Back in the 1980’s and through the mid 1990’s, it was all about luxury quartz watches. Brands would proudly adorn the “Quartz” identifier on their watches. At the time, Quartz was seen as a successor to mechanical watches for its obvious advantages in terms of accuracy, cost, and simplicity. Well, most of us know what happened in the late 90’s due to the efforts of a few key luxury brands, and the resurgence of the mechanical watch, buts lets focus on a time before that happened.

Now look at this wonderful examples of a Swiss Quartz watch, from what is likely the heyday of the Quartz watch movement. The Universal Geneve Super Diver is a Rolex Submariner homage watch, with it’s own little style twist. Most notable, are the raised gold-plated sections of the bezel that add that ‘golden class’ the 80’s so very much needed! They aren’t very functional, but they look nice.

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It is hard to tell the exact age of this watch is. I would place in the late 1970s to the mid 1980s. I base this on the slightly aged look of the lume on the dial and hands, and the look of the quartz movement. Further, the watch features an acrylic crystal, which pushes the age closer to the 1970s, as these types of crystals were popular at the time. If I had this watch, I would have it modified with a sapphire crystal.

The dimensions of this watch are very similar to what a Rolex Submariner is sized at. The case is thus 40mm wide. Pretty medium sized. The metal work on the watch looks good, and with a cleaning and polishing, this Universal Geneve Super Diver would be a great addition to any collection. Consider yourself lucky if you are able to get one.

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