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Though countless brands tout their history and heritage, few can compete with Swiss independent watchmaker Perrelet. For the past two and a half centuries, the brand has been pushing horological boundaries, introducing the world to the first automatic watch and even the first pedometer watch for measuring distance. You’d be forgiven for thinking that a brand founded in the mid-18th century, and serving as watchmaker-mechanic to French kings, would focus on producing classically styled and conservative watches. However, Abraham-Louis Perrelet, the brand’s eponymous founder, was nothing if not modern and forward-thinking in his approach to horology.  That spirit has passed down through the centuries and continues to permeate each line in Perrelet’s extensive catalog, perhaps none more so than the Turbine collection. Continuing this proud tradition, the newest members of the Turbine family, the Turbine Carbon Collection, combine the brand’s avant-garde styling with an ultralight and modern carbon case.

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Originally launched in 2009, the Turbine collection features Perrelet’s patented Turbine technology that puts the action front center on the dial. A 12-blade anodized aluminum turbine shaped like propellor blades (coupled with five tungsten counterweights) rotates with the wearer, creating a dynamic and captivating wearing experience. Because the turbine on the dial is decoupled from the rotor, the turbine spins at the slightest touch, revealing the subdial hidden beneath. Perrelet has put this interactive feature to good use by coupling the turbine to four new color options, some striking, some subtle, but each sharing an ultra-modern case.

Measuring in at 44mm in diameter and 13.82mm-thick, the cases on the new Turbine Carbon Collection are all crafted from polycarbonate and carbon fiber. The result is a watch that has plenty of wrist presence but feels nearly invisible due to its extremely light weight. However, light does not equal fragile. The case material is strong and robust, but it’s also resistant to chemical agents and temperature fluctuations. Indeed, due to its thermal insulation capacity, the case remains comfortable no matter the outside temperature. The case is also water resistant up to 100m.

Perrelet has launched the Turbine Carbon in four colorways: Forest Green, Midnight Blue, Racing, and Carbon Black. The green and blue models feature deep-hued chapter rings punctuated with luminous applied Arabic numerals and indices, executed in tan to complement the green or stark white to contrast the blue dial. In both cases, the matching lower dial is revealed as the rotor spins. Set off with a bright red seconds hand, the Forest Green and Midnight Blue colorways are unquestionably sporty, with loads of personality.

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If sporty is what you’re after, be sure to check out the Turbine Carbon Racing. Here, Perrelet has transposed the racetrack to your wrist, with an eye-catching red and white checkerboard pattern on the minutes flange and hour ring. Meanwhile, the turbine blades receive the carbon fiber treatment that matches the case material and plays off the outer checkerboard pattern. Completing the red, white, and black color scheme are oversized white hands and that signature red seconds hand.

If stealth is what you’re looking for, Perrelet has outfitted the Turbine Carbon Black Edition in a fully blacked-out package. Not only are the case, strap, and dial blacked out, Perrelet has gone so far as to black out the hands and indices, as well. However, the numerals and indices along the minutes track stand out in white, ensuring that legibility remains high.

Making the Turbine Carbon’s magic happen is the P-331-MH automatic movement. Perrelet is uniquely situated for movement development because Miguel Rodriguez, the brand’s owner, also owns movement manufacturer Soprod and several other esteemed watchmaking houses under a single umbrella, all within the small Jura Valley. The result is that Perrelet is able to produce cutting-edge movements that are 100% produced in the Jura Valley and under the brand’s direct control. The P-331-MH has received a number of substantial upgrades from its predecessor, from the finishing on the teeth of the escape wheel to rubies fitted to the pallet, all resulting in increased performance and reliability.

The in-house P-331-MH movement has received Chronifiable certification from the Laboratoire Dubois of La Chaux-de-Fonds, as well as COSC chronometer certification. In other words, the movement has been subjected to myriad tests to ensure its resistance to shocks, temperature, magnetic fields, and water, yet still keeps highly accurate time.

Whichever Perrelet Turbine Carbon suits your style and personality, each is outfitted with a custom color-matched alligator-pattern calf leather strap with rubber lining and a custom folding clasp. Each watch comes housed in a Tactical Box and comes with an additional black rubber strap and a fastening tool. The Perrelet Turbine Carbon is priced at €4,750/$4,750 USD. To learn more about Perrelet and the Turbine Carbon collection, please visit the brand’s website.

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