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Today, we are introducing you to the Les Noble canvas watch roll. But first let me introduce myself. My name is Maarten Nijhuis and I’m a 20 year old watch enthusiast born and raised in the Netherlands. Somewhere around a year ago, I was looking for a watch roll, one that would fit all my needs. Unfortunately for me, I could not find one that did. This is where I decided to design and actually make my own watch roll. After a while, some fellow enthusiasts asked me where I got my watch roll and I told them that I designed and made it myself. They loved it and asked me to make some watch rolls for them too. In the next couple of months, more demand came and I opened an online store. So it’s safe to say I’m fortunate that I did not find a watch roll that would have fit my needs. Otherwise, I would not have met all these kind people who I can now call friends. And I certainly would not have been walking the journey I am walking now.

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So about the watch roll… When making the watch roll I had a couple demands. The watch roll had to be as waterproof as possible, last for ages, and the material had to age beautifully – all while properly protecting my watches and straps.

I selected only waxed canvas as the material for my first watch roll. Even though it made the watch roll look good, it didn’t protect my watches as much I’d wanted it to. The folded edges were too tough and hard for my vintage watches since the crystals are much more vulnerable. So I redesigned it and I used microfiber suede for the inside of the pockets. Not only does this protect the crystal of the watch but when you take it out you have a nice clean crystal! This was, what I thought, the final design. After having it available online for 6 months, I learned the hard way that waxed canvas and suede aren’t the best combination. So it was time to do a redesign, again… I now chose to use microfiber suede for the inside, so the wax could not leave stains on my suede watch straps. After making a couple of samples in different colors I came up with the combination I am offering you now.

This watch roll has space for up to 4 watches, and I made sure even your 43mm Navitimer or your 44mm Panerai Luminor Marina will fit just as comfortably as your 36mm watches in the 7.5cm wide pockets. The watch roll can be rolled up and secured with a thick leather strap which will hold the roll together while giving it a nice rugged look. The watch roll has a width of 30cm and a height of 25cm, the pockets are 7.5cm wide and 10cm high. Finally, the watch roll is made of green 12oz waxed canvas with a complete blue/grey microfiber suede inside.

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So here it is, the final design of my watch roll. It’s made of waxed canvas with a complete microfiber suede inside to protect your crystals from scratching. It comfortably stores up to 4 watches. And most important of all, it isn’t overpriced! You can see the watch roll here and get €5 off with discount code “ABTW” making the watch roll only 74lesnoble.com

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