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There’s a definitive mystique that surrounds bronze as a material. Ancient, tough, and constantly evolving with patina, the bright warm tones and unique properties of bronze have made the metal a favorite among watch enthusiasts looking for a more unique case finish. Rado has added another layer of warmth to this distinctive material, combining it with deep luxurious red tones for a dramatic look. The new Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy stands as one of the most striking and colorful entries into this storied dive watch line.

The Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy begins with a 42mm case in a light, golden-hued bronze alloy with a robust 300-meter water resistance rating. An all-over brushed finish helps to emphasize the rugged nature of the metal, turning the elemental cylindrical central case and broad wedge-shaped lugs into a showcase for Rado’s smooth, even surfacing work. The dramatic, bowl-like sloping dive bezel remains a visual highlight of the Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy, with a sloping design that naturally draws the eye downward toward the dial while standing as an independent sculptural element. Here, however, the dramatic sloping shape supports an even more impressive element – the laser-engraved and lumed burgundy ceramic bezel insert. Modern ceramics can be a notoriously finicky material to work with, and red tones are the most difficult colors to reliably produce in a ceramic material. Rado proves its reputation as the Master of Materials with this insert, with a rich even burgundy that handsomely echoes the warmth of the case material.

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The domed dial of the Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy further echoes this warmth but ups the intensity with a more vibrant burgundy shade accented with a sunburst finish. Rado contrasts this with yellow-gold tone for the applied indices and iconic sword and arrow handset, creating an interplay of color and finishing that invites visual appreciation over and over again. As an added stylistic hallmark, the Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy features a red printed date wheel, subtly and organically tying in this useful complication with the overall design.

Rado powers the Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy with the ETA based Calibre 763 automatic movement, offering a massive 80-hour power reserve at a 21,600 bph beat rate. The Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy is rounded out with a burgundy textile NATO strap with a handsome gold center stripe, neatly tying into the overall colorway of the design and giving the watch a rugged, purposeful edge.

By combining the warmth and ruggedness of bronze with deep, luxurious red tones, the Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy makes a dramatic visual statement without compromising the classic style of the Captain Cook line. The Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy is available now through Rado’s website at an MSRP of $2,600. For more details, please visit Rado’s website.

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