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Temption Cora watch (caseback) on eBayThis is probably the first time I have ever seen ones of these watches for sale. There are perhaps a few thousand of them in the world for the entire Cora series. This diamond studded limited edition is one of only300 on the planet. I would classify the Temption Cora as a woman’s watch that I wish were larger enough for me to wear, because they look so great. Temption is a German watch brand that I speak fondly of. I own a Temption CGK203 which I reviewed here. You’ll notice my glowing feelings about the brand.

The Cora is unlike any woman’s watch I’ve seen before. You’ll agree that it combines a certain classic and modern feel to it. Not quite as Bauhaus as most Temption watches, but it certainly shares an understated functionality. Despite the smaller 29mm size of this watch, nothing is sacrificed in making it a full-blooded mechanical timepiece. Inside is an automatic Swiss chronograph movement (an ETA 2094, smallest automatic chronograph movement), which is gold and viewable through the caseback window.

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The bezel and lugs are inset with diamonds while onyx cabochons are inset in the crown and pushers. The strap is black shark skin, commonly used these days on high-end women’s watches. Construction of this watch is likely to be top notch given Temption’s reputation. Although this watch is certainly fashionable, it is totally comfortable as a daily wear watch as well. The thick luminant covered hands make for easy viewing with remarkable clarity and precision. It is not often that you find a watch that mixes looks and use so well.

These watches typically go for a lot of money, often in excess of $6,000 due to the materials, quality, and rarity. I am not only surprised to see this watch on eBay, but more surprised to see it brand new and going for $3,500. While this is not a budget price, it is certainly an excellent value for the watch you’ll get. So unless you are a man with very small hands (or child), you’ll have to appreciate this watch from afar, on a woman’s wrist, ideally a woman who is close to you.

See Temption watches on eBay here.

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