Olga Narozhna Steampunk watch art on eBayIt’s been a while since I covered new work from one of my favorite watch and clock artists; Olga Narozhna (click to visit her site). I wrote an at length article about her here. Among her many fine efforts, she offers really interesting steampunk watch creations, that if you are lucky, she sells on eBay. For the initiated, steampunk is a design style that melds industrial revolution era technology aesthetic, Victorian era design cues, and a hefty dose of Jules Verne science fiction wonder.

Two new wearable pieces of functional art on available from Olga, and really show a new level of refinement in her style. I can attest that the craftsmanship of her work is very good. She makes very solid and well put together pieces. These are no flimsy show pieces, but completely functional and rugged.

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Olga is a collector and scours the world for bits and pieces to add on her art. From sifting through yard sales, purchasing bulk parts online, to dissembling aging machines, she finds little treasures that find perfect places in her art. Likewise, you’ll notice this in her art, and can be assured each is an amalgamation of machinery from yesterday and today.

Olga Narozhna Steampunk watches on eBay here. Like most artists, Olga has moods, and right now she seems to be on an asymmetry kick. Placing an uneven thick leather strap with an interesting timepieces set to the side or in the middle. The high point of her work is not just the materials she uses, but also her talented layout and design. See how nicely the items flow together, even though there is meant to be an organic quality to the layout. I love her use of tarnished metals, old clock gears and oversized rivets. Only a mad alchemist (or a sane Olga) could put something like this together with such methodological disarray, and I love that.

Her pieces sold on eBay always attract a fair bit of attention. She can’t seem to produce enough items due to the demand. I feel lucky to see her work available when it is. Her humility as an artist cannot be matched, and can only be attributed to the dedication she places in her work. Take a look at these very cool pieces of functional art.

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See Olga Narozhna’s eBay items here.

Visit OlgaClockWorks.com here some more information the artist.

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