Temption Classic Formula Rally WatchAs much as I love Temption watches, I don’t see them pop up very often. The boutique German watch maker only produces 700 watches each year, few of which ever reach American shores. All Temption watches exude Bauhaus design, and this particular model has its share of art deco inspired influence as well. Owning a Temption CGK203, I can easily say that Temption watches are one of the most well built, highly functional, and solid watches I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. There may be no watch I am more comfortable living with on a day to day basis than a Temption.

Available on eBay is a new Temption Classic Formula Rally Watch. Inspired by Formula One racing, this Temption watch features a black PVD case, and perforated black soft leather strap. Red trim excites the peripheries of this watch on the face, crown and pusher cabochons, and of course the beautiful red stitching on the strap. Few can argue that the combination of black, red, and white is anything but stunning. Temption prides itself on legibility, and the Classic Formula Rally is no exception. Strong angular hands in stark white contrast well against the black face of the watch for excellent legibility in all light conditions. A frequent complaint about chronograph watches is that the subdials detract from the ability of the wearer to tell the time easily. The ability of the minute and hour hands to stand out, save Temption watches from suffering this dilemma.

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Inside the Temption Classic Formula Rally is a decorated Valjoux 7750 movement. The see-through case-back allows the owner to appreciate the complexity of the movement along with the coates de Geneve decoration on the movement and rotor. Most enthusiasts know how reliable Valjoux 7750 movements are. Used in watches ranging from $1000 to well over $10,000, the chronograph work-horse movement is of the most accurate ETA produces. On the bezel of the watch, Temption places a tachymeter scale used to measure speed. This is frequently used among racing enthusiasts in combination with track distance indicators. You begin the chronograph after passing one mile marker, and then stop the chronograph upon reaching the next mile marker; after you have traveled one mile. The seconds hand of the chronograph will point to the speed at which your vehicle was traveling as indicated on the bezel. A useful piece of functionality and always reminiscent of the racing spirit.

What is most impressive about the Temption Classic Formula Rally is that Temption is able to make a watch beautiful and avant garde, while retaining a sober sense of functionality. Often times an avant garde watch will be more of a novelty that a useful tool. This watch is really the best of both worlds, being eye-catching while practical at the same time. I cannot herald Temption enough for the quality of its watches. Most watches at the same price point cannot meet Temption’s fit and finish, and attention to detail.

It is my sincere hope that Temption is able to make a more significant presence in the United States. They are masterful creations indeed, but until that time, your best way of getting Temption watches are rare offerings such as this on eBay here.

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See Temption watches on eBay here.

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