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Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT Limited Edition Watch

Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

There are lots of reasons to get excited about a new watch release. Perhaps it comes from a brand you’ve got a lot of time for. Maybe the design is fun, novel, or eye-catching. Or possibly the price to-value -atio is just too good to ignore. Very occasionally, you run into a triple-threat release that ticks all these boxes. Less often do you run into such a release and feel it needs sharing. The Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT limited-edition watch is one of those pieces I feel may be floating a little more below the surface than it should be. Here is a well-made, smartly put-together watch that boasts style and functionality for a truly excellent price. But with just 300 units available in this special edition, it’s worth diving in head first on this one if it strikes a chord.

Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Founded in 1962 before falling to the quartz crisis, the Aquadive brand was brought back from the dead in 2011. Since then, a series of pleasant but quiet releases have been doing the rounds throughout the diving community but have rarely made the kind of mainstream noise one might expect from such an accomplished package. 

Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

If you think that the Aquadive Bathysphere GMT looks vaguely familiar, you wouldn’t be alone. As part of the Synchron Group, Aquadive has some pretty close ties to famous Swiss brand Doxa. There is clearly a little bit of cross-pollination here, but it works out in a nice way. There are elements of the Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT that seem comfortably derivative, while others that give it its own distinct character. The ceramic bezel style (engraved and filled with Super-LumiNova), alongside the yellow and black colorway of this model, reminds me a little of the Breitling Super Ocean 622331, but more in overall mien than because of specific elements. (The Breitling’s bezel font is italiscised and its dial uses Arabic numerals, for example.)

Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

This model is particularly special because of the collaboration with dive company Poseidon featured heavily on the dial. The same logo was used when Doxa ran a similar line of Poseidon-themed watches in 2018. This kind of partner-sharing between related brands may seem a bit incestuous, but from a collectibility perspective, I actually kind of like it. I’ve always been a massive fan of Doxa specials, and this Aquadive provides many would-be Doxa owners the chance to buy in at a significantly more affordable level, while not feeling like they’ve copped out and gone for a shoddy knockoff.

Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Of this special edition, Rick Marei, General Manager of Aquadive Watches and Vice President of the Synchron Watch Group USA, says, “Following the Synchron Group’s super-successful instantly sold-out 2018 DOXA Sub collaboration with Poseidon, we knew our fans and collectors were hungry for more. It’s an honor for us to have the blessing of such a historic and respected dive manufacturer like Poseidon gracing the dial of our modern Aquadive Poseidon GMT watch.”


Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Many of the best elements seen in this limited edition can also be found in this model’s core version (which comes in four colors instead of just the yellow of the LE). The 43mm wide × 50mm lug-to-lug × 12.5mm thick case is very wearable and complemented by a quick-drying ISOfrane rubber strap. The handset of the Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT is one of the finest I have seen on a diver at this price point. The hands are an elegant, non-standard shape, and very nicely polished. It is wise too that the highly legible GMT hand is not lumed, as that might interrupt this watch’s usability as a dive tool, which its 1,000-meter water resistance suggests is its primary application.

Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

There is one thing that saddens me about this model, and that is that only 300 pieces will be made. While this is an understandable limitation, I have the feeling that 500 pieces (which is what each of the core Bathysphere models is limited to) would have been easily (very easily) achievable given the price, especially because this watch is powered by an ETA 2893-2 automatic movement.

Poseidon × Aquadive Bathysphere GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

A regular retail price of $1,890 is compelling enough, but if this watch is pre-ordered, Aquadive will apply a 25% discount as well as throwing in an exclusive Poseidon mission patch and two ISOfrane rubber straps in classic black and Poseidon yellow. That 25% discount means these watches will be available for a limited time only at $1,395, exclusively from the brand’s website. Learn more at

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  • Raymond Wilkie

    Your roundup pictures won’t open. Is it me or you ?

    • Ariel Adams

      Gentlemen, please be aware that in the last 24 hours has switched webhosts which means the website lives on a new server right now. These moves often result in some features on websites to break and the system which handles images is the only one left that needs fixing. We actually have an entirely new website coming soon and I’m just telling you all this so that you can “mind our construction dust.”

  • funkright

    Not bad, not bad at all. Good daily beater, so to speak.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Nope : )

  • Raymond Wilkie

    That logo just jumps out at you and slaps you on the kisser.

  • wejpasadena

    The one good thing about this watch is the rubber strap. I find it annoying when I see a dive watch with a leather strap. That makes no sense at all. It’s like a racing spoiler on the roof of a minivan, or an infant seat in a Porsche.

    • But yellow or black??? How to choose!

  • Joe

    I love Doxa and I’m really liking this Aquadive too. Very competitively priced… 😛

  • I have a question for you Rob. Are you absolutely positively 100% certain the Poseidon Aquadive Bathysphere GMT 1000m diver as pointed out has a mere 12.0 mm casing thickness ??? It sounds more like a suicidal “Poseidon Misadventure” to me and we’re talking about a non titanium non submarine steel watch. Perhaps you were handling a prototype watch and the final depth rating specs is lower something like a more realistic 300 m or maybe 500 m?

    • SuperStrapper
      • Okay. We definitely need to get this thing measured up, haha.

        I put a deposit down on this piece and it’s due to be delivered in November. I’ve been lusting over Doxa for years and LOVE their special editions, so when this Aquadive was announced at this price, I couldn’t not take a punt. Looking forward to putting the production model through its paces and am eager to hear everyone’s thoughts.

        • SuperStrapper

          Looking forward to the hands-on!

        • egznyc

          Nice piece you’ve written. So let me get this straight: you have a watchmaking background AND you’re a serious diver?

    • Hi meganfox17. I’m planning an in-depth wear test of this piece for late November (following delivery of the production pieces, of which I ordered one). I’ll get my Vernier tool out for you and check the exact case height of the proper series run, but doubt I’ll be able to take it down to 1,000m! Check back then for a final confirmation 🙂

      • Sweet. Have a great Scuba diving vacation Rob.You deserve it. But i still have nagging doubts about the total thickness. If you do get the chance of actually measuring the dimensions using a calipers, can you confirm whether the height includes the thickness of sapphire crystal glass?The crystal hss to be extra thick to withstand 100 atm, right? If the Aquadive Poseidon German casing is really 12.5mm, then it beats the German Limes Neptune Diver watch (As far I know the record holder for the thinnest 1000m casing) by 0.1mm

        • steve

          The Aquadive site lists thickness as 12.5 but says overall height with case back included is 14.1. 14 sounds more right…

    • Just got an update: The measurements are now listed as 43mm wide, 50mm lug-to-lug, and 12.5mm thick. Have updated the article accordingly.

      Still seems increidbly slim for that kind of WR.

      • steve

        The Aquadive site lists thickness as 12.5 but it says overall height with case back included is 14.1.

  • What fresh hell is this?

    “Poseidon”, “Aquadive” and “Bathysphere”. I wonder what kind of watch that could be? An aviator maybe?

  • What fresh hell is this?

    “Poseidon”, “Aquadive” and “Bathysphere”. I wonder what kind of watch that could be? An aviator maybe?

  • SuperStrapper

    Very commendable handset.

    • It really does look the business.

  • Steve

    Nicely written Rob. Great pics as well.
    Looks like you had fun taking it on a dive.

  • Twinky

    Aquadive and Doxa both rolling out the goodies in November.
    The Aquadive preorder incentive is very tempting but I’ve wanted a Doxa 300 for far longer. Still, not decided… especially considering the alleged slimmer profile on this Poseidon…
    These excite me more than most of my luxury tier purchases.

  • Twinky
  • Pete L

    This is lovely. Sorely tempted.

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