Today, we’ll be looking at another great entry into what I’m calling the Office Diver category (more on that in a minute) from our friends over at Magrette.  We first brought you word of the watch late last year (here), and today we’ve got the hands-on review of the Moana Pacific Professional – one of the brand’s best watches yet.  Curious?  Read on!

First, a note about that phrase, Office Diver. I’m coining that to classify a watch that, while it’s ostensibly a dive watch (and could be used as such), it’s intended for on-land use.  Yes, you could call it a desk diver, but I think that has some not-so-great connotations of its own.  And, frankly, the rose gold finish on our sample just seemed to call out for a nicer sobriquet.

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With the Moana Pacific Professional, Dion McAsey has taken a proven (and great) concept with his watches (solid designs in cushion cases), and stepped things up a bit.  Interestingly, this is the third watch I’ve reviewed from Magrette, and it’s the third movement I’ve seen.  This time around, it’s the Miyota 9015 automatic, which is a nice heart for the piece.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Citizen positions it as an alternative to the more well-known ETA movements, stating it falls between the 2824 and 2892.  I’m not a watchmaker, nor am I a movement savant, so I’m going to take their word for it.  I can say that it worked for myself, and I’m always a fan of seeing new alternative movements getting used.


Of course, those changes are all inside.  Outside are the very visible things that we need to cover.  First and foremost, take a look at the case.  It’s a 44mm steel one, with your choice of PVD coating – black, or a rose gold (which has alternating brushed/polished surfaces) as our sample had.  While I don’t have much gold (in terms of yellow gold) in my own collection, rose gold is a great, how shall I say, compromise material.  It’s a way of getting some excellent color in the mix, if you want a break from silver or black tones, but aren’t ready to jump to yellow gold.

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