This watch is a true modern classic, in the most traditional sense of the term. The watch emphasizes design elements made popular by “classic” watches from the 1950s and 1960s, brought to life again beautifully in a modern timepiece. No doubt you can realize that just by looking at this watch, and for those reasons is exactly why I like it. Angular Momentum has no stop to the variety of watches they will make, and this rare piece was done as an homage to what told the time on the wrists of so many gentleman. While the watch is small by today’s standards at 36mm wide, that is actually sized up from the 30-35mm cases which were popular “back in the day.” However, go look for the real classics and you’ll just find a bunch of really beat up watches in bad shape – that aren’t going to look to nice on your wrist and/or that need lots of work. With a watch like this Angular Momentum Tage Olsen Classic, you get that look, without having to put up with the age and condition of the original classics.

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The Angular Momentum Tage Olsen Classic Ref. 7019 is also an ultra-thin watch using a svelte manually wound mechanical movement inside of the steel case. The real allure of the design is the interpretation of the classic  elements which the Tage Olsen Classic emulates. Look for example at dial of the watch that plateaus, and then at the edges slopes down a bit. The baton hour markers are placed on the slopes, while the dauphine hands looks sensibly strong. A subsidiary seconds dial helps round out the look, which might have appeared a bit bare without it. Lugs are long and thin (typical of the classic look), and are attached to a black leather strap. The whole design just fits together and benefits from Angular Momentum’s typical high quality fit and finish. On the dial of the watch is a curved sapphire crystal, and the whole watch is water resistant to 50 meters.

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Originally priced at about $2000, one of this rare watches  is available on eBay at about $1,600 brand new, which is a fair price for a Swiss watch this handsome, and arguably quite unique – not to mention very hard to come by. The watch was made with two dial colors, this almost matte silver tone and a darker black tone. This silver toned version is the most classic looking and is my pick of the series.

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