Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti states “Nothing is too beautiful… Nothing is too expensive,” and nothing helps to illustrate this point more clearly than the next evolution in the partnership between Bugatti and Parmigiani Fleurier. Taking a page from the luxury car manufacturer’s playbook Parmigiani is offering the completely customizable Parmigiani Bugatti Type 390. Customers are given the opportunity to customize the exterior of their Bugatti Type 390 to express their own unique personalities. The PF390 movement inside also defies traditional watchmaking with its cylindrical form, made to mimic the Bugatti Chiron’s motor.

Customers have control over the materials used for the case, buckle, and strap. In addition, the customer will also have control over the structure of the dial itself including the indices and hands, as well as the decorative elements on the edges of the case. As a cherry on top, the customer is able to pick the color of the sapphire crystal enclosing the movement. All of these options will yield extremely unique pieces that exemplify the customer’s individuality. The one presented here today is a unique piece showcasing the abilities of Parmigiani’s customization process.

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Brand: Parmigiani Fleurier
Model: Bugatti Type 390
Dimensions: 42.2mm x 57.7mm
Case Material: White gold & black carbon as a default, but these watches are customizable
Crystal/Lens: 4 Anti-reflective sapphire crystals, with a magnifier on the tourbillon cage
Movement: In-House PF390 hand-wound movement
Frequency: 28,800vph/4Hz
Power Reserve: 80 hours
Strap/Bracelet: Black and red Alcantara strap
Price & Availability: $300,000 (Unique piece available in June 2018)

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Obviously, Parmigiani has created something that transcends a mere timepiece. This will be a piece of artwork that is worn on the wrist made to represent the owner specifically. I would like to know more about what options are available to the end user. The case materials are stated to be white gold and carbon, but could a customer opt for platinum if they felt especially frisky?

Aesthetically, the Bugatti Type 390 is an interesting study in haute-horology. The sloped case design, cylindrical movement, and inlaid carbon fiber in this unique piece will not be to everyone’s taste, but ultimately the point is to change that if desired, right? I think offering these options sets this piece apart in a way. It will allow a customer that is willing to spend the $300k price of admission to create something that only they will have. While I am not that customer, I can appreciate the value in that.

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I think the partnership of Bugatti and Parmigiani is one that will continue to bear good fruit. They are offering something a little more unique and perhaps tailored to the type of clientele that a watch of this caliber is bound to attract. The look of the watch itself may be polarizing, but again, this can be changed to suit. The Parmigiani Bugatti Type 390 will be available for $300,000. However, this does not account for the level of customization and I wonder how a change in materials will alter the price.

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