It was only a matter of time until LUM-TEC created a diver watch, and I couldn’t be happier about the result (that will be released late next year). While LUM-TEC still refers to the watch as the 500M concept sometimes, it is going into production as a limited edition of 500 pieces. The watch includes all of that LUM-TEC DNA we love in a package that we can’t resist. Personally, I am a sucker for nice diving watches and this items knows precisely how to get my attention (and desire).

The design is a mix between modern looks, classic diving watches, and some other LUM-TEC pieces. The case is in steel and 44mm wide with a massive rotating divers bezel (with an equally large lume dot). The case is made with a series of aggressive looking sharp angles. Notice the thick lugs which add to the visual strength of the watch and also look like the tips of Japanese katana swords. LUM-TEC looked at other aggressively styled diver watches for inspiration when designing the face of the watch. You can see the large orange bordered minute hand and very easy to read face. Of course LUM-TEC places their special MDV (maximum darkness visibility) lume on the dial for easy darkness viewing (even underwater). There is also the extra large crown – makes the watch visually more impressive, and also make it easy to operate with gloves. Crystal should be sapphire.

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500m watch angles

As the name of the watch goes, the timepiece will be water resistant to 500 meters. This is a step up from the original 300 meters LUM-TEC was aiming for. Inside the watch is a new movement for LUM-TEC. This time they will use a high quality Seiko Sii NH15J automatic mechanical movement. This is a similar movement to the one used in their LumZilla watch, but it offers automatic as well as handwinding. The Seiko people will of course be proud to have one of their movement in these exclusive American watches. Attached to the watches will be high quality rubber straps as well as likely metal bracelet options. Like I said, when the watches are due for released in late 2010, the price will be around $895. A step up for the brand, but for a stepped up watch. Once again LUM-TEC has successfully been able to achieve a gleeful “wow” from me. More on the LUM-TEC 500M watch as it comes closer to release next year.

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