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Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review

Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Martenero is a brand that does a great job with color, and the Edgemere Reserve collection is further proof. Its continued dedication to fun and refreshing timepieces has always captured my attention, so accepting this review was a no-brainer for me.

If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute… this guy sounds like he’s already a fan!” you’d be right. But let it be known: my admiration was earned via three previous reviews I conducted for Martenero. Each one was a solid win, and consistency has to count for something. But enough about the past — let’s talk about the Martenero Edgemere Reserve invading your eyeballs right now.

Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The Design

The design of the Martenero Edgemere Reserve is a clear evolution of the original Martenero Edgemere from 2016. Adding a power-reserve indicator wasn’t the only refinement, however. Some updates are more subtle than others, but I’m happy to say they all trend in a positive direction.

I selected the Silver model for this review, which is probably the “quietest” colorway on offer for the collection. But with a smart pop of robin’s egg blue, the watch still has a unique visual impact. It makes a wonderful focal point of the 24-hour indicator at six o’clock, and it really livens up the gray-white and silver tones of the dial.

Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

An applied hour ring and tumbling Arabic numerals add a fair bit of dimension to the look of the dial, especially up close. There is also a wide variety of finishes that add flair and distinction to the largely monochromatic design on the Silver Matenero Edgemere Reserve. The brushing on the hour ring helps define it from the base of the dial and makes the polished hands far more legible. I am also a big fan of the oblong date window — a simple, quirky touch that easily integrates into the overall design.


Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

All in all, the face of the Martenero Edgemere Reserve is superbly well done. The power-reserve indicator just looks great across from the 24-hour indicator, and it doesn’t feel crowded despite everything that is going on.

Another new feature that works really well is the lugs. Although I quite liked the chunky lugs of the original Edgemere, the curved outer edges on the Martenero Edgemere Reserve arguably work better. They stand out less, giving more presence to the face of the watch. I also feel that they work better with the shapes and forms present throughout the piece.

Again, I’m happy to see a brand like Martenero get better and better as it learns from previous releases. Just about everything on the Martenero Edgemere Reserve feels like an upgrade from its predecessor. And I really liked that watch, too.

Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Nerd Specs

Get your pocket protectors ready because here comes the technical portion of today’s presentation.

The Martenero Edgemere Reserve uses a Miyota 9132 as its innards, which gives you a 40-hour power reserve once fully wound. It is a 26-jewel movement that ticks away at 28,800 bph, and you can have a peak at it through the sapphire caseback. The nautical compass motif does obscure the view a bit, but I feel like it adds the visual interest the movement by itself lacks.

Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

With the Miyota 9132, the dial is plenty interesting, featuring hour, minute, center seconds, date, 24-hour, and power-reserve indicators. All of this is capped off with a sapphire crystal, ensuring durability for regular wear.

The case is made from 316L Stainless Steel, primarily polished with brushed accents throughout. The screw-down crown only affords you 30 meters of water resistance, which means this isn’t a watch for the pool. However, it’s always helpful to guard against rain and splashing while going about your daily activities. The case is 40mm in diameter and 47mm lug-to-lug with a nice and standard 20mm lug-width to further enable your watch-strap addiction. Thickness adds up to 11.8mm, and although that could be slimmer, I found it slid under my shirt cuffs with ease. Plus, you’d probably have to sacrifice some of that lovely depth in the dial to get it thinner, and that would be a bummer — so, it’s a fair trade in my book.

Lastly, the pin-buckle leather strap is supple and super comfy. When it comes to leather, I prefer pin-buckle straps over folding clasps, so I hope Martenero continues to use them.

Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews


Look, every single Martenero I have reviewed is just super-wearable. The classic cues make the Martenero Edgemere Reserve a watch you can easily dress up, yet the modern touches and color make it great for casual wear, too.

In all honesty, the only criticism I have comes down to the type on the case. I really love the wave pattern and typesetting around the outer edge, but the lettering around the nautical compass (North, South, East, West) is in a different font. This is a nitty-gritty detail, but it would have been a perfect score for this watch had the type been consistent. Granted, it took me a while to notice, and it certainly doesn’t ruin the watch for me, but y’know, I’m a crazy watch person AND a crazy typography person.

Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Martenero Edgemere Reserve Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

So what am I saying? Well, I’ll certainly continue to enjoy Martenero as a brand, and this watch is another winner in my books. If you’re looking for some fun, $695 USD will afford you one heckuva good time with the Martenero Edgemere Reserve. Go check it out for yourself at

Necessary Data
>Brand: Martenero
>Model: Edgemere Reserve, Silver
>Price: $695 USD
>Size: 40mm-wide, 11.8mm-thick, 20mm-wide strap, 47mm lug-to-lug.
>When would the reviewer wear it?: I wore it mostly with my windbreaker and sneakers when I was out and about.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: All of my artsy/designer friends loved this watch.
>Best characteristic of watch: The color and detail of the dial. Superb!!
>Worst characteristic of watch: The type on the nautical compass motif should be the same typeface as the lettering on the outer caseback.



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  • SMB

    Great photos and nice watch. These watches are very detailed with different colours, textures and levels, but it all works well together. I would probably go for one of the models with a bit more colour.

  • SuperStrapper

    Nice review, and very lovely photography. Gives you the chance to be hyper-critical!

    Tongue firmly in cheek of course. But great shots.

    This brand, I’ve never quite gotten there on. I have a few criticisms but i doubt they would be deal-breakers, but I’m also not that interested in it. It certainly has an interesting colourway, and they’ve always used this unique handset.
    The dial is nice but so much of it is unnecessary. A power reserve indication and synchronised 24 hour hand hardly add much horological value. That said, i will allow they have been integrated into this appearance well, and balance each other accurately. The 24 hour dial all but touching the chapter ring without interfering with it is oddly satisfying.
    A screw down crown on a 30m watch is ridiculous and should have been omitted. I’m sure the case is machined fine but that’s just a weak point in the design.
    I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of the date window. It’s execution looks acceptable but the squished circle seems a bit awkward against the perfect circles and curvatures in that inner dial. Again, likely wouldn’t change a buying decision if I were otherwise interested, especially at this price.

    • Berndt Norten

      That was a diplomatically worded criticism. One wonders what sort of pithy, acid criticism will soon emanate from Scotland??

      • SuperStrapper

        Well, I’m also Scottish. But I’m from the more civilised area of Leith, unlike our uncouth northern friend ?

        • Raymond Wilkie

          To whom are you referring sir?

          • ray h.

            I think he’s a Canadian anyway! (:

  • Independent_George

    I think teal works better as an accent, so I find the solid teal small-seconds subdial to be distracting, but, with the right clothes, I like its wrist presence. It looks great on Matt’s. And you can do much worse for $700.00.

  • BJ314

    I hate people that criticize date windows, but in this moment, I’d have to see it’s the only thing on this watch I’m unsettled about. I have no doubt that it looks better than a traditional square/rectangle. But, I’d need to get used to it. The caseback is nothing to write home about, but who cares?

    All in all, well executed. Very interesting colorway.

    Once they’ve been in business for at least a decade, I’d be comfortable buying from them.

  • DanW94

    I don’t like it. It’s not offensive or anything but it just doesn’t do much for me. I look at it and there’s no differentiation between this brand and a slew of other smaller independents trying to make their mark. It might as well be a Farer or a Melbourne or an Autodromo or a host of others. There are a few of the small microbrands that have caught my eye but this isn’t one of them.

    • egznyc

      I don’t disagree. Also has a bit of Breguet looks but it’s nowhere near that level. As spice noted, the lack of lume or WR also are major turn-offs (though if it were finished at Breguet-like levels I’d understand the lack of lume).

      Out of curiosity, which micro brands are you most impressed with? (I’d be hard pressed to name just a few, but I’d include Halios and Zelos among others.)

    • Ugo

      i agree.
      i also find their use of colours quite messy and with no clear purpose.
      still prefer stuff like zodiac, to mention the first coming to my mind…

  • ray h.

    It has good symmetry and fantastic use of color. I like it ,but the main reason I would have to hold off buying it is it’s more of a dress watch then a sports feeling watch and I really only budget for sports as I work from home .

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I like it ( see, I can say positive things ) although I much prefer the model blue dialed version highlighted Kermit. Even with that squashed date window ( I have a thing for date windows )

  • spice

    Another like here except lack of lume and minimal water resistance (with a screw-down crown, no less) means an overall “no thanks” from me . Have to disagree re buckles which rapidly destroy straps.

  • private private

    I like it. Clean look, teal fits well with the marine / casual aesthetic. Somewhat reminds me of Voutilainen, which I have high regard for. Water resistance is weak, but who cares at this price point… I just hope they did not cut corners with build quality.

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