When art and watch presentation intersect, it is easy to go overboard with too much. This is why I am happy to see the AXIS/XXVII Time Spiral – Ref. 6270 from Angular Momentum. They’ve taken the spiral design, and ingeniously integrated it into the watch face. You’ll notice this is no mere spiral painted on a watch, but the actual numbers and layout are integrated into the design, which is still perfectly legible as a watch.

The design is reverse painted on the sapphire crystal. This technique is often called eglomise, and has been well utilized by Angular Momentum for sometime on a number of watches. This watch does something a bit differently, in that it uses black enamel on the inside of the thick 3mm crystal. The effect is a smooth yet very crisp look that wont ever rub off, because it is applied on the inside of the watch. In addition, there is a black enamel inset with the “AM” (Angular Momentum) letter in the nicely sized crown of the watch.

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The case is made from two pieces of steel in a satin finish that well compliments the sheen of the dial and numbers from the enamel. The strap used is interesting as the padded leather type is commonly found on more active watches, rather then art watches. I like the contradiction here, because despite the very avant-garde look of this watch, it strives to be universal in wearability and appeal. Inside is automatic mechanical movement. No quartz here.

The best part of the spiral look is that it gives you a different want of looking at the the time. I’ve always thought the vertigo look would be apt for a watch face, and Angular Momentum has exemplified that look. I’ve really love one of these for my collection.

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