Zenith Defy Extreme Stealth Limited Edition RedThere might have not been enough use of the word “extreme” in the title of this posting, but Zenith consistently abuses this moniker so I shall too. After the over abundance of the “extreme” label on most items a few years ago, I thought the extreme nature of product would subside. Apparently the marketing people at Zenith are unaware of the “extreme” faux-pas, or are serious as to the extreme nature of the watch, which it is.

This new limited edition Zenith Defy Extreme Stealth is undeniably the sexiest thus far. The black materials with the matte red hands and registers on the face are simply too well done to be thrown in the pile of other red and black watches. What likely separates the red (on the Zenith Defy Extreme from other red colors on watches) is the application of the red on the hands and face. While most watches have colors literally painted on, it appears as though Zenith takes a different approach. Painted materials always have at least a bit of a sheen or gloss. At the very least, the careful knows they are painted. Here the effect is different, because what Zenith is attempting to is make the red elements of the watch appear as a separate material, not just painted sections.

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The very nature of the Zenith Defy Extreme series is to be a watch incorporating a litany of materials. They even created their own compound aptly named “Zenithium” that is used in some of the Defy Extreme watches. This particular Zenith Defy Extreme model is mostly titanium and carbon fiber, with some Kevlar insets. The red areas of the watch face that are so nicely done allude to part of what you are paying for in a watch of this pedigree. The application process is likely held in confidence by many and requires many hours of labor for the right effect. The saturation of deep red hue with an almost rust like element to it cannot be a look achieved with a mere brush or paint dip.

Something about the almost aged look of the red on black gives the Defy Extreme Stealth Limited Edition the look of a cold war submarine. Matte finished on the colors with red propellers. There might have never been a vessel in these colors, but the Zenith convinces me that there was. Like a submarine the Zenith Defy Extreme series can withstand intense, dare I say, extreme conditions. With a water resistance of 1000m meters and a highly shock resistant construction, the Defy Extreme will take you where your body cannot survive. I am not sure how well the watch will hold up again a hammer blow, but it certainly can laugh at all means of wind, watch, g-forces, magnetic fields, and pressure that you can throw at it. Accordingly, in defiance of the elements, the Zenith Defy Extreme Stealth states conspicuously on the face that it is “For Extreme Condition Use.” Regardless, it will still look good if you only intend on extreme condition use, at some point, even if you consider walking into a Zenith watch store an extremely intriguing activity.

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Thank you to PuristSPro.com for the image.

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