Marcello C Classic Duochronograph WatchIWC Portuguese Chrono-AutomaticTwo great watches, two similar designs, and yet two vast different prices. Sizing up what over $10,000 extra will get you. The bilateral chronograph is a beautiful thing. Two registers placed along a vertical radius is classically appealing and high legible. In existence for over 60 years, this style has solidified itself as a true classic.

The most notable watch to epitomize this style, at least in a modern sense is the IWC Portuguese Chrono-Automatic. A venerable monolith of classic proportions and design, it is pure legibility at its finest. The frills on the IWC are in the construction and the materials used. You can opt for a gold case, and the IWC movements are world class, as IWC has been one of the gold standards of pilot’s watches for many decades. IWC backs up its watches with a reputation for refinement and reliability, but you certainly pay a premium for it. Once you settle on a watch design you like, there are often many options when it comes to satisfying your new taste.

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Marcello C has solidified itself as one of the top growing German watch makers. The prices are simply unbeatable for the quality. Marcello C’s secret likely has to do with the fact that its appeal has to be with its version of the classics, rather than innovative design. Marcello C knows how to work with time-tested universal appeal watches. A conservative approach perhaps, but wildly successful. The Marcello C uses a modified Valjoux 7750 automatic movement. Marcello C removed the seconds counter that would normally be placed in the left center of the watch. Instead, the wearer may use the chronograph for measuring seconds. The IWC Portuguese on the other hand does have a seconds register, but can only time up to 30 minutes, the Marcello C Duochronograph (Doppel Chronograph) can measure up to 12 hours.

Each watch features similar styling and hearty mechanical movements. The IWC will run roughly $10,000 more than the Marcello C for the gold version. Each are wonderful watches in their own right, and it is up to you to decide which to choose based on your preferences. It is however good to know that there are options out there like Marcello C watches that offer high quality alternatives to expensive elite watch manufactures.

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