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In recent years, it has become fashionable to wear bracelets alongside your watch. Whether they are comprised of beads, made of leather, or metal, they can instantly add a touch of style to your wardrobe. For those who have tried and enjoyed wearing bracelets alongside your watches, I would like to introduce you to something new and unique – EPHORI (pronounced Eh-four-rye) LONDON, a luxury men’s fashion brand that creates bespoke beaded bracelets for men. Our beaded bracelets are personalised for you according to your tastes, with your name initials.

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These bespoke bracelets are comprised of semi-precious natural stone beads and personalised bracelet plates. and the bracelet plates are 3d printed with your name initials. As the designer, my vision was to create bracelets for men that not only look great, but are also real conversation starters, in a good way.

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I chose name initials because I wanted you to feel a connection to the bracelet. As a modern watch enthusiast following the latest trends, you may be compelled to buy a bracelet just to keep up with trends, but my vision was to create something you would be proud to wear forever – something that has meaning to you. Using name initials makes an identity statement without giving too much away. This ensures that even the more conservative watch enthusiast can wear these custom bracelets with confidence.


I spent the better half of 2016 designing and developing our products with watch enthusiasts just like yourself. With their feedback on what works and what looks good, we are now launching our new collection with over 25 different colours.

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This collection is called the Canterbury series as these beaded bracelets were inspired by the Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, UK.


We selected a range of high-quality metals for you to choose from when personalising your initials bracelet plate. Currently, we offer the metals above and are looking to add more options to this list. The pricing of the bracelet varies depending on the metal you select. For example, if you choose gold steel as the material for your bracelet plate, your bracelet will cost £110, inclusive of shipping and taxes. This price will be the same across any natural stone bracelet that you select to match with your watch.


The high price point is partly due to the use of 3d printed components and our focus on quality. These bracelets have a global make with manufacturing occuring across three continents. These bracelets are made in the UK, USA, and China. Having worked with a number of manufacturers over the past 6 months, we have selected the best to work with, our topmost priority being quality. Our bracelets are sold exclusively on our website and are inclusive of taxes and free worldwide shipping with tracking.

We have carefully chosen these metals as our vision is to create bracelets that are classy and match perfectly when worn with your watch.

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One of the concerns that you may have right now is, “How can I wear these bracelets without getting scratches on my watch?”

Not to worry, our bracelets are comprised of smooth rounded natural stone beads and flat bracelet plates without sharp edges. This reduces the risk of scratches.


Secondly, our bracelets come in a rope style that can be secured tightly around the wrist, slightly away from the watch, to prevent any risk of scratches.

I spent a considerable amount of time working on the fitting of these beaded bracelets. It was crucial that they sit just right on your wrist – next to your watch.

The custom beaded bracelets are adjustable and can fit most wrist sizes from 14cm to 21cm. This covers the usual wrist sizes ranging from small to large. In case you are unsure of your wrist size, you can measure it using this guide: Measure your wrist size. They can be secured onto the wrist by simply pulling the fastening strings on either end in an outward direction.


These bracelets were designed in colours that would complement your watch. For the watch collectors, there are over 25 natural stone combination bracelets for you to choose from – to match every colour of your watch, and a few more just in case.

Here are a few examples on how to match the beaded bracelets with your watch:


This gent has matched his Rolex with our moonstone beads bracelet and silver bracelet plate. This matches his silver Rolex with a white dial perfectly.

(Yes, we can also personalise your bracelets with words/numbers as long as they are a total of 8 characters.)


This gent almost got the matching right. It may have been better to match his silver watch with a silver initials bracelet plate. However, kudos to him for matching his bracelet perfectly with his outfit. The brown shoes and beige sweater perfectly complement the brown tiger eye beads and the denim matches perfectly with the blue jasper beads.


The colour matching of this black GMT Rolex and black agate beads bracelet seems pretty straight-forward. Matching a gold steel initials plate and black agate beads bracelet with this Rolex is a no-brainer.


This gent has matched his wrist watch with a gold steel custom initials bracelet plate. The blue tiger eye natural stone beads perfectly match his jeans.

The gold steel bracelet plate is also perfectly complemented with his orange sweater and beige coat. Blue and orange are complementary colours, hence this makes for a perfect combination overall.


Black and white are the best contrast colours. You can never go wrong. We love how this gent has matched his white dial Rolex with a black agate beads and moonstone beads bracelet. The black agate beads and black steel initials plate match perfectly with his black sweater.


Building on this further, I do feel that most watches out there are quite dull in colour. Adding colour to your wrist with our colourful natural stones that are neither black nor grey nor brown could be a great idea.

If you are just starting out wearing beaded bracelets alongside your watch, you may not be confident wearing brighter coloured bracelets and may prefer to stick to safer colours such as black and brown.


However to get comfortable with brighter colours, you could start wearing colourful beaded bracelets when you go travelling and at the beach. They are also great for wearing during the spring and summer seasons. As you gain confidence and are better able to match them with your wardrobe, you will be able to wear these all year round.


I must emphasize that as these are natural stones, even the most colourful stones have neutral earthy palettes and do not stand out like neon. You do not need to worry about blinding someone with colour. Wearing unconventional colours may seem daunting but it is actually quite interesting to mix and match these with your watch and wardrobe.


For those who care, on a more spiritual note, the natural stone beads used in making these bracelets have been associated with positive attributes such as strength, confidence, and inner peace, among others. I feel that we live in such a fast-paced world that we no longer appreciate life, ourselves, and others. No one wants to admit it but it’s time to start taking action. Through Ephori London, I want to promote a strong brand vision of positivity, self-development, and giving back. This is why I chose natural stones. As natural stones have been associated with positive energies, I felt that these will be a reminder to the wearer to focus on self-development, living in the now, and helping others.


I don’t want to focus on the mythological lore associated with the natural stones and whether it is true or not. I want to focus on the meaning behind why they were worn in the first place – to achieve something good.


I also have a strong commitment to helping others. As well as creating bespoke jewellery for men that is fashion tech savvy, my vision is to use Ephori London as an avenue to help impoverished children in need. Hence, 10% of all sales are kept aside for charity. In fact, we made our first contribution last year where we fed a meal to 50 orphans in Uganda – within two months of launching our first products. This was a major milestone for me because I realised that it is in fact possible to make a real difference in the world.

We will be making another contribution this month so stay tuned!


As long as these custom beaded bracelets are styled right, they would look great on your wrist alongside your watch. We have received a lot of interest from watch collectors on Instagram as well as VIP stylists and singer-songwriters. Our bracelets will also soon be featured on a former NFL player, so do follow our social media channels to hear about the latest.

Our new collection for men’s beaded bracelets has just launched, and you can buy them here. Also check us out on social media at our instagram, facebook, and twitter.

To celebrate the launch of our new collection, we are hosting a giveaway. One lucky winner will get their very own custom initals bracelet on either a black steel or gold steel plate – worth £90. We will work with you to choose a bracelet that matches your favourite watch.

For a chance to win enter here. Giveaway ends 2/17/2017.

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