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Riskers Honors Real-Life Heroes With Inaugural Line Of Trench-Watch-Inspired Timepieces

Riskers Honors Real-Life Heroes With Inaugural Line Of Trench-Watch-Inspired Timepieces Watch Releases

The wristwatch is a longstanding tradition in horology, dating back over a century to the brave soldiers of the First World War who first attached modified pocket watches to a leather wrist strap for easy accessibility and use during combat. In the intervening years, the wristwatch has evolved into a wide variety of forms and functions, but the new French brand Riskers has reinterpreted the tough, heroic trench watch that started it all. Headed by a team of experts from around the world of luxury watchmaking, including Pierre Guerrier, a former executive at Richemont, and artistic director Malo le Bot, whose design talents have been displayed in watches from Baume et Mercier and Vacheron Constantin, Riskers debuted in November 2019 with a quartet of modern trench watches dedicated to honoring the “Riskers:” those who risk their lives to help or protect others.

Riskers Honors Real-Life Heroes With Inaugural Line Of Trench-Watch-Inspired Timepieces Watch Releases

This ethos goes far beyond a simple design inspiration, with the marque dedicating a portion of all sales to noble causes championed by these brave figures. Each Riskers timepiece celebrates a heroic “Risker” of the past century while supporting a charitable cause associated with that person.

Riskers Honors Real-Life Heroes With Inaugural Line Of Trench-Watch-Inspired Timepieces Watch Releases

The flagship of the line, the limited edition Prolog I, spotlights French World War I hero Albert Roche. Roche, a member of the famed French Alpine Chasseurs, was wounded nine times in combat over the course of the war and once singlehandedly captured 1180 enemy prisoners, a feat for which Marshal Ferdinand Foch named him “the best soldier in France.” Sales of the Prolog I will benefit L’Œuvre nationale du Bleuet de France, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to raising funds for French veterans and their family members.

Riskers Honors Real-Life Heroes With Inaugural Line Of Trench-Watch-Inspired Timepieces Watch Releases

The limited-edition Chapter I focuses on a more contemporary target, celebrating the Director General of the Children of Mekong charity organization, Guillaume D’Aboville. Sales of the Chapter I will help to benefit the Children of Mekong charity, which raises funds for disadvantaged children in Asia.

Riskers Honors Real-Life Heroes With Inaugural Line Of Trench-Watch-Inspired Timepieces Watch Releases

For the Riskers Chapter II, the brand created a partnership with the crack French Mountain Troops military brigade. For each Chapter II sold, Riskers will donate to Entraide Montaigne, aiding the families of Mountain Troops Brigade veterans.


Riskers Honors Real-Life Heroes With Inaugural Line Of Trench-Watch-Inspired Timepieces Watch Releases

Lastly, the Chapter III joins forces with wilderness emergency doctor Pierre Muller while helping to support Pain Without Borders, a French NGO that trains medical professionals in conflict zones to combat physical and psychological pain.

Riskers Honors Real-Life Heroes With Inaugural Line Of Trench-Watch-Inspired Timepieces Watch Releases

All four models begin with a streamlined and distinctive 43mm stainless steel case. This sleek design combines the flowing lines and combined brushed and polished surfaces of a modern field watch with elements of the original trench watch formula. The rounded lug ends and the oversized full crown guard both feel stylish and organic, while harkening back to the soldered wire lugs and loop crown guards of the earliest converted pocket watches.

Riskers Honors Real-Life Heroes With Inaugural Line Of Trench-Watch-Inspired Timepieces Watch Releases

Each Riskers model provides its own bespoke take on the elemental Riskers dial design. All four models share the same skeleton dauphine hands, handsomely minimal blend of printed lines and applied Arabic numerals for hour indices, and the signature oversized 12 o’clock numerals designed to recall the large rescribed numerals on the very first trench watches. From there, the four Riskers designs each develop unique personalities.

For the Prolog I, the dial takes on a vintage cast, displaying an aged sunburst tan dial surface with eggshell white numerals and brilliant blued hands. The Chapter I delivers a more restrained, minimal look, combining a sunburst gray dial with clean blued numerals and hands. A touch of mustard yellow on the tip of the seconds hand provides a handsome contrast that brings vitality to the combination. For the dial of the Chapter II, Riskers turned to the Mountain Troops Brigade themselves for design input. The resulting style features a sandblasted gray dial inspired by exposed Alpine rock, combined with military green hands and numerals filled with Super-LumiNova. The centerpiece of the design, however, is the brilliant interpretation of the North Star at 6 o’clock. The brightly colored helicopters used by Pain Without Borders provide the inspiration for the dial of the Chapter III, combining a matte blue dial with silver hands and numerals. The bold red, white and yellow tricolor of the seconds hand offers a striking contrast for an attention-grabbing look.

Riskers Honors Real-Life Heroes With Inaugural Line Of Trench-Watch-Inspired Timepieces Watch Releases

Riskers offers a pair of high-quality movement options for its inaugural product line. The Prolog I and Chapter I are powered by the automatic STP1-11 movement, providing 44 hours of power reserve with Swiss-made quality. For the Chapter II and Chapter III, Riskers provides the durable and accurate Swiss Ronda 715 quartz movement, combining precision with affordability.

Each Riskers model is finished with a minimalist strap with a complementary color palette. The warm vintage tones of the Prolog I are paired with a brown leather strap with beige stitching, while the Chapter I features black leather and mustard yellow accents. For the military inspired Chapter II, khaki canvas with gray stitching adds field-worthy style and durability. The muted blue and red of the Chapter III’s canvas strap allows its bold dial to come to the fore without breaking the color scheme.

All four Riskers models are available for preorder now on the brand’s website. Each model will only be produced in a limited edition – only 518 examples of the Prolog I, a numbered edition of the Chapter I, 1,027 examples of the Chapter II, and 1,096 Chapter III models will ever be produced. Both the Prolog I and Chapter I are priced at $1,311, while the Chapter II and Chapter III are available for $540.



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  • SuperStrapper

    Again we see this STP automatic being shipped outside of Fossil. Very interesting.

  • Berndt Norten

    This is one risky business.

  • Ugo

    this is a typical “almost hit”.
    the watch are not bad at all BUT WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING AROUND THE CROWN????
    c’mon, it’s horrible even on panerais, but they have historical reasons to be horrible at least…

    • What fresh hell is this?

      Risk management

  • Raymond Wilkie

    ” Design for bravery ” ,…………. sorry but i can’t take much more of this.
    And to call yourself Riskers is rubbing salt into a bayonet sized wound.
    I’m not going to go on or a won’t get printed but this kind of thing makes my blood boil.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    I see no “Trench-Watch-Inspired” themes here at all. The name “Riskers” is …….. I will just say that I don’t care for it. (that’s for you moderators) The auto’s should be sold at the $540 quartz price.
    Having said that, I don’t think the watch looks bad. Just take the stupid writing off the back and dump the hokey “Inspired by” back story and you will have a fair looking unique watch.

  • Jared

    you know the quality is top notch, when 8 out of 9 photos are renders and the 9th photo is taken from a mile away

    • Rupert Muller

      And in addition, you know that the renderings were done by absolute pros if the hour hand points straight to 10 while more than 9 minutes have passed after 10.

    • Renders and charity – sad times we live in when that seems to be the far to common way to sell watches.

  • Carmen Brisante

    This post again peddles the idea that WWI soldiers invented wristwatches. In fact, wristwatches appear to have been in military use from the late 19th century and purpose-made ones were common in WWI – see this article,

    As to the watches, I find both their design and the inspiration for the collection incoherent, to put it politely.

  • Swiss_Cheese

    Trench watch inspired – how exactly? I’ve handled several actual trench watches, this doesn’t look anything like one.

    Most real trench watches are either tiny custom cases (35mm cushion etc.) or pocket watches with soldered lugs. Some of them had a shrapnel cover but I’ve never seen one with a crown guard.

    The movements were all hand wound, I believe automatics were around at that stage but weren’t used, (also not quartz for obvious reasons).

    The hands and dial – never seen one with a central seconds functions, the real ones either had small seconds or none at all. The dials themselves either had Roman or Arabic numerals printed all the way around – not a sector dial. Also, they were white or black dials, none of the blue, brown, silver etc.

    None of them had a date window and were all the better for it.

    The straps are also barely passable. The smaller ones usually had either leather or canvas strap that would have been about 10-12mm thick – about half the sizes of these ones. A lot of the bigger pocket watch conversion ones had bund straps.

    Here’s two that I found online that sort of exemplify what I’m talking about. Can’t pick many similarities outside of the fact that they tell the time:

  • W?W, CEO’s really a Handsome Hunk, I wouldn’t mind at all talking watches with him over dinner and a movie date…

  • Jonathan Fisk

    I searched through the text and the website and nowhere does it say how much money they will donate to charity for each watch. Surely, when the charitable aspect is a main part of the story, this fact should be mentioned? If they are donating €500 for each automatic and €150 for the quartz models, then the price isn’t too bad. If it’s only one or two Euros then it’s a ripoff.

  • Mikita

    Ridiculous stories, almost Bremont level of silliness of the connection. But the watches themselves don’t look terribly bad; passable design, albeit not at that price point. Personally, I would have preferred w/o crown guard and with less striking logo. Riskers? Does it sound like some silly chocolate bar?

  • Pete L

    Doesn’t do anything for me at all and the date window (don’t normally bother me like they do some) is literally in no mans land (perhaps a WW1 reference?). Look plain and cheap in the renders so might be better in the metal but something about the name doesn’t sit right with me either. Riskers? Poor choice of word and could almost be considered dismissive of the actual risks many of the war heroes took that they are trying to exploit for gain. One for the best soldier in France…….

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