Even though I gave the Marcello C. Nettuno 3 a glowing review where I solidified my feelings, I continue to have positive emotions about this watch. It always seems to be my default watch that goes with everything, and I have no other watch that is as legible. Hell, I am wearing the watch right now as I write this. Almost everything on the watch is perfect down to the small details. It gets things right that other watches seem to miss. For example, Marcello C. makes the hands the prefect length and width. This is a little touch, but you’d be surprised how many companies just can’t figure it out.

My lasting experience with the Marcello C. Nettuno 3 is that the watch just won’t quite. The lasting visual appeal and ruggedness have stood up for years. This isn’t unworthy praise, but the voice of an impassioned owner. It is just a great watch, period. While no one watch will satisfy this crazed watch enthusiast, if I had to choose one to wear each day, it may very well be this Nettuno 3.

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So when one of these watches, especially one in superb condition becomes available. I want to mention it. You can totally go to Marcelloc-watches.com and get a brand new one. It would be worth every penny of the $850 price, but there is one on eBay, starting at $250 with a buy it now of $400 which is just a great deal. And you know how much I love mentioning a good deal. For those of you that miss out on this watch on eBay, you should have no qualms about getting a new one. It is the best value you can find for a excellent quality Rolex Submariner style dive watch. For those of you that don’t know, Marcello C. is an impressive German watch company whose founder came from Oris watches.

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