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The road to Baselworld is a long one, but a journey that most watch lovers would consider trying at least once. This year, Maurice Lacroix is offering four lucky winners the chance of attending Baselworld 2018. But first, it’s time for a little game. The #CHASEYOURWATCH campaign is an interactive treasure hunt that combines social media clues and real-world puzzle solving for thrill-seeking watch enthusiasts interested in winning a trip to Baselworld and a very special limited edition Maurice Lacroix AIKON Automatic chronograph. Taking place in four cities around the world and across three continents, the #CHASEYOURWATCH campaign has officially launched in Los Angeles. So if you’re up for the challenge and a shot at this once in a lifetime experience, you may want to act fast.

Four Boxes To Find

In each city that the #CHASEYOURWATCH challenge visits, three clues will be reveled via Maurice Lacroix’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. These clues are crucial if you hope to make it to Baselworld 2018 for the final step. After the clues are revealed, participants will have everything they need to find the black and yellow #CHASEYOURWATCH box. Inside, the player will find a plane ticket together with paid lodging in the town of Basel, Switzerland during the 2018 Baselworld watch fair. However, the journey doesn’t end there.

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The Final Challenge

Once all four winners across the world have located the black and yellow boxes, it’s time to take the show to Baselworld, where the finalists will work together to unlock the final prize. Throughout the duration of the campaign, a large Maurice Lacroix shipping container will make its way to each of the participating cities as it serves as a common thread throughout the treasure hunt. Its final stop? Baselworld 2018 at the Maurice Lacroix booth, of course. Inside the container, the four finalists will find themselves immersed in the ultimate horological “escape room” challenge, where they’ll have to work as a team to beat the game in 20 minutes. Their efforts will be broadcast live and it’s up to them to make it through – they can win together or lose together. While the exact details can’t be revealed just yet, it should be known that solving the final puzzle involves a certain level of watchmaking knowledge.

The Grand Prize

If the team wins, they will be gifted the first 4 pieces of the Maurice Lacroix AIKON Automatic chronograph limited edition run. Limited to 500 pieces, the PVD-coated 44mm watch will serve as an e-retail exclusive for 2018 and more details will be revealed at Baselworld. In the end, it will serve as a fitting reminder of the challenges they overcame as a team and the journey they participated in.

To learn more about the Maurice Lacroix #CHASEYOURWATCH treasure hunt, visit the official campaign page and be sure to follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook. Clues could be revealed at any time and it’s up to you to piece them together. mauricelacroix.com

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