Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watches In The Flesh

Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watches In The Flesh

Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watches In The Flesh Wrist Time Reviews

Here are four models from the new Nubeo Black Mamba watch collection that have been made in partnership with Kobe Bryant. There are a few fantastic styles in this collection, and here are four versions that I have been fortunate enough to check out and share with you. The three styles here are the basic Black Mamba (chapter ring with hour and minute markers), the Black Mamba Ultimate (black sapphires on the chapter ring on the outer dial and Arabic numerals on the bezel), and the Black Mamba MVP (black or whiskey sapphires on the bezel and the dial chapter ring).

Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watches In The Flesh Wrist Time Reviews

Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watches In The Flesh Wrist Time Reviews

Last I heard, Kobe Bryant himself was sporting the Nubeo Black Mamba MVP with the natural whiskey sapphire stones - a truly awesome timepiece once you handle it. Let's check out the bling for a moment on these watches. It should be obvious why whiskey sapphires are named as such. Pour yourself a glass and you'll see a familiar color - oh, and they are also called orange sapphires. The Black Mamba MVP has 48 baguette cut stones on the chapter ring of the dial, 72 black sapphire round brilliant cut stones that line the chronograph subdials, and then another 48 baguette cut whiskey sapphires on the watch bezel. Nubeo's founder Ivan Castro is a skilled jeweler and it shows through not only the choice of stones, but the design and setting on the timepieces. Black sapphire stones are quite interesting. They certainly shine, but have a more under-the-radar style of luxury that asserts itself in confidence and pride of ownership each time you glance at the watch. The Ultimate is an interesting version is the Black Mamba with the precision-cut Arabic numeral bezel (with natural rubber inlay) and the black sapphires in the chapter ring - quite cool.

The Nubeo Black Mamba watch has the most complex watch case in the world that I previously discussed here. The cases themselves are made up of 131 parts. I was unclear as to the physical outcome of these complex cases until I got to handle the watches themselves, and I was instantly sold. As a testament to Nubeo's abilities, these complex cases are still 100 meters water resistant. This means that each piece of the watch case is so precision engineered that is still able to keep water and dust out of the watch despite having so many pieces that need to fit together just right. These watches are actually pre-production prototypes, so the final versions will have even more distinct lines and a higher level of finish - incredible. Nothing is totally impressive until you get a chance to wear the watch yourself, so if you get a chance, I highly recommend it.

Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watches In The Flesh Wrist Time Reviews

Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watches In The Flesh Wrist Time Reviews

Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watches In The Flesh Wrist Time Reviews

Younger generations sometimes have trouble finding lust in more traditional ultra luxury watches. I think the Nubeo Black Mamba might at least be a partial solution to this problem. With prices starting at about $25,000 for the basic Black Mamba watches, and going up to $285,000 for the Black Mamba MVP watch models - these are by all means luxury to "high," or "ultra" luxury timepieces. They also have that Lamborghini type of appeal that is lost in so many other more traditional luxury watches. Sure there is a world of extravagant and complex luxury watch out there - many not traditional looking at all, but the Black Mamba seems to have a pop culture appeal that is just absent in some of the other [circa] $285,000 watches out there. Plus, it is all design and craftsmanship.

The movement inside the watch is a tried but true Valjoux 7750 automatic mechanical movement. A very mainstream and reliable movement. The application of the movement works, and Nubeo watches have never been about movement technical prowess, more about the complex engineering of the watch cases. Stop for a moment and consider this. So many watch makers spend years on complex movements that are only viewed by other watch makers for the most part - but they neglect having an interesting case and dial for the watches. Nubeo takes the opposite approach here by focusing on what you see and what is worn on your wrist everyday. Take it from me, a guy who has seen and worn A LOT of watches - Nubeo is very capable when it comes to making a very high quality case in terms of design and construction.

So, what is the Black Mamba watch made of other than jewels on some models? I will give you the run down of the major materials and leave it to Nubeo to show you how they are each applied. Ceramic is a major component in the case, especially the "lip" that fits so nicely over your wrist. There is also titanium, steel, and rubber. Click on the article above about the Black Mamba having the most complex case in the world to get some more details on that and some cool "explosion" shots. The watch is also big, but probably the most comfortable "big" watch I have ever worn. This is all due to Nubeo's clever and well-conceived design - much of which you'll notice, and some of which you'll only learn about years after wearing the watch as you discover new intricacies to the design.

Kobe looks stunning in this watch, and so will most people who are comfy with the avant garde looks. It is the most different looking watch you'll end up being chummy with right away when you wear it. It succeeds on so many levels, and the newer Nubeo brand is only going to get better - always looking to innovate and continue refining the core strengths that founder Ivan Castro brings as a corporate asset. Therefore it is a great brand to watch, and the Black Mamba is a serious player in the game of luxury sports watches or otherwise. See more about the Black Mamba watch at Nubeo here.

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  • YEAH! Love it. Great unique look. Need to try this critter on my wrist as I am very fascinated by the design. Looks amazing and nothing like the competitors. Kudos to Nubeo for this incredible looker!

    • Hi Kristian,
      Thanks for the comment. The watches are really THAT GOOD. Eventually you’ll come across them. No worries. Take care.

  • Roger

    Ugh. Those things are God-Awful. Very typical “design” through excess that has plagued the new entrants to the high end watches. They seem to think that if you are going to be able to charge a lot of money, the watch had better reach out and tell people.

    Ariel, just admit the thing is ugly.

    • Hey Roger,
      Thanks for your comment. No watch is for everyone. To be honest I was skeptical about these watch when I first saw images of them. It was not until I got my hands on them did I appreciate what they were. In an almost kid-like manner the design grasps you – I shit you not. If you simply don’t like the design, that is totally cool. However, if you understand in detail the process that the watches go through to be built – you begin to understand the price. It isn’t that they NEED so much time and effort to be made, it is part of “luxury.” The most expensive versions are as such because of the large amount of high quality (and almost all natural) precious jewels. Take care!

  • Should mention great post! Looking forward to reading the next post!

  • Roger


    I completely understand what you saying, and I think we are actually saying the same thing. I do understand the detail and process, and that this style of watch commands a great price because of the effort and materials put into making it as complicated a design as possible.

    My point is that this watch style rewards detail and effort for the sake of detail and effort, rather than detail for the sake of beauty. Contrast this watch with, for example, Benzinger watches, where extreme (and even excessive) detail work results in a stunningly beautiful creation, that is far, far simpler.

    Put it this way… If it took a month to make a solid gold Honda Civic, would you think it the same quality as a Rolls Royce? Effort and materials cannot make up for the inherent difference in quality and beauty.

    And yes, as I mentioned before, I think the design is just plain ugly.

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  • Mac

    I love this watch! Can’t believe roger doesn’t like it! I blogged about it on my website (! Hope u don’t mind “admin”!?!l But I love watches that apear as if they have approached the design from a function over form perspective. This thing looks alien! I would imagine Batman to have this watch!

    To “admin”…. I love watches and blog about them all the time on my blog. This is the first time I have been to your site, and I love! I am def book marking this one!

  • You mention how Nubeo focusses on the exterior instead of the movement, wich is definately a valid strategy. This strategy actually quite common among the ‘newer’ and hip watch-makers in this price range, think for instance about Hublot with its Big-Bang.

    • Hi Erwin,
      You are right, but Hublot is not nearly as new as Nubeo, but I agree they are a form formward design with their watches. It is a good tactic for many watches. Take care.

  • Osama Musharbash

    YEAH! Love it…………..

  • Ian-Cayman Islands

    I want one!!! LOVE IT!!

  • Osama Musharbash

    YEAH! Love it…….
    admin : i put the link on my group
    [Los angeles Lakers] F.B

    • Glad you like the Nubeo Black Mamba, really great timepieces. Thanks for the comment and take care.

  • Knine

    Nice watch Kobe I think it will do well, but of cores anything that you put your hands on goes GOLD. THANKS 4 A GREAT LAKER YEAR. You are Mr. BASKETBALL.

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  • luis murillo

    I wish I also have that one, but can’t afford. My bad.T_T

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  • deejay blesario

    hey… wazzz… up!!!!

  • chris

    Great looking watch!! Ill be glad to get one one day!!!!

  • Jerome

    I don’t know what to say! I mean, this watch is actually an extension of Kobe himself. The style, the elegance, the grace, the complexity, a merciless assassin are all innate qualities that you see in Kobe when he plays basketball and then get transfused into this watch…you could actually feel the presence of the timepieces just by looking at the pictures. Amazing job by Nubeo. Wish I had the cash to afford even the basic one.

  • Truth

    So much for the lower level of people who like watches Kobe could have created a cheaper line as a spin off to the orignal line in order to give the people without deep pockets a chance to appreciate the quality as well

  • Steve

    This watch has no place being mentioned in the phrase “luxury watches”. Yes, maybe expensive watches, but luxury watches are based off exquisite designs and craftsmanship on the movement and case. OK so Nubeo takes a different approach and throws a $2 movement into a watch case which (supposedly) takes a lot of effort to make, but c’mon seriously, how much of the $285k is in the cost of the case? How much of the $25k version is in the cost of the case?

    As quoted: and Nubeo watches have never been about movement technical prowess…. yea no kidding! It’s a rather ugly design (no continuous flow, strange ‘hip-hop’ design, etc.. ) that is just plain bizarre. Who on earth would buy this? Rappers? Thugs? Wealthy young African Americans? I just don’t see a market for this among the traditional watch collectors involved with Patek, VC, AP, JLC, IWC, Lange, Breguet, Blancpain, Panerai, Rolex.. hell ANY other brand you name it!

    Yes, this watch looks that bad!!

    • Steve,
      Sounds like you have some beef against Nubeo, sorry to hear that. I would not have spent the time I did talking about the brand if it wasn’t legit. I’ve visited where they make watches, and I can attest for the fact that it is in Switzerland. The founder of the brand is a jewelry maker as well and picks excellent stones for a very high quality level of construction and design. Not liking the design is totally up to you. I can’t convince you that it is cool if you don’t think it is. But at the same time, you can’t exclaim statements like “it isn’t luxury,” because you don’t quite know what you are talking about I am afraid. The most expensive watches are such due the large amount of valuable jewels on them. So please feel free to express you opinion on the design. Lots of people do like it, including myself, but it isn’t for everyone. But be careful when knocking a brand that doesn’t deserve to be knocked like that.

  • Steve

    Oh and the case looks cheap, not to mention the face and dial assembly is mediocre at best. Funny for ~$300,000 your watch doesn’t even say Swiss Made, is this thing from China??

    I would love to know what makes this Nubeo case special despite being assembled from 131 separate parts. I know respectable watchmakers are starting to employ ceramic in their cases, yet I can’t find any real info on your cases other than they are unique (how, I am not sure).

    Kobe, hope you got paid up front because this company will be out of business soon!

  • felix lorenzo

    i like so much but i cant pay

    • better start saving up

  • I would like to start by saying the watch itself is amazing. I would love to own one personally. The fact of the matter is that the watch is way to exspensive. Im a soldier in the United States Army. I fight for my country not for me, but for my family and families that I’ve never met. The sad reality is that even with my rank and my countless credentials my paycheck just wont allow it. I think that the watches should be more affordable so that the true Koby fans and watch lovers like myself can have the best of both worlds. My opinion of the watch is just that. Its the best of both worlds at least if you are a Koby fan and a watch lover like myself.

  • The watches are just way over priced! One of my condos is not even worth 285k you can’t tell me a watch is!

  • fred wreck

    f*ckn hideous!
    What an abomination – worst designed watches ever!!! 285k? Honestly wouldnt take one if given to me.

    Absofuckenlutely disgusting

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