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At his inauguration, President Joe Biden has reignited an old debate: Should a President wear a luxury watch or keep it humble with something affordable? As reported in the New York Times, Biden wore a steel Rolex Datejust (blue dial, smooth bezel) that retails for around $7,000 —  a price tag some would find excessive, especially in such an economically uncertain time. In recent decades, presidents have mostly taken to wearing the humble likes of Timex or Shinola and though Presidential flexes were more common and bipartisan back in the day when Eisenhower and LBJ wore Rolexes, Trump was seen with a few, including Patek and Vacheron in more recent years.

The Rolex Datejust appears to be a new piece for Biden, and as far as the achievement-to-reward ratio goes, I don’t think I’d classify the Datejust as “excessive.” It’s definitely not Biden’s first watch, as he’s famously been seen wearing both an Omega Speedmaster Professional and an Omega Seamaster 300, the latter of which he wore while getting work done in the Oval.

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