mMilus Kama Sutra Butterfly Cufflinks

These cufflinks (cuff links? Space, no space?) might make you blush, but they are nice right? To me they combine a few thinks I like. Let’s delay the obvious for now and focus on the awesome integration of the automatic rotors in the cufflinks. These are new 18k rose gold men’s cufflinks from Milus, a Swiss watch maker who also dabbles in jewelry and accessories.   These nice looking men’s accessories here are called Kama Sutra Butterfly cufflinks and are made in a casting process to help reproduce the look of a watch movement, which is the point. The cufflinks feature beautiful real rotating rotors (which wind nothing) that attached like normal rotors with a ball bearing mount. The casted gold has perlage polish and the look of a real movement engraved in the design. How cool! I’ve seen cufflinks similar to this, but none as well done. I imagine price will be up there.

Aside from the brand name on the cufflink, you have the red and black motif of a butterfly, which is sorta feminine, but in masculine colors. It is applied by hand using an enamel champleve technique. When you take the image with the who execution of the watch, it makes sense. Which leads me to the blue enamel image on the rotors themselves. These display a couple in the Kama Sutra “butterfly” position in all its “R” rated glory. You’ll have to search harder for more graphic luxury horological timepieces, but they are out there. Save that for another article. So now the butterfly name makes sense right? In one respect the erotica component of the cufflinks is not necessary to make them cool watch movement-esque cufflinks. On the other hand it adds an interesting character to a neat little item.

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milus cufflinks closeup

I can imagine a stately gentleman with quite the gesticulated manner of speaking, while adorning these Mulis Kama Sutra cufflinks during an energetic conversation. The participant listening noticing that with each expressive movement of the gentleman’s wrists the cufflink rotor spinning into action, trying to notice precisely what the image on the rotors is, and what the incredible accessory is all about. Only to eventually observe the rotor in a still position long enough to decipher the image with a slightly excited, slightly embarrassed response. That, is what I think these cufflinks are all about.

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