonhole in the vest

  • The only time I would wear a pocket watch would be to some mega fancy event where a calatrava wouldn’t fit in, if that’s possible.

  • Where and why to use a pocket watch? That’s for sure a tough question. Maybe the only time I´ll use a pocket watch would be in a really really formal meeting or in a watch fair.

  • Nowadays, a pocket watch would only be part of a costume for me. Even at an über-formal event I would still go for a luxury wrist watch; a pocket watch would be too over-the-top to be taken seriously.

  • Any day I feel truly ‘old school-classy,’ I’d have to bust out the pocket watch and show off how real men sport it.

  • I’d carry a pocket watch when I go out with friends. They would of course tease me about it and they would have a lot of fun doing so. I like amusing my friends.

  • I wear a pocket watch every day. Unfortunately it isn’t mechanical, but it also has talk, text, and tweet capabilities.

  • I would wear a pocket watch everyday if I had one, but preferably an expensive one. Obviously I would not wear one to work, but going out to dinners, weddings, etc., would be the ticket. Just the behavior of pulling a pocket watch out and popping it open to look at the time would give me satisfaction, and that old-school feel.

  • My phone counts as a pocket watch, I guess. I still like a wristwatch though. Especially this Tissot 😉

  • Being a lover of “vintage” style watches, there isn’t a place, time, or situation where I would not wear an “old-fashioned”, vintage style watch (I own several watches in the Tissot “Heritage” line) or even a pocket watch like the Tissot Bridgeport Lepine Mechanical. I would rock that baby with a nice 3-piece suit or if I’m traveling and want to have a vintage piece to check the time on a flight after I’m told to shut down my cellphone or other time-keeping device and with a “stylish-flourish” I can pull it out effortlessly and quickly! But that’s just me…

  • Pocket watches really only seem appropriate when you’re wearing a vest. This would limit you to three piece suits or hipster-chic fashion statements.

  • My 16 year old son wears a watch on his wrist and carries a pocket watch with him every day. Call him old fashioned, but his dad would be proud to follow his lead.

  • That was an interesting watch indeed. I have an old Omega pocket watch that I have considered to transform to a wristwatch but never got the time or currage to do so. With this Tissot in my collection the old Omega can remain untouched! Very nice!
    Greetings from Sweden.

  • I am a business professional who wears suits 90% of my working week. Friday is a leisure day.
    With this in mind, a pocket watch would look extremly cool and add a vintage feel to the outfit.

  • Any traditional gent that wears a three piece suit in Autumn and Winter could find a pocket watch such as this both useful and stylish. I myself have a Sterling Silver pocket watch with Welsh Dragon engraved into the back. A wedding gift from my brother.

  • Always loved Tissot watches. Have a Le Locle which looks very classy but reasonable price.
    The Pocket watch would sit in my vest pocket.

  • I used to wear a pocket watch that I had gotten at a local meet, it was an Elgin, beautiful it was almost 100 years old and the movement was still in pristine condition, I wore it on the inside coat pocket in winter, it had a bit of weight it, now I would probably get a lighter one and wear it in my jean pocket as a conversation piece. Love this Tissot and it has the looks of a pocket watch but can be worn on the wrist. Tissot has a great and rich history.

  • I will carry a pocket watch in very formal occasions when I also dressed in a suit. I have pocket watch from my father and love it to use. The Tissot Heritage 1936 Mechanical is a very nice watch, and really would like to win this

  • i’ll probably wear my grandfather’s for themed parties.. though, i use it everyday as a bedside clock!

  • Lovely watch. When the occasion calls for a pocket watch I’d be more than happy to wear one

  • I actually carry a pocket watch with me every day i called it cell phone, but if we are talking about those that people used to wear on pocket vest, i’d probably wear it on formal ocations specially when i want to bring something to start a conversation or break the ice.

  • I carry a pocket watch all the time, it’s on my phone. I carry it under all circumstances.

  • I have both mine and my husband’s grandfather’s pocket watches in a dome display case. They both still run but, given that I have a pone at all times in my pocket, I do not think I would ever carry an actual pocket watch.

  • I have a couple of family heirloom pocket watches that I would actually love to carry, if they worked. I would use one in a family function scenario as a way to remember those before us.

  • Years ago I meet a Tissot dealer and I was very impressed but we lost contact, as I see the new generation 1936 I am wanting to add this one to my collection as this would be my first.

  • It would be definitly wearing a very formal look, may be a black tie event with a tailored suit where a regular wrist watch would interfere with the fit of the shirt.

  • My first Swiss watch was a Tissot and I love the look of this one. I’d rock pocket watch to a very formal or fancy functions. I’m talking a tuxedo kind of event…

  • I often work in the laboratory. A pocket watch would be perfect, as typical gloves do not sit high enough to protect a wristwatch. That and I would love to have a pocket watch dock that I can use to covert the watch into a table clock whenever I’m working in the laboratory.

  • I would wear the pocketwatch whenever I wore a suit, placing it in the right inner pocket.

  • I would wear a pocket watch when I do experiments. I work as a scientist. When I wear a wrist watch, I usually take it off when I am doing toxic things.

  • would carry a pocketwatch because love mechanical things and the more I can carry the better.

  • If I was to carry a pocket watch these days, I’d make it part of my evening ensemble for functions and dinners and have it as a fob hanging attached either inside or outside of one of my gorgeous evening bags.

  • I wear a manual-wind Panerai with a pocket watch movement. It’s as large as a pocket watch. Does that count?

  • I’d sport a pocket watch while playing “train conductor” with my kids 🙂

  • I would carry a pocket watch if I had to attend a black tie or otherwise formal function, especially if I chose to wear a vest.

  • I would actually prefer a pocket watch. I don’t like wearing things on my wrist. My fiancé is the same way, plus with him being a doctor he sometimes can’t wear one.

  • I’ve been looking for a watch like this for a long time. Separate seconds hands, breguet numerals, time only watch and glass caseback. It’s perfect. Someone told me that this kind of design is generally called a “jumbo”.

  • The only time I could see wearing a pocket watch would be when wearing a vest with pockets. Could be part of a three-piece suit, or just a vest over a dress shirt, but I wouldn’t put a pocket watch in pants pockets or jacket pockets.

  • I don’t actually think I’d carry a pocket today. There could be an exception when wearing a 3-piece suit for something very formal, but I still don’t think I would. I’m more of a hand watch guy. Plus we all have phones in our pockets telling the time if we need to.

  • I would wear a pocket watch if I were wearing my three-piece suit. I think it would be quite a nice addition.

  • Maybe on the golf course? I usually keep my phone in my bag and I don’t like things on my wrist when I swing.

    If it wasn’t too heavy, wouldn’t be to noticeable in my pocket and it would likely be ok from shocks being off the wrist.

    On a side note, I really dig this watch. Hope I win!

  • This is a really nice classic looking watch with a reputable Swiss ETA 6498-1 movement where some say it’s basically the same as a modified movement that were in a lot of Panerai watches. at this price, it is s great watch. Although still a great deal of money in the country where I live in right now. The size is way to big for me though I would probably better off with the “Lady” version (36mm) 🙂
    I cannot think of any occasion where I would carry a pocket watch. as I’m just a regular guy, don’t think will ever be in a black tie event or anything like that. I think I just would put a pocket watch on my desk next to my keyboard just to look at while I’m working, or hang it on the rearview mirror of my car, again just to look and admire at…

  • Once time I could remember wearing a pocket watch would be when wearing a vest in formal formal celebration.

  • As it name Heritage.. Tissot has done a great job by kept the traditional and vintage spirit but with modern touch

  • Why worry about where to wear this beautiful watch. It’s a classic bold and very readable design tag can be worn everyday and almost everywhere. I would wear it on days I’m not in the working in the fields on the farm especially days I meet other watch lovers who will be amazed by the workmanship and the hunter designed case back. And no doubt will not believe the fantastic price point.

  • I would definitely wear it to a vintage theme party or a family gathering just for all those question it would instigate.

  • I would wear a pocket watch to an awards banquet or to meet the President. They are classy when done right.

  • I wouldn’t feel the need to wear a pocket watch at all in today’s world when you have quality modern interpretations like this Tissot representing on the wrist

  • Nice watch! Although at 45mm, it would fit better in my pocket than on my wrist, let’s say with a three-piece suit, at a formal dinner.

  • …hipster Halloween party riding in on my penny farthing, whilst twirling a freshly waxed handle bar mustache. Wearing nothing but an Arapaho kilt and a vintage black vest still musty from the Goodwill nickle bin, I slowly pull out grandpa’s Waltham from underneath my dress. My arms fully tattooed and glistening from sweat (from riding on said penny farthing) I scream “WHAT UP BITCHES! I HAVE ARRIVED! ” It is a this moment I realize it has all been a mistake. A puzzled woman dressed as Hillary clutches a little Donald Trump and says,”Your supposed to be a balloon animal Dracula…AND YOUR LATE!”

  • I use a pocket watch at home. I carry it in my pocket rather than my phone. I tried just leaving my phone on my nightstand when I got home, but I’m so used to having in my pocket that I felt anxious without it… So I got a $200 mechanical pocket watch to fill the void. I come home, swap out the phone for the watch, and unplug.

  • Probably when I’m visiting family at our village plantation, almost like going back in time.

  • The only circumstances I would carry a pocket watch is if I was attending a White Tie event, because it is prohibitive to carry a wrist watch. In any other situation, the wrist watch trumps over the pocket watch.

  • I try to match the watch to the outfit. Wearing a button shirt and vest with a pocket watch in the outer pocket of the vest with a chain is very stylish. Basically completes the outfit IMHO.

  • I think wearing a pocket watch is a good idea if your going to be doing any kind of physical labor or working around rotating machinery. Wearing a wrist watch and rings might lead to a possible missing appendage if your watch or rings get caught in a lathe or other mechanical piece of machinery.

    The pocket watch, on the other hand, stays safe and sound while it’s tucked away neatly in an enclosed pocket where it can’t get sucked into a piece of machinery.

  • OK. Here is what I would do. I’m a lay Dominican, so I would locate a decently thick black and white grosgrain ribbon and use that and my Phi Beta Kappa key, to have a pocket-watch pull out. Like the watch considerably, hope I’m the one to be keeping it ticking!

  • I wouild like to wear pocket watches on a “good-day occasions” as weddings, birthdays a so on, becoase on those days I mosty wear suits or at least a jacket, so –its a good opportunity ))

  • Obviously I would wear a pocket watch to our annual Renaissance Fair. That’s the only place where old-fashion watch would fit in.

  • Hmmm….there are different type of scenarios that would constitute for such a timepiece. The one event that begs for one would be for my grandparents anniversary who got married in the 1940s. I would have to wear a vest with a pocket of course as I would get tired holding it in my hand.

  • I would be the guy that would wear a pocket watch to any place (so long as It wasn’t a sport activity were I had to do something) my friends wouldn’t understand why I would carry such a thing, but thats me! I like to be controversial!

  • Hi!I would wear the Héritage 1936 anytime the occasion calls for a suit.l would wear it because it looks vintage,classy and timeless.

  • I would use a pocket watch because I don’t like the feel of wearing anything on my wrists. I also love the looks of pocket watches.

  • Pocket watch? Anytime when I could afford a bit of and extravagant style, parties, business cocktails, etc..miss the good old days style, always classy!

  • HI
    for me a good opportunity to wear pocket watch is weddings, so classy with a suit.

  • I can’t imagine any reason for a modern adult to carry a pocket watch unless they are trying to capture a specific vintage look (e.g., pocket watch and chain with a suit). The pocket watch inspired wristwatch, like this one by Tissot, is a much more practical way to bring that vintage flair into the today’s world.

  • Wearing my worn vintage style Rider jeans with oiled Double HH square toe Rider boots and a loose white cotton long sleeve shirt rolled to 3/4 length, (my preferred everyday-ready for anything style) I slip my pocket watch into the front right pocket. I’ve done this so often the watch has worn a round outline in my jeans. My fingers trail along the looping sterling silver watch chain. As I feel the engraved silver tag attached to the chain. I say my little mantra to myself, “Be happy, be useful.” And tonight is going to be especially happy, it’s my grandson’s first birthday. In 20 years the watch in my pocket will be his piece of family history.

  • While not a daily replacement for a wristwatch, I agree that those nights when you want to have a more classic elegant night a pocket watch would fit in well. And I am liking this watch and some of the other older style watches that are coming out.

  • If I had a job where I could wear suits daily, on the days I’d wear a 3-piece, I’d definitely try carrying a pocket watch. Why would I do it? I actually own a couple of old pocket watches, some of my grandfather’s, and I really like both the feeling of a pocket watch and the idea of using one.

  • The time to wear a pocket watch is when you are wearing a suit. I would throw one on every time I wore a suit. Nothing classier than having the chain of a pocket watch hanging by your side. And then there is the undeniable satisfaction of taking it out of your pocket..into your hand, and snapping it open. Perfect.

  • Pocket watches today are reserved for Polo matches and meeting the queen. So, lots of occasions.

  • I would actually wear it on my jeans, yea right 🙂 and keep it inside that small pocket inside the pocket, which, is actually meant for carrying a pocket watch. Yes certainly, I
    would do that on a nice evening in the city

  • I would only wear a pocket watch with a 3 piece suit – what else would go into the vest pocket…

  • I’ll carry Pocket Watch when I go have my moustache waxed before going to join the boys at the club for a jolly good time.

  • As a 30 year old it would be difficult to justify purchasing a pocket watch. However, I would definitely wear one if I had one. One word why…Hipsters. I’d be so hipster all my hipster friends would be envious.

  • I actually have a couple of pocket watches…they spend most of their time (;)) in holders in our living room but I will occasionally take one out on the town. No specific events, just when it feels right… or when a conversation starter is needed. Casual in the back pocket of my jeans or in the watch pocket of my suit jacket (yes you probably have one – left side bottom. At least that’s what I use it for) for more formal occasions.
    Thanks for the contest – would love the watch!

  • I don’t currently own a pocket watch, but some day I will inherit my grandfather’s pocket watch which my mother currently keeps on a stand under a glass dome as a homage to her dad. I plan to wear that watch, likely with a vest.

  • As a law student, I think I would wear a pocket watch with a suit instead of wearing a traditional wristwatch. It would be more subtle and attract less attention which is something we want when going to court and meeting with clients. Something about a three peice suit and a pocket watch screams classy and traditional.

  • I would wear a pocket watch to formal events, ranging from graduations to weddings. However I would not keep my watch in a box when these events are not coming up, instead I would probably wear this watch whenever I was dressed in formal attire preferably when I would be wearing a full suit. I would do this to show that I still am in touch with older class and that all the new smart watches are for kids who do not appreciate the intricate and unique pocket watches.

  • I really like this. Tissot have a number of old 40-50’s era watches that would be great to see reinterpreted and reintroduced.

  • In today’s world, a pocket watch would be acceptable at a 16th century themed cocktail party. That’s about it.

  • I think a pocket watch could add a sense of class in any situation. However… being fall wedding season (I’ve been to 3 in a month, 1 more to go), I feel like this would add nicely to a suit.

  • I’d reserve a pocket watch for formal occasions – weddings, balls, any function requiring black tie.

  • I’d carry a pocket watch any time I had an excuse to wear a vintage suit. That or just on a day I felt like it. I love ’em.

  • I like the look of vintage watches, and this one has some unique design elements. Very nice.

  • I carry a pocket watch at fancy occassions when it looks tacky to wear my digital watch

  • The ‘pocket wristwatch’ looks to be a coming trend. Though it may look ‘clunky’ to some, the larger face and markers make for much better readability.

  • Really, I can’t think of any time I wouldn’t wear a pocket watch, other than when I’m playing sports so that I don’t get it damaged. It’s convenient, it’s classy and it leaves my wrists free. Pocket watches can also be hidden in the pocket so you’re not flashing it everywhere in public to incite thieves. I think the only reason less people wear pocket watches is because they’re not as readily available as wrist watches, not that they’re out of style.

  • For something as fragile, beautiful and nostalgic as a pocket watch I would wear it at home.

  • As a watch aficionado, Tissot is a brand that is very close to my heart. Would love to add it to my small (but well chosen) collection of watches

  • I would love to have a pocket watch at the Venice Carnival or at a thematic gala with a tuxedo and top hat! However I would love to wear this Tissot as my daily watch

  • I will carry a pocket watch whenever I am wearing an outfit that calls for bare arms and wrists. 🙂
    anne.j2 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • I would wear a pocket watch with jeans or if i am going to some royal celebration, particularly if i am having the “victorian look”. Simply because pocket watches are a symbol of nobility.

  • Carrying a pocket watch – seldom – owning, tinkering, repairing often. Love the look of the Tissot Heritage 1936

  • I actually used to wear pocket watches – as a student back in the day – to be different. Today a pocket watch would go perfectly with a hand-tailored three-piece suite from Savile Row … which I would wear everyday if I had one or two 😉

  • A pocket watch wouldn’t be my go-to timepiece, but I would consider it for any event that requires extremely formal dress.

  • I’d probably only carry a pocket watch if a friend said, “Hey, check out my pocket watch”, handed it to me, and walked away. In this situation I’d probably carry it until I could catch up to him and give it back.

  • I would wear a pocket watch for a formal affair with a tux or at a wedding with a suit & tie. To me a pocket watch is not one that you look at whenever you feel bored and it speaks of class & dignity better than an Apple Watch.

  • Awesome looking heritage watch! Lately, I’ve seeing a lot of wearable pocket watches (Orient monarch, this one etc)

  • I inherited a Waltham pocket watch from my grandfather that I wear when donning a 3 piece suit which although not a frequent occurrence, looks cool with the gold chain and vest. Because of it’s vintage styIe, i would wear the Tissot 1936 when dressing up to go out to a refined dinner or a concert.

  • This vintage stile Tissot looks magnificent. The movement look familiar to me sins it’s in large part based on the Omega caliber 40.6L and I am currently rebuilding one. I would were it to go to concerts and the opera.

  • I would wear it at a fancier dinner party/banquet that required a three piece suit minimum. Not however a work related event which would label you as the guy with the pocket watch. Some party where it would be a nice conversation piece and would facilitate meeting new people.

  • Great watch! As for a pocket watch, it would have to be a more formal event. I know I like to wear a vest at times either under a sport jacket or on its own so it would be a nice touch of class. Good luck to all.

  • Really enjoy the hands, they give it a classic and understated look. Also the font used for the numbers give it that little extra.

  • This is a sharp piece, however I’m not sure I’d be able to use a pocket watch nearly as often. If I had one, I’m sure it would get some “pocket time” at formal events like weddings.

  • I used to wear a pocket watch to be different when I dressed in a suit, and even had watch pockets in my dress pants. I probably wouldn’t wear one now unless I wore a vest and had a fob to go along with it.

  • I have an old pocket watch which I wear when I wear a waistcoat,although normally not for formal occasions, but to dress up with jeans. I love the style of this watch as I like to mix contemporary & classic styles.

  • I used to wear my grandfather`s pocket watch for a while but the size was too big for me so I would prefer smaller diameter watch. But in today`s world I would wear pocket watch probably just to evening formal events, possibly weddings.

  • I just performed a friends wedding over the weekend and he had his grandfathers pocket watch on him. I realized how beneficial it would be to use a pocket watch during weddings so I don’t have to keep my phone in a pocket or have a watch on that may distract from the ceremony. I’m currently looking for a great pocket watch!

  • I tend toward the anachronistic anyway, so I already wear pocket watches on a regular basis. I have a couple of vintage pocket watches that don’t keep great time, but are fun to wear nevertheless. They rarely fail to serve as conversation starters.

  • Well, with a watch as nice as the Tissot, you wouldn’t need a pocket watch in your collection. But if it was an interview at a really hipster new-style coffee shop or cafe then I would totally carry a pocket watch with me.

  • A pocket watch? I’d only carry one as part of a formal outfit or in the winter months when I have more pockets. With a phone, keys, front-pocket wallet and sometimes a pocket knife or mini-tool, there’s no space! I’ve hung a watch from my belt before, but sitting a desk all day, it just gets in the way.

  • I would prefer to have a pocket watch anytime I’m playing a sport. In fact, I always put my wristwatch in my pocket before catching a ball.

  • If I had a nice vintage, reliable pocket watch I think I would wear (carry) it everyday. Mainly as a middle finger to all the kids and their reliance on their phones (and subsequently power outlets) for everything. Pocket watches are super cool, and I’m all for things that don’t have screens, batteries, and an abnormal control over your life. Of course I would have to get a monocle to go with…..

  • My favorite watch is a Gruen Airflight 24 hour watch. Always liked the mechanical watches. The navigator had to maintain his bulky timepiece when wind power was the latest and greatest.
    would like to see more affordable mechanical watches on the market.

  • I have a 9-5 desk job and I hate when i wear a watch and am constantly banging it on the desk. Since i have my pocket watch i can nicely display/lay it on my desk out of any harms way and easily visible to me when i need to check the time. I do however take it with me when i go home and attach it to the inside of my purse.

  • The only reason i’d wear a pocket watch would be to match a 3-piece suit.
    I think they match pretty well together!

  • I can’t see a reason, to be honest. Though have my grandfather’s in a customer made base and use it as a desk clock.

  • I can see myself carrying a pocketwatch anytime I am dressed in a suit or tux…it classes up the outfit

  • I did wear a pocket watch during a speech I was giving in a seminar, it was a more classy way to time my self .

  • As a student who works part time on odd jobs, it is more logical for me to wear a pocketwatch to avoid hitting a wristwatch on metal shelves or when lifting heavy irregular objects. When I graduate in a few months, said pocket watch will become part of my attire when I start applying and getting interviewed for jobs.

  • Ahh yes, a pocket watch. I have always been a huge fan of the pocket watch, and have owned a few over the years. I currently own about four pocket watches and often wear them when I wear a three piece suit with the watch in my vest pocket on a chain. I love the distinguished look that a pocket watch presents.

  • I wanted to buy a pocket watch to just have in my collection. But as to wearing one… I don’t think I would do that, that’s why watches evolved to the wrist.

  • i would wear a pocket watch to complete a classic looking 3-piece suit, especially during a special event. Would it be great if this Tissot Heritage 1935 Mechanical can fit a custom-made chain like what Boomberg did.

  • Would love to have a solid pocket watch, and eventhough I love vintage or vintage inspired pieces that is not what I’m aiming for when say this…

    The pocket watch that I would absolutely(!) want is a full on modern one that will be both impressive and as durable as can be. Would love to see it with an integrated stand as well. The purpose of this imaginary strange beast would be in situations (or full days) when I would prefer my hands to be as free and as light as possible, like in intense physical labor in very hot days, extreme sports, and even in days when I have to type a lot and a watch may be a bother over an extensive period of time, so I would love it to be on the table with the integrated stand for constant reminder. I would prefer it so very much to the alternative of pulling out my phone or looking at the computer screen, because every time I do so it is extremely distracting and eventually I get lost within the zilion notifications that I end up forgetting to check the time.

    PS. I hope I’ll still be able to win even if I can’t follow or like on social media as I simply don’t have any social media accounts.

  • I actually own some pocket watches and do wear them occasionally. If I’m wearing them out I always pair up a waistcoat with the pocket watch – access to the watch and fit of the pocket just works well.
    I also use a Heuer pocket watch in my vintage car (can mount on the dash) on spirited runs in the Adelaide Hills – mainly because its a bit of fun and provides a nostalgic experience.

  • I couldn’t see myself carrying a pocket watch at all until I saw a triangular one. Seriously reconsidering my original opinion now. 🙂

  • Only at a watch enthusiasts reunion you can wear a pocket watch :)) otherwise you might get some odd stares

  • I’d wear a pocketwatch under one of the three following conditions:
    -If I were in a steampunk competition,
    -If I competed in a Bavarian mustache/beard competitions
    -I were a train conductor

  • I’d wear a pocket watch if it were too uncomfortable to roll up my sleeve, for example in the depths of winter in a howling gale.

  • When there’s a G shock version as it’s about the only way it’s going to survive. I have one but it’s never worn in public

  • I am always at a computer and find the wrist watch interferes with both the desk and the keyboard. I have been considering my pocket watch for a while.

  • For me, a pocket watch would complement a suit on a formal setting! It completes the look…

  • I’d wear a pocket watch when I want to remember my dad – I have his pocket watch which I always admired as a child.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch if I was wearing a suit and attending a special function. Else I suppose if I moved to the country, a pocket watch would be fitting to go along with a plaid shirt and a dusty pair of wranglers.

  • If i had one of these pocket watches, I would wear it with suit everywhere. My grandfather did it as well, when he wore it on his walks in the village.

  • My grandfather had an old railroad pocket watch. It was promised, but the deceased can’t make people do as they were asked. had some cheap dollar watches nothing nice.

  • I think pocket watches are really charming and I appreciate the fact that they make it just a little bit harder to check the time which makes me less likely to check the time and more likely to be engaged in the events around me. Any formal event would be an appropriate time to wear a pocket watch but I think one would be especially appropriate if I was wearing a tuxedo.

  • I would carry a pocket watch only if I’m in the circumstances where I can’t wear a wrist watch.

  • Wearing an expensive watch on your wrist in some places the Philippines is a risky ‘business”. A pocket watch is what I will use to keep me updated on time in when I’m there.

  • Hmm, I’d have to say I’d have one with me at a horology event or anywhere I wanted to be discreet and not have a watch at my wrist to be stolen.

  • In my shop nobody ask about this watch where it comin from. I think it is very cool watch for tissot collection.

  • This is a beautiful watch. i love the strap and how clean the face looks. yes its big but it take inspiration from a pocket watch. Speaking of pocket watches, i would wear one daily with my salvaged 70’s suits or my new suits. also as a medical student i could see myself using a pocket watch to check pulsations of my patient.

  • As a teacher I would wear the pocket watch to work. Just because pocket watches are awsome!

  • Hmm, pocket watch? Probably only to a special event that would be appropriate. I can’t see myself carrying one unless the situation truly called for it.

  • Every time I feel like an eccentric private investigator trying to solve mysterious and complex crimes while seducing supermodels

  • I would wear a pocket watch if I felt like doing something different or dressing different than usual. Also it is great to wear for those places in the world where someone is likely to swipe your wrist watch since they would not expect a pocket watch.

  • i don’t think I will wear a pocket watch unless that’s the only mode of knowing time made available to me..

  • With a three piece suit to a classy event. Such as a birthday dinner with family or a wedding. 🙂

  • I would wear a pocket watch only with a suit or if I’m wearing a blazer jacket because it gives it a classy look and feel to the entire outfit.

  • When wearing a suit to an event (not business meeting)… anywhere where the time doesn’t matter that much and it’s all about the watch itself. Take it one step further and do it for a black tie event, or if I’m so lucky, a white tie event.

  • when riding a triumph bonneville, watches get in the way of gloves. and a nice vintage looking pocket watch would just look cool. Stay classy

  • i would carry a pocket watch, in todays world, on special classy and formal occasions like formal get togethers, dinners or parties, where it would compliment my tux and oxford shoes. 🙂

  • I would wear pocket watch if i had a suit that fit it perfectly. Especially, i do have a tan line of my wrist watch, it would be wierd without a watche to cover it.. hehe

  • No, I already have a pocket watch that I don’t use. A device that is in my pocket that gives the time is my phone. No, I like functional & aesthetically pleasing wrist watches!

  • I’d carry a pocket watch – the “On a chain” type – if I was cosplaying as a 19th-century dude. Otherwise, sorry, if it’s a watch, it has to go on a wrist.

    Wearing a pocket-watch on a chain stuffed in a waistcoat pocket nowadays – well, might as well tip fedoras at women and address them as “m’lady” – ya won’t get any more ridiculous either way.

    (P.S. are you a guy who wears fedoras and “m’lady”s at women? Please consider stopping, eh…)

  • A pocket watch can be worn in a lot of circumstances. Today a pocket watch
    has great value in places where a cell phone is just wrong and it would be rude
    to glance at a wrist watch during the show or at dinner. You still need to arrive on time so a pocket watch as you covered. Pockets for a pocket watch are getting harder to find but a kind boot maker can make a pouch for a belt easy as pie.

    I recall dancing at a family wedding where my watch exposed my cufflinks to catch the hair of my dancing partner. I almost wish I had opted for a pocket watch and a shirt with buttons.

    Tissot is a class act watch… I would be happy to have this in my pocket any day.

  • I like pocket-watches as a more dramatic timepiece, but I think the design of this Tissot would be better without the extra door in the back. A little too “precious” to take the watch off your wrist and then open the door to look at the movement. I wonder how much heavier the door makes the watch feel on the wrist.

  • As a doctor there are a lot of things that can damage your wrist watch such as using hand sanitizer after each patient visit or examining a bleeding patient. I would wear a pocket watch on a busy day- I’ll not be worried about getting my hands dirty yet I’ll still be in style.

  • This kind of watch it look like marine chronometer style fuse with pocket watch style. I wish I could have it. it is a classic watch.

  • I might carry one around just to be different and start conversations. Hopefully it would not seem too pretentious!

  • I’d carry it around in my day to day life just to pull it out and stare at it. Actually, i did do that once cause i bought a pocket watch in the morning and went about my day.

  • That really is a classy looking watch. Looks like a flat edged pocket watch. Honestly, I can’t say I’d have many circumstances worthy of wearing a pocket watch in my life. I have 3 young kids who I’m worried about messing up my wrist watches, I don’t know how I would manage with a nice pocket watch on a nice chain. I guess it would be relegated to the few nights out my wife and I get every so often; whether it be a walk around just relaxing without the boys, or dinner, or whatever else we feel up to.

  • I can’t think of an appropriate time in my life to carry this, but I would anyway!

  • One scenario i can think of where i would use a pocket watch would be the following. Picture the scene. I’m walking through a busy oxford road station in London, my friend is with me but lagging behind – as i go to board the train I shout to my buddy ‘Come on Bert! Its going to leave! All Aboard!!’. My friend picks up his pace from a saunter to a dash and just makes it onto the packed train in time. We try to find seats in the immediate vicinity but to no avail – so stand in the exit area of the train. I feel the glare of a pair of eyes burning into my face. A man is facing me and is staring intently. Out of the silence he suddenly mutters. ‘It could be you. . . ‘ . ‘What now?’ i say to him – ‘IT COULD BE YOU!’ he booms back at me, much to the shock of the rest of the passengers who all turn there heads in unison as if watching Pete Sampras deliver the winning blow to Andre Agassi in the 2001 US Open quarter-final. ‘What could be me?’ I say back to him, noticing at this point that the gent appears to be dressed as the fat controller from popular childrens television series Thomas the tank engine. ‘You’re just what i’m looking for’ says the stout fellow ‘ I am currently casting for a film based in 1890’s America about a train crash in Ohio. I like the cut of you’re jib. The way you hurried your tardy, pathetic, meandering friend onto this carriage was reminiscent of conducting on the highest level’ . “why thank you’ i reply, at which point he says ‘ I’ve made up my mind, the part is yours’ and then he turns and runs at full pace through the carriage way and falls over by a pram and a young mother. The child is visibly distressed but i couldn’t care less. I WAS GOING TO HOLLYWOOD. Two days later i’m flown first class over to the U S of A, Land of the free of rational thought, and straight into the costume department at warner bros studios. I am kitted out in full authentic train conductors regalia – complete with… you guessed it. . . matching shoes. The film goes great -its a small part but i deliver it so well i’m catapulted to fame and i am a star, I fall in love with an A list celebrity, get married, make tonnes of money and after fathering several children who all grow up to be famous and successful actors and actresses in their own right, I go out and buy a pocket watch to use, because i’ve always thought they were OK.

  • In fact I own a Tissot pocket watch looking very similar to that one here. I love to carrry it in the office. Soon, I’ll be 50 years old and my eyes aren’t what they were some years ago. So I’m changing my glasses all the time to fit the actual needs most. And now the pocket watch comes in very handy: Get it and position it that way it fits to the glasses I just wear. – No need to changes glasses for getting the time!

  • I being a lady probably wouldn’t carry a pocket watch unless it was a family heirloom, but I think anywhere that a man goes and in any situation a pocket watch is acceptable! They really are pieces of art and I love them!

  • Well, being over 40, I’ve grown a beard, and I quite enjoy it.
    Bought myself a new expesnive watch. It would look good to have also a pocket watch. I’d wear it on formal events, conferences, … nice touch

  • A pocket watch would be handy at work so I don’t have to keep taking my watch off to scrub , I can keep it in my pocket .

  • I would carry a pocket watch everyday at work when I was wearing dress pants because it would make me look professional.

  • I would definitely wear a pocket watch, if I were a Time Lord.
    Which I would be, with a pocket watch!

  • I’m an usher at our church. I would wear a pocket watch on Sunday, on a chain, like they did back in the day. I would greet people and say “Mornin’ Governor”.

  • This is a really cool watch. I would be interested to learn more about the “lady” version of this however. It seems to be very hard to find in the US currently, and it does have a different (automatic rather than hand wind) movement?

  • Interesting. I have not seen an offering like this from Tissot before. Admittedly, I am not a huge follower of Tissot but have looked at their offerings before and enjoyed them yet haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing one yet. As for when to wear a pocket watch…I used to wear one when I worked in corrections. It served a couple of purposes. The primary being that it wouldn’t get caught on things when tangling with inmates and the secondary, less used, was as a last resort personal defense device. Obviously the pocket watch I chose at the time was not an expensive one – more for utility than anything else.

  • I might carry a pocket watch with a 3-piece suit. You get some extra pockets with the vest!

  • I’d wear a pocket watch to any formal event. It’s classy and understated in my opinion.

  • I wore a pocket watch for several years in college. On casual days I kept it in a leather pouch on my belt and on other days left it on the chain to be noticed. I carried one with a gold flaked half dollar as the face and another with a ‘Train Engineer Mickey’ for those light-hearted days. My great-grandfather’s pocket watch is sitting on top of my dresser.

  • I would carry a pocket watch because phone are becoming wearables now..need something in my pocket..

  • The only time I’d wear a pocket watch would be a family gathering as the only pocket watch I own is my great grandfather’s. It’s something only family would appreciate as it’s value is largely sentimental

  • I love this watch. I’m actually disappointed that I don’t see more blogs discussing its release. Really beautiful, balanced, retro style – something Tissot has really excelled at in recent years.

    Pocket watch? I’d wear a vintage pocket watch that has been converted to a wrist watch. As for an actual pocket watch? If I were a groomsmen or a true black tie event. Pocket watches only work in the most formal settings.

  • I’d carry a pocket watch at any occasion to be honest. I love the look of them, but the perceived formality of it is offputting to some. We don’t wear suits as often to match the watch. But, I’d like to see that change.

  • I really love that vintage style. It makes me happy and I will feel great wearing it!

  • The dial and hands are just beautiful. I’d wear a pocket watch anytime of the day especially if it has more complications.

  • The watch is beautiful, and I don’t know why but carrying a pocket watch around with me just feels right.

  • A novel idea! I know just where it belongs.
    Still have a working Tissot automatic I got when still at school in the 1960’s.

  • I will carry a pocket watch every time I travel to new places less attraction to me when I walk in unfamiliar streets. Special occasions or formal events where my wristwatch cannot be hidden under my cuff.

  • Hi, all. First time writing in. 🙂 I would love to wear a pocket watch when I’m all suited up and dapper during one of the rare occasions when I’m required to do so. A dark blue, pinstriped, well made Italian-cut suit, complete with an inner vest, a skinny darker hued blue tie, gleaming white shirt, a pair of burnt orange wing tips, sleek pushed back hair, with a shiny gold and silver pocket watch and chain as the showpiece peeking out every time my jacket front opens. THAT is how I think a pocket watch should be worn in this time and age. With style and classiness.

  • I don’t currently own a pocket watch but, if I did, I would wear it to to formal parties

  • I’d wear mine almost anywhere, though I’d probably buy a
    vest or two to go with it.

    The thing I like about watches is that they are constant companions;
    they go everywhere you go. Something about the ritual of setting a watch
    down at my desk to have it visible all day, then slipping it into a pocket to
    take home with me at night, is very appealing.

    I suppose the only place I wouldn’t take one is distance traveling. Since I’d probably be constantly on the move and conscious of the time – making flight connections and scheduling arrivals and the like – I’d want the convenience of a time teller on my wrist.

    One of the things I really like about this Tissot is that it offers that convenience
    while giving the look and feel of the old-fashioned pocket companion.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch any time I can wear a suit or a tuxedo. I enjoy the elegance it conveys as well as a reminder of a time without computers or the internet; where one of the only ways people were “connected” globally was by Standard Time.

  • I’d wear a pocket watch for black tie dress code events, but not only…. A pocket watch is a very elegant and formal thing. When you feel insuide a demand to be strictly elegant you should wear a suit with waistcoat and put inside it a pocket watch wich will be fixed by the thin chain.
    And your look will be definately elegant. Pocket watch for me is a reminder of “good old times” of gentelmen in the clubs with the smell of cigars and single malt whiskey)

  • I’d wear this watch when he had a meeting with my boss because it would impress him and he did not forget me.

  • I usually wear a quartz pocket watch with a couple of vests that I have. I love the chain hanging from the pocket to the vertical eyehole that the vest have. I´ll would like to have a better one, but I love so much the wristwatches to pull the trigger into one…

  • While I never had the pleasure to wear a pocket watch, I would think that wearing one during my countless meeting would give a bit of unique standoutness in the crowd

  • I never have tissot in my collection. I feel appreciate to have in my collection. I love vintage watch.

  • Formal occasion or not, I think wearing a pocket watch in cold weather is pretty ideal. No need to lift your sleeve up and/or remove your glove (exposing yourself further to the cold) to check the time. Just reach into your pocket!

  • I think a classical gala would suit a pocket watch best. However, I think I could also pull it off with a retro-classical look. That people would be surprise and amazed by the fact I’d carry this kind of watch.

  • I’d like a pocket watch in order to stand on a European train platform, check on a train’s arrival time, and feel the nostalgia of another era.

  • I’ve often carried the old dollar watch when I was climbing poles for a living. One could scratch and damage a wrist watch in a hurry on a creosote pole.