aBlogtoWatch recently celebrated a milestone of reaching over 100,000 comments. We are more than several thousand comments over that at this point, but it was a big deal for us, since having a vibrant community of like-minded watch enthusiast individuals helps fuel our passion for what we do here at the site.

In a lot of ways, we have no right to pat ourselves on the back for reaching this volume of comments. That is an honor most properly reserved for the community itself. It is true that we spend a lot of time and effort producing watch blog content for people to hopefully enjoy, but the audience who frequents aBlogtoWatch also dedicated their time and attention – which makes all this possible. So with that said, for 100,000 comments, we wanted to do something special for the aBlogtoWatch audience community. What we decided to do is identify the top 10 aBlogtoWatch commenters (as measured by number of total comments) and do something special for them as a thank you for being part of what we are all here for – and for dedicating not only their time to reading aBlogtoWatch articles, but for also participating in the discussion about them.

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ABTW-top-10-commenter-gifts-1 ABTW-top-10-commenter-gifts-7

No matter their sentiments in each comment made, these standup aBlogtoWatch community members have all added constructive, thoughtful, and intelligent input to our larger appreciation of timepieces. They’ve brought up good points, helped correct errors, offered useful feedback, and helped other commenters feel at home and “heard.” That makes all commenters an important part of the enjoyment experience for both the people who consume aBlogtoWatch, and the people who produce it.

So, how did we rewarded the top 10 aBlogtoWatch commenters on this special occasion? We put together a gift pack for them with items we helped designed in collaboration with Victorinox Swiss Army as well as Wolf 1834. Each of these brands has proved themselves on many occasions to be ardent supporters of the watch enthusiast community – especially online. We are grateful to have worked with such excellent partners in bringing these prize packs to the top 10 aBlogtoWatch commenters.

ABTW-top-10-commenter-gifts-14 ABTW-top-10-commenter-gifts-12

What will the Top 10 aBlogtoWatch commenters get? aBlogtoWatch worked with Victorinox Swiss Army to produce some really awesome stuff that includes an exclusive “ABTW” branded messenger bag, engraved wood-handled pocket knife, and customized version of the new-for-2015 red INOX watch. Wolf 1834 produced a customized watch roll travel case. We also produced a special “aBlogtoWatch mission patch” for all the top commenters to celebrate this achievement.

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We are in the process of sending the top 10 commenters their gift packs and will return in due course with a follow-up article to learn more about these individuals and check out how they are enjoying their cool new stuff. Thanks again to all the commenters and people who make aBlogtoWatch a dynamic and interesting community for watch lovers. Also, another special thanks to Victorinox Swiss Army and Wolf 1843 for their time, efforts, and products that so many of us have and continue to enjoy.

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