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Montrek Square Diver PVD Watch Review

Montrek Square Diver PVD Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Man meet man watch. This isn’t a piece your girlfriend or wife can snatch from you and strap on themselves. No sir. This watch is about as masculine as it gets – and whether or not you like how it looks it will be hard to disagree with that conclusion. From Montrek this is the Square Diver PVD watch. Which also implies there is a non PVD black version. Sort of like a Bell & Ross BR01 meets actual warriors as opposed to weekend ones.

Montrek Square Diver PVD Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The Square Diver case is in steel and a 44mm wide square. That is a bit smaller than the 46mm wide BR01. As a diver the case is water resistant to 1000 meters and has a rotating diver’s bezel. On the left side of the case is a helium escape valve which quirkily juts out. Simple at first, the case and design are quite charming in a sort of macho manner. The simple two-tone black and white case and dial is very military looking, and the dial contrast is good.

Montrek Square Diver PVD Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Montrek Square Diver PVD Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Montrek Square Diver PVD Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Applied to the dial are the hour markers that are lume filled. I don’t believe Montrek uses SuperLumiNova, but the lumed areas are large. The dial is carbon fiber which in this instance is a nice sporty touch. I think a matte dial would have made the face look a bit boring. I am also happy that the hands aren’t really too short – as this is often an issue I worry about.

Overall the case size is good for most wrists – large but not overpowering. If the steel bracelet intimidates you there is a rubber strap as well. Though I personally feel that it looks pretty swanky on the multi-link PVD black steel bracelet. The detailing on the watch is overall good, and the features come across as useful rather than just for show. I always worry about pieces like this being more sport-esque than sporty.

Montrek Square Diver PVD Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Montrek Square Diver PVD Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Inside the watch is a Japanese Miyota caliber 8215 automatic with hand-winding movement. A simple automatic, it has the time and date. Many will want a Swiss movement, but this Miyota is a decent workhorse. I am left with feeling that the watch is very straight forward. Montrek offers a pleasant watch with enough quirks to give it personality. The strong masculine design of the watch might not make it ideal for daily wear at work, but it is a fun piece that will hit the stop on many occasions. The guys will love it. This ref. M22.1222.M220 Montrek watch retails for $1,100 and is available online via Montrek’s website.

Thanks to Montrek for the review unit, opinions are 100% independent.

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  • Chris I

    I own a couple of Benarus watches (a Sea Devil and a Remora) – they were the brand that got interested in watches. As I looked at this watch and its bracelet and buck and whatnot – I guessed “That’s a thousand dollar watch.” And I was pretty close. I guessed that based on recognizing many similar components to my Sea Devil and the style of the watch. The bracelet, buckle, crown, HEV and the bezel are all very similar to the Sea Devil. I have noticed other components on other watches that are also similar to each other. So my question: Are most small batch brands mixing and matching many of the same set of available off the shelf components? It certainly seems that all are not custom machining their own at the $1000 price point and below. Is the there a catalog or section of that list these components?

  • Kris C

    Lots to like about an all black weapon of a watch with a matching black bracelet, but the lume shot is dissapointing. It shouldn’t add any difficulty or cost to get some hardcore lume bloom that sticks around for the night. C3 or even get a license for some tritium tubes and this would be a real winner.

  • Will

    I fail to see how this watch warrants a $1,000 price tag, but that seems to be the case with most boutique brand divers.

  • simon

    My son would rip your arm off for this it really has the macho look .


    I contend many of these low, mid, high end watch houses are all encompassed or incorporated into one major generic name like the Acme, Watches R Us, Watch u Doin,
    etc., entity that mass produces, shares, exchanges parts, labor, styles, but makes it appear that the marques are stand alones.

  • Ulysses

    Nice looking watch – very hefty. For what is essentially a B&R homage (of which there are many to choose from) with a Miyota movement, i’d expect a lower price. Not keen on the carbon fibre but then I don’t see a point in using high-tech materials in pointless roles. It’s not a structural element that lends strength, and unlike precious metals, there isn’t that aura of desirability. May as well use some textured plastic – it’d look the same and lower the price.

  • Mr. Champ

    Man watch? It’s just a big ugly monstrosity. I wouldn’t put it on a bear.

  • Ivan Y

    Lume might be a little disappointing unless lume shot isn’t very representative.

    Overall, seems a little expensive for a Japanese mov’t.

  • Lee

    This watch has the same bracelet I have on my Ocean Seven. Their round dive watch looks just like a Nauticfish. ??????

  • A copy of a Bell and I do not like the real thing!

  • ???

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