The Red8USA Dive watches are very similar to the Fifty watches, but with a lot of notable changes. In addition to the titanium (versus-steel) case construction and different color options, they offer different sapphire crystals and different dial designs. The Red8USA Dive watch has a reverse-mounted magnifier lens over the date window to make reading the date easier, plus, it has a wave-style pattern on the dial.

Compared to the Red8USA Fifty watches, the Dive watches are a bit more colorful and have Arabic numeral 12 o’clock hour indicators, versus a simple baton hour indicator. They use the same set of hands, but many of the models use distinct colors for the seconds hand (which has a small “8” on the counterweight). The bezels also have some distinct colors which are interesting.

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Red8USA-Diver-Forty-Fifty-Watches-11 Red8USA-Diver-Forty-Fifty-Watches-31

The Red8USA Dive watches debut with five models including the Dive ref. US101 with the blue-and-red bezel, the Dive ref. US102 with silver-and-black bezel, and the Dive ref. US103 with the gray-and-red bezel, and the Dive ref. US104 with the gray-and-silver bezel. All of the Red8USA Fifty and Dive watches come with comfortable and simple to swap out NATO-style rubber straps with custom Red8USA buckles.

Inside all of the Red8USA watches are Japanese Miyota automatic movements. Interestingly, the 38mm wide Red8USA Scandal models for women contain the slightly higher-end Miyota 9015 automatic movements while the Red8USA Dive, Forty, and Fifty watches contain Miyota 8215 automatic movements. Like the dials suggest, they have 40 hours of power reserve. These are some really nice watches for the money and I think a lot of people will enjoy them. They are fun, comfortable, and well designed. Price for the Red8USA Fifty watches in steel is $795 while the Red8USA Dive watches in titanium is $895.

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