Refined Hardware The Harbinger Watch

Refined Hardware The Harbinger Watch

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Refined Hardware The Harbinger Watch Watch Releases

Based out of Los Angeles, California, the Refined Hardware Watch Makers have set out to craft functionally and mechanically beautiful pieces for the modern man. This company’s exclusive made-to-order pieces and industrial designs are anything but traditional and this month marks the release of their launch edition piece, ‘The Harbinger’.

Refined Hardware The Harbinger Watch Watch Releases

Their ‘Harbinger’ edition watch showcases a blend of raw steel, aerospace titanium, and American alligator. The piece features a skeletonized movement in a patent pending ‘cage’ case, and ‘organic spring bar’. Each piece is built to order by one craftsman per piece and personally addressed to the commissioning buyer.

Refined Hardware The Harbinger Watch Watch Releases

Ordering began last week and the first watch ships out this month. This edition is limited to 125 total pieces with around half of the pieces already accounted for. Additionally, all Harbinger owners will receive a lifetime discount on all future pieces from Refined Hardware, such as their upcoming ‘Carbon Tourbillon’ and ‘Bronze Diver.’ Check out the website for more information.

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  • nateb123

    What an absolute atrocity.

  • Zeitblom

    The good news is that it’s like an Audemars Piguet, at less than 1/20th the price. The bad news is that it’s like an Audemars Piguet.
    Rather alarming that almost nothing is said about the movement.

  • Kris C

    So, this is what its come down to. A series of paid posts to get everyone all rah-rah warm and fuzzy about ugly watches from brands no one has heard of. There was a time when stuff like this would be pointed out as the problem it is: the ‘bad idea award’ was a good idea once upon a time. But now, there is no such thing as a bad watch. Can’t wait to hear about how awesome the new Invicta for Chrysler watches are. The steering wheel comes off and it actually the watch, and its a really cool idea that has a lot of merit.
    Anyway, refined hardware. At $1300 it could have been much more expensive, so ill give them that. But, then I guess you’re also seeing that the skeletonization on an Asian 649x clone is machine stamped, and build flaw will likely start popping up right away. I’d probably be interested if it had more screws in the case. And if I buy this, I get a discount on the upcoming Chinese tourbillon model? Huzzah.

  • antjay

    Ariel ,  I realise that you have to make a living to be able to support your watch habit  , but dude ,  realy ?
    Did they threaten to make you wear one if you didn’t run this piece?

    • Zeitblom

      Come on, cut the guy some slack. You must admit that you do get to see a lot of watches here that you wouldn’t otherwise. I sure as hell don’t want to see a succession of rolexes and omegas. Anyway I’m sure that Mr Adams will happily refund all of the electrons you invested in loading this page. 
      I find this sort of thing educational. We are all dreaming of hand-made watches that are affordable. You now see what that gets you, ie, 99 times out of 100 it gets you a rather bad watch…..

    • Unfortunately the income from my business supports my life and the business itself. But I don’t buy watches very often, and not with money I would rather reinvest into aBlogtoWatch

  • Ulysses31

    ’45mm patent-pending unpolished ‘cage’ American steel case’  – F**k yeah!  None of that smelly brown foreign steel – if you buy a Swiss or Japanese watch you’re clearly a Socialist.’Laser engraved pure sapphire crystal on both case front and back’ – An exhibition back?  How innovative.  No-one has done that before…’Adjusted and blue-printed 17-jewel 2-day power reserve movement’ – OK, you’ve got me.  I have no idea what a blue-printed movement is, but I do know that a 2-day PR on a two hand movement with sub-seconds is pretty weak.’Silver plated movement hands with a 9-o’clock positioned second hand’ – On that ugly dial I can barely make out the second hand, certainly not from the photo on their own website.  Might as well leave it off and spare it the shame that the hour and minute hand have to endure.’26 precision grade-5 aerospace titanium fasteners’ – This thing can fly now?’Patent-pending floating strap holding bars’ – Wait, now it’s a boat?  Just don’t get it wet (see below).’Watch is covered against manufacturing defects, not submersion, shock, or non-authorised tampering’ – So in other words, EVERYTHING.Sure, I was being very melodramatic with the above, but the website is an absolute joke.  The specs and selling points are a joke.  All this watch has going for it is its look, and from what I can tell that isn’t going down too well with our discerning regulars.  It’s curious that this watch has NO water resistance rating while looking a bit like a piece of a submarine.  So if I fully submerge it in an inch of water, it’s dead?  The paucity of hard information on this timepiece is disturbing, something I would expect more from a Chinese mushroom brand.I’m sure i’ll get an earful for saying all that but it seems i’m not the only one getting a little tired of sponsored posts.  At least UN make good watches – something I can’t say based on what I know of ‘Refined Hardware’.

    • To be honest and not being sarcastic, I think “Unrefined Hardware” would have been a more appropriate name given the design.

    • TheGator

      Ulysses31 You’re tired of reading sponsored posts so you write an essay on one? It’s different and no I wouldn’t take this over a vintage patek, but, if money was no object, yea, i’d buy one.

  • EranR

    This HARDWARE isn’t very REFINED is it. And, watching the short video on their website a BMW showing up in the first few seconds, apparently belonging to one of the owners, immediately ruins the ‘born in the USA’ feel, shouldn’t that have been a Mustang? That said, I’ve seen uglier watches by more prestigious brands sell for much higher prices, so… there’s worse things in life.

    • You know guys, there are a lot of watches out there that exist but that don’t necessarily get a chance to be covered in aBlogtoWatch editorial. That doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there who’d like to know about them. I am the type of guy who likes to be aware of as many new things as possible. Not necessarily because I want to own everything, but because I like to know what is going on in the “watch ecosystem.” These aren’t just gadgets and tools for me, but also like art. Sponsored Posts are for brands who want to speak to you more in their own words outside of the realm of editorial. And as a sponsored post it is their words not mine – which is why it doesn’t say I wrote it. No one is asking everyone to like them, but brands who are interested have a right to get their message out there. At the same time, we get a ton of requests to share less expensive under $2,000 or $1,000 items, and this is a good way of doing it. All comments are welcome, but I don’t see why people are flabbergasted about these things.

  • Very disappointing Ariel

    Ariel, this is my first and last post here. I would like to ask you to read back some articles from ablogtoread from say about a year ago and notice how the tone and objectivity has totally changed. You’ve lost me and I think not just me. This blog used to be good, man.

    • Evolving a site from a niche enthusiast site to something a bit more mainstream is difficult. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that our readers aren’t aware of, and it can be easy to see it as us being “softer” on brands and more tight lipped about our opinions. The watch industry is a complicated and politic heavy place, and whether we like it or not, we are stuck in the middle of it. My goal is to increase coverage and spread our point of view, while still maintaining access to the products we wrote about. Our goal has been not to replace solid editorial with other things, but merely to supplement. I want more things on aBlogtoWatch for more people. That means there might be stuff that not everyone is into all the time. I don’t take your well-hearted comments personally, but I do take them seriously. I encourage you to participate, offer feedback, and be part of the larger conversation so that I can properly steer the site in the best direction for us all. Thanks guys, off to Thanksgiving stuff now.

    • nateb123

      Very disappointing Ariel This post hits that perfect tone of a parent saying “I’m not mad, son.  I’m just….disappointed” And it’s true.  Content no one wants isn’t content at all.  The watch reviews have turned to fluff and the rest is ads. Some of it is kind of interesting but it’s nowhere near the standard of what ABTR was not that long ago.

      • If anyone feels that content which isn’t labeled as an ad is an ad, then allow me to clear up any confusion. They are not. There is a lot I’d like to say in order to explain some of the confusion right now, but I am already being yelled at for doing this during Thanksgiving dinner – looks like my family is also “disappointed” with me.

        What I want to offer, or otherwise suggest is that anyone who feels certain type of content is missing or lacking should make it clear what they’d like to read. In addition, we are always looking for quality contributors. So by all means pitch us with articles and concepts. Not trying to hold anything back or off the content menu.

  • jlourd

    Reposting that same rolex release doesn’t make a good site, its these more controversial posts, like this one. Interesting article and cool design, thank you Ariel.

  • Eric___007

    It is really disappointing what has become of this site. Not only is the new site badly designed, there are now posts like these. I am done here.

    • I do lament any reader dissatisfaction, but no matter what we can’t please everyone. Thanks for the passion.

  • paul

    I ordered 2 watches and rubber stipe for total about 3300$ from refinedhardware on june 10 of 2016. today august 18 2016. Never got my orders and never got answers for my emails. this company doesn’t have contact phone…just email address..

    they promise to do delivery within 14-35 days….