Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue

Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue

Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases

There is a new diving watch brand in town. It is not particularly unique or exciting to me, and it looks like the bastard love child of Ocean7 and NauticFish. "Style" copying in the watch world is pretty prevalent as the look of a watch is almost impossible to copyright. The only practical things you can protect from an intellectual property standpoint on a watch are the logo (trademark), and potentially functional elements that you can get a patent on. Of course assuming they satisfy the requirements to be patentable. As for expressive elements like style, it is hard as hell to protect them with copyright as most of it has been done before in some watch at some point.

Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases

At some point, it seems that NauticFish and Ocean7 met in a seedy tavern already under the influence of too much schnapps, only to hit it off. Both capable diving watches, each has a bit of a loyal fan base, they both pride themselves on being heavy pieces of metal, and so forth. A few drinks later nature took its course, only to leave the two awkwardly parting the next day. A few month later this new face popped up, seemingly out of the blue.

Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases

So here, we get the Deep Blue watch company. I don't blame their business model. Take something successful, add your own little (tinny) twist to it, keep the costs down, and sell them online. I am not too happy with Deep Blue's decision to go with Japanese Miyota movements. These are "decent" mechanical automatic movements and quartz movements, but they are the favored movements among the better "replica" watches out there and don't have the refinement or level of quality that a Swiss or German movement has. This is not to say that all Japanese movements are like this, as many of them, especially automatics from Seiko, can be world class is quality, craftsmanship, and accuracy. Miyota just has a bad rap for making mediocre ones, but they are better than your average Chinese mechanical movement, I will give them that. And it is nice to see that the non-chronograph version is rated at having a 1000m depth resistance. Not that it really matters much anyways, but it gets to join the club.

Despite the copied looks, they are decent looks to copy. The rugged and futuristic styling that these dive watches share is comfortable on the eye. I don't know that they will be remembered as testaments to design innovation, but they are adequately nice looking to make you feel good about wearing them.

Honestly, what is this obsession with carbon fiber watch dials? It was cool the first 1000 times I saw it. I am starting to think that it is just an inexpensive way to make watches a bit more interesting, when all I want is a nice legible watch face when it comes to diving watches. Companies like Invicta totally killed it. And now they come in every single color. Black was enough for me. But if you are a carbon fiber face fan, you'll love each carbon fiber color of the carbon fiber rainbow that Deep Blue offers you.

Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases Placing some pictures here of various Ocean7 and NauticFish watches negates any need for me to explain the similarities between the brands. NauticFish is a German maker under the Lindburgh & Benson, Schaumburg umbrella of watch brands. Ocean7 is the brain child of an an American watch maker assembled overseas with Swiss parts. Deep Blue also appears to be an American company. They indicate use of high quality grade 316 steel, but that only tells part of the story. What you do with the steel is the next part of the equation. To me, these watches are a bit bland. They will surely find a nice place in the hearts of many who like the looks of all three of these brands. What I don't understand is how Deep Blue asserts itself from the rest. The prices are actually rather high in my opinion for the listed retail price. But the story does not end there. You go to the website and every single watch is on "sale." It is not really a sale, more a marketing technique. So basically the "actual" prices are half the "MSRP." So despite the odd pricing scheme, the prices do undercut Ocean7 and NauticFish. Is it worth it? Not sure yet. But I'll give them a chance, and the benefit of doubt that they are at least as competent as the watch companies they attempt to emulate.

See Deep Blue, NauticFish, and Ocean7 watches on eBay here.

See Diving Watches on Amazon.com here.Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases

Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases
NEW Deep Blue Sea Ram Sapphire Screw Down Chrono PVD SS Lumed Bezel 500M Watch
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Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases
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Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases
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Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases
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Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases
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Potentially Shallow Offerings From New Watch Company Deep Blue Watch Releases
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  • Tom

    Intellectual Property theft? Are you kidding me? It’s more a case of several brands using the same Chinese cases. Thats why the whole Schaumberg watch being totally German is a joke. Enzo too. They are all using Asian cases. Deep Blue obviously is using the same sources.

  • Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your comment. I didn’t suggest there was any intellectual property theft going on in this case. I used the term to discuss how most design items on a watch cannot be covered under any intellectual design theory, hence why there are so many copycats.
    You are correct, it is easy to attack any company for using Chinese sourced parts. I tried to explain my position on that matter, in that I feel China is an acceptable place to get certain parts (due to cost), but it is best for the time being not to use Chinese watch movements. So if anyone has a desire not own watches with Chinese parts, the best approach is to ask the manufacture where parts are sourced from.
    My beef with Deep Blue isn’t necessarily where their parts come from, but like I said in the title of the post, the shallow nature of their designs that appear to be mostly derivatives. I just didn’t see much that make them unique. Again, your thoughts are highly appreciated.

  • Jim

    I’ll tell you what makes them unique.
    Deep Blue doesn’t take advantage of the people interested in buying an awesome tool watch.
    Look what these other companies charge for the same thing.
    Price, Price, Price.

  • Jim

    Also, when and if it doesn’t work anymore should that be the case, which I doubt very much, just buy
    another one and you will still way ahead. Come on people.

    • Hi Jim,
      Good comment. You are right, for the price the watches are probably ok. But in terms of being uniquely styled not much new to bring to the table. If you like the look then go for it. Thanks for your participation.

  • Billy

    The watches are cheap, but what’s with the price of International Shipping?

  • What’s with the international shipping cost? It would depend on where you live. If you are you in the US, there should be some authorized dealers. I’d just looks for the closest authorized dealer to you. Take care.

  • invicta bob

    hi,i think deep blue has a very good product.and about your invicta bashing.not every one can afford to spend 4 grand on every watch.its about time you open your eyes and take a closer look at invicta.to see that they bring watch collecting to the common people.they bring an excellent quality to price ratio.and not all of there offerings have miyota movements or eta g-10 they do offer valjoux 7750-7751 at the most affordable prices for this caliber movement.they are the most innovative watch maker in the world.with more new designs than any other watch maker.stop being such a watch snob.thank you

    • Nothing wrong with Invicta. I have a few of them. Some are nice, some are crappy. They certainly do have some interesting designs. Some of the watches they make just to be showy, and not emphasis good watch design, but they aren’t the only ones who do that of course. I was ShopNBC all the time and check out the new Invicta models! Really I do. If Invicta prices are what you can afford, you could certainly do much worse off than Invicta. And yea, I am a snob sometimes, but I give credit where credit is due. No worries! Thanks for reading.

    • Dman

      Timex and all other companies make better watches than INVICTA!

  • Dan Hogan

    Just picked up a 1K Sea Diver. I would say the quality exceeded my expectations. Bracelet is very good quality as with the case. Only thing I would change would be the markings, they have a minty look during the day. The lume is very good even after a few hours. Great watch for the price!

  • DeepBlue…
    I don’t know, maybe… If the 1K diver was $179.00 I might go for it but at $279.99 on their website it is a bit pricey. I might put my money into an Artego diver with the same Miyota movement. It’s a little bit more at $350.00 but has a much more unique design. This might sound a little stuck up but once a watch makes it way to shopnbc it kinda looses something. I am one of those regular folks that collect watches and can’t afford to spend $500.00-$1000.00 a pop but I do save and wait until I have the money to buy something nice and unique.

  • Watch_Bonkers

    I own more watches than any sane person ever should (which, by itself speaks volumes!), but I only have one serious “Diver”; i.e., a Swiss Legend “Atlantis” 1000M – seriously, I mean really, go figure!

    Anyway, I’ve been watching Stan Patesh ‘grow’ his strap and watch businesses for awhile. Frankly, he seems to be a little more savvy (not to mention forthright and honest) than (some of) his competitors – many of whom have their own outrageous pricing perspectives!

    For instance, when he had his “Hong Kong-Cased” Deep Blue 2000M “Master” Diver w/ETA 2824 “on sale” (on a popular web shopping channel), I ‘snagged’ one for $413!!!

    And, IMHO, that seems like a fair price for a 2000M Diver w/Helium-Release Valve, Metal Bracelet (w/Diver’s Locking Clasp & Wetsuit Extension), Sapphire Crystal, and an ETA 2824 Auto inside!

    Finally, I hear that Mr. Patesh is about to release some new 2000M divers – in a special Ø=48mm case – with ETA Mech. Auto Movements and – AND! – T100 (100 milliCurie) Tritium Tubes – that are 4X brighter than the T25’s we’re used to!

    Frankly, IF/when he does this – and the watch costs LESS than, say, $800! – I think he’ll corner the NON-Swiss boutique diver market!

    Lastly, Deep Blue’s (impending) use of T100’s is contingent upon knowing how to successfully ‘wade through’ mountains of ridiculous NRC red tape! Frankly, I think Stan Patesh MUST ‘have access to’ some REAL ‘players’ in the Tritium Gastube Watch Biz!

    … just my 3¢ and Thanks for listening!

    • your thoughts are certainly appreciated and welcome.

  • Max

    Time for an update of this watch company.

  • DG Cayse

    Maybe time for a re-look at this marque.
    The T-100s are now in use:

  • mopac01

    I’d like to respectfully suggest you do another article on this company.  I find a great deal of positive comments on watchuseek relative to this company and it’s owner.
    I only returned to wearing a watch a few months ago after receiving a Citizen Proximity.  It was only purchased because it connected to my iPhone.  My smartphone is what originally “killed” wristwatches for me.  I found your blog looking for reviews of the Proximity.
    I’ve had 2 1940’s watches from my grandfather (one Swiss and one American) serviced as a result of my Proximity loving experience and am wearing them for the first time.  However, watches in the 40’s were quite small and I’m finding I prefer something around 45mm.  I really liked the looks of the Oris TT1 diver’s “tea kettle” case.  But the $1,250 (25% off their MSRP) street price?  I can afford it, but simply find that “value” unappealing.  Deep Blue is selling a Sea Diver 1K for less than $300 that is very similar, including sapphire crystal for under $300.  The reviews are very favorable, and it’s now sporting a Seiko automatic movement.  At this price I’ll buy another watch to go along side my heirlooms and the Citizen.  At the price of the Oris, I’ll buy nothing.  So I would think an honestly run company like this that furthers an appreciation for horology at any level among the “masses” has to be a positive for the likes of a blog like yours.  So why not show Deep Blue some love?

  • will2chill

    Caveat Emptor….man