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Panerai Watches & aBlogtoWatch Southern California Event Recap

Panerai Watches & aBlogtoWatch Southern California Event Recap Shows & Events

On April 28, 2018 aBlogtoWatch invited dozens of guests to visit the new Panerai brand boutique located at the South Coast Plaza shopping center in Costa Mesa. The prestigious shopping destination is among the finest in the region and is home to many of the world’s most popular high-end watch brands, including Panerai. Guests were delighted to be present for the first public unveiling of the new for 2018 Panerai Luminor Base Logo collection, which is a modern recreation of the original Panerai collection debuted by retired Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati. The Luminor Base Logo collection faithfully brings Mr. Bonati’s legacy full circle, and now includes an in-house manually wound Panerai movement.

aBlogtoWatch’s guests came wearing their finest Panerai timepieces as well as other timepieces from all around the Southern California region. aBlogtoWatch personally wishes to thank the many valued community members in Southern California who brought their good taste, personalities, and passion for watches together in the company of Panerai. A warm, special thanks to the Panerai South Coast Plaza staff for their excellent service and hospitality, as well as the larger Panerai North America staff.

Panerai Watches & aBlogtoWatch Southern California Event Recap Shows & Events

Panerai Watches & aBlogtoWatch Southern California Event Recap Shows & Events

Panerai Watches & aBlogtoWatch Southern California Event Recap Shows & Events

On behalf of the larger aBlogtoWatch team, we look forward to seeing you at an upcoming aBlogtoWatch event in Southern California, or perhaps a city near you.

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  • SuperStrapper

    Ariel, you wore a Cartier to a Panerai event? How risque.

    • JosephWelke

      I was about to say. Santos, isn’t it?

      • Raymond Wilkie


    • commentator bob

      That’s for Panerai giving Hodinkee a one day head start on the publishing rights.

    • commentator bob

      Also a bit faux edgy since it’s all the same Richemont parent company.

    • Paul Goebel

      There’s also one guy at the event who tucked in his shirt. That doesn’t fit the Panerai image.

      • SuperStrapper

        I’m glad I know that now. I’ve worn my rad with a suit many times. I don’t really any more though. I don’t really wear suits much these days.

        If only I had known about the stereotypes….

  • Good pictures…

  • Raymond Wilkie

    If you’re ever thinking about coming to Glasgow…………………………….Don’t.

    • IG

      Because you blow Glasgow kisses?

      • Raymond Wilkie

        No,…It’s a dump.

  • Mr. Snrub

    Articles like this cry out for a feature whereby the user can scroll through the pictures without having to open each one individually.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Erm,… can.

      • Mr. Snrub

        Must be an issue with my browser, probably one of the add-ons I run.

  • Dcf

    Everyone gave them an earful about their sad use of snap backs I hope. Brand totally flushed their dive watch roots down the drain. They should have stuck with giving us a true Brooklyn Bridge.

    • Mikita

      Yes, those cheesy moves like starting to save costs (at regular elevated Panerai prices, mind you) on proper screw in casebacks, or trying to fool their fans buy using cheapest possible crude outsourced movements in their very special edition, or neglecting some QC issues (new 8-day movements running +/-50 sec per day), or using an iconic R.E.G. diver’s lock on 30M WR watches, etc. All these issues are unimaginable, when you are selling $5,000-15,000 watches with $7,500 being somewhat average – putting you to competition with manufactures like JLC, GP, etc.

  • Nello Alexandri

    Smart move on the downsize of the case. Epic fail on everything else.

  • Horum Positivium

    Panerai is a past-it brand, circling the drain. Like Breitling. The watches shown are probably the only ones they’ve sold in the past decade.

  • greyman

    People still buy these? The PAM 318 scandal should have been the nail in the coffin for this brand. I can’t believe that people would actually still buy Panerai after that. The 318 just shows Richemont’s PURE disdain of their customers. Not only did no get fired, they never even made an ATTEMPT at an apology. I guess the retention of some customers proves to Richemont that their customers truly are willing take anything they push out the door.

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