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In what will no doubt be exciting news for many, Mondaine has brought back the famed stop2go watch, which not only draws design inspiration from the Swiss Railways clock but also mimics the functionality of the clocks.

If you’ve ever been to a train station in Switzerland, you’ll know that the platforms are peppered with large clocks with stark white faces, bold black markers, and a bright red lollipop seconds hand. This now-famous clock was designed by Hans Hilfiker in 1944 specifically for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). In 1986, Mondaine turned this simple yet powerful design into a wristwatch, and the company has continued to use this Bauhaus-inspired dial as the basis for each of its timepieces.

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In addition to its recognizable design, the Swiss Railway clock has a unique technical feature, as well — the red seconds hand completes a full rotation in 58 seconds, then halts for 2 seconds when it reaches 12 o’clock. Then, the minute hand jumps to its next position, and the seconds hand continues on its next revolution. The reasoning behind this feature is that the 2-second pause allowed the central Master Clock to synchronize all the railway clocks across Switzerland once every minute — illustrating the nation’s devotion to accuracy and punctuality.

Thanks to a unique stop2go quartz movement, the new Mondaine stop2go watches imitate this same operation, providing a delightful show on the wrist. What’s more, the Mondaine stop2go watches sport crownless cases, echoing the seamless circumference of the SBB clocks. Instead of a traditional crown, the stop2go watches include a recessed pusher on the side of the case (at 3 o’clock), and each watch comes with a time-setting pen for necessary adjustments.

Mondaine offers the new stop2go watches in two case sizes: 41mm and 34mm, all in brushed stainless steel and water resistant to 30 meters. The cases are topped with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, available with a choice of a white or black dial, and paired with vegan grape leather straps in black. The larger 41mm edition with a white dial is also offered with a five-link steel bracelet.

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For nighttime legibility, the white dial versions include BackLight technology where the undersides of the hour and minute hands are coated in luminescence, which gives a fantastic halo-like glow to the hands. The black dial versions include the more traditional top-coated Super-LumiNova, which blankets the entirety of the hour and minute hands for optimal visibility.

The return of the stop2go watches to the Mondaine catalog is a welcome one, particularly with the updated movements and new crownless case design. The 41mm model with a steel bracelet (ref. MST.4101B.SJ.2SE ) is priced at $695 USD while the 41mm models with leather straps (white: MST.4101B.LBV.2SE, black: MST.41020.LBV.2SE) will cost $685 USD; these are available immediately. The smaller 34mm models (white: MST.3401B.LBV.SET; black: MST.34020.LBV.SE) will be available by mid-November and will retail for $645 USD. For more information about the new Mondaine stop2go watches, please visit the brand’s website.

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