All the newer Linde Werdelin watches pretty much have a skeletonized dial. The reasoning behind this, as the founders are quick to point out, is simply weight reduction. This is similar to how modern-day race cars (Formula One, for instance) are stripped down to the bare minimum to keep weight down. For LW watches, the result is also quite aesthetically pleasing since that style matches perfectly with the angular and modern design. The cut-out dial has a larger opening at 3 o’clock to reveal the current date shown via the red numbers in the rotating wheel. This is balanced at 9 o’clock by the seconds sub-dial with the red-accented markers.


As I mentioned, the textile strap is comfortable and flexible while still having some heft and making a nice loop on the wrist. The tang buckle is made of blackened titanium with a tastefully carved and modern-lettering LW logo. Under the complex case construction, a clear sapphire case back reveals the nicely decorated Concepto-produced movement. Nothing super fancy there, but anything more would not agree with that modern avant-garde watch design, so it works really well. The rotor is engraved with the Linde Werdelin name and, again, darkened like the buckle. All in all, it makes for a worthy peek into the engine which I found very reliable and accurate. I never needed to readjust it during the two weeks I wore it, and while I never tested the stated 42 hours of power reserve (nor the 100 meters of water resistance), it was never a factor during my use.

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While the CHF 17,000 price tag makes the Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech gold not a watch for every enthusiast, it’s also not meant to be. Limited to 75 pieces, the complex construction and design make this a watch for the collector who already has the Rolexes and the Omegas of their dreams but who is instead looking for a watch that is guaranteed to strike up conversation at the next whiskey-tasting event, but also a highly satisfying, easy-to-wear, everyday watch that never feels boring nor common. Now, the key is to keep it away from your girlfriend or significant other, as once they wear it, you’ll now have to share wrist-time with them… Hey, in many ways, perhaps a good problem to have, as it gives you more reason to justify the purchase.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Linde Werdelin
>Model: SpidoLite Tech Gold
>Price: CHF 17,000 + VAT
>Size: 44mm wide, 15mm high, 56mm lug to lug
>Weight: about 100g with textile strap
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes, absolutely.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Any collector who has the basic Rolex, Omega, IWC, or other mainstream brand watches and who is looking for a modern, uncommon, and super cool yet wearable watch
>Worst characteristic of watch: If I had to complain about one thing, it is that I would feel better and safer if this watch came with a deployant bracelet. LW sells a deployant clasp, but that’s an additional cost. The tang buckle is great and easy to use, but of course not as secure when putting on and removing the watch.
>Best characteristic of watch: Linde Werdelin’s iconic, modern, avant-garde case design, now in a carbon material that is so light that the solid gold bezel adds some welcome weight, while still remaining super wearable.

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