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Much ink has been spilled when it comes to comparing wristwatches and cars, and it’s an analogy I myself have drawn in articles. Most times, though, that comparison has been in one direction.  A video we found from Cadillac shows us the comparison can actually be a two-way street.

The video is really a PR bit for the design influences for Cadillac’s new XTS model. While they call out other industries, it was very intriguing to hear them deliberately reference the watch industry – specifically, the luxury end of the market. Frankly, it’s not a big leap to make, in either direction. Though it is interesting because historically (and still today) the watch industry very much borrows from automotive design when dreaming up new models. It is interesting to hear how the automotive industry is now in turn, looking to the watch industry.

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When it comes to a high-end car, we look for many of the same things we expect from a high-end watch. We expect good looks and clean lines to go along with top-notch build quality and clean, readable, information clusters (or dials). We also – likely – look for one that pulls on some emotional connection we can’t quite put our finger on.


Frankly, how else would you even begin to explain why you bought a watch (or car) that can easily be 10 to 20 times more expensive than another model that would get the job done (moving from point A to point B, or telling the time)? To be sure, there’s no rational argument against watches and cars that carry the economy label – they just don’t carry that same… je ne sais quoi.

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For those who appreciate the craftsmanship in mechanical wonders, be it our beloved watches or a luxury automobile, it’s worthwhile to think about the link between the two, and how your tastes in one very likely inform the other. To give you a bit of a jumpstart, take a look at this video up top. And, if you’re feeling inspired, why not let us know what your favorite pairing of a watch and car would be?

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