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Inspired by 1970’s integrated-band watches and completed with a gradient sandwich dial, the Roebuck SCUBA is a refreshing and novel take on a neo-vintage diver. Why bring back this retro style? Why not? The SCUBA’s integrated band offers a seamless, coherent design that makes for a clean aesthetic and incredible comfort. There are plenty of reissues of watches from the 1970s available today, but rather than recreate a particular model or specific design, the SCUBA channels the style and design ethos of the golden era of watchmaking to create a thoroughly rugged, yet polished diver with a flavor all its own.

In creating a modern diver, Roebuck wanted the dial to stand out from the crowd of 70s-inspired divers. Asked why he created the SCUBA, the brand’s founder, Guy Roebuck, said, “It was pretty simple. At the time of designing the SCUBA (2019), I wasn’t comfortable with using any of my watches for more demanding outdoor activities, so I decided to create my own adventure-proof watch. Fast-forward to now, and we have the SCUBA.”

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Each SCUBA dial features a deep gradient sunburst dial that catches the light in dynamic ways. But what really distinguishes the dial is Roebuck’s decision to use cutout indices to create a sandwich dial with a luminous layer in the subdial — an approach that adds depth and texture to the dial while simultaneously producing exceptional nighttime legibility. The SCUBA is available in three colorways, all of which have their own unique character and aesthetic. Whether you choose the summery hues of the Deep Sea with its blue dial and orange bezel, the sporty gray dial and red bezel of the Storm, or the classy Coral with its burgundy dial and gray bezel, there’s a style for everyone. Speaking of bezels, the 120-click unidirectional sapphire bezel is lumed along with the dial, crown, hour, minute, and second hands, making the SCUBA just as impressive in low light as it is in the sunshine. As for other color options, Roebuck says, “I will be offering a green-dial version as a stretch goal in the Kickstarter campaign. Should the campaign be successful and there is demand for a version 2, I have some great ideas lined up that will be very exciting.”

Even though the bold and colorful dial and bezel may be the first things to catch the eye, there’s a lot more going on with the SCUBA. The stainless steel octagonal case measures 42mm in diameter and is defined by sharp, angular lines throughout. This is especially true on the hooded lugs that allow the custom rubber strap to integrate seamlessly with the case. The short, 47.3mm lug-to-lug distance and compact height of just 11.75mm allow the watch to wear comfortably on a wide range of wrist sizes. Rounding things out is a signed (and lumed!) crown with knurling that matches the bezel, giving the watch a refined and finished look.

The SCUBA is available in both a no-date and date configuration, powered by the Miyota 90S5 and 9015 calibers, respectively. Produced by Citizen Group, the Miyota movements are robust 24-jewel automatic movements known for their reliability. These movements beat at 28.8kbph, feature hacking seconds, shock absorption, and a 42-hour power reserve.

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Dive watches never seem to go out of style — and the SCUBA is most certainly a stylish watch — but that doesn’t mean Roebuck overlooked aquatic functionality. Water-resistant to 300m and equipped with an integrated two-tone rubber strap, the SCUBA proves to be every part its name, suitable for SCUBA diving, sailing, fishing, surfing, and swimming. Even if you never get near the water, the ruggedness and dependability of the SCUBA make it perfectly suited to hiking, camping, and any other terrestrial adventure.

The SCUBA is Roebuck’s second watch release, the first being Diviso (Italian for “split”), a racing-inspired timepiece launched in January 2020. Due to the challenges faced during the pandemic, Roebuck will be funding the release of the SCUBA through Kickstarter, with the campaign kicking off in July. Super early bird pricing on Kickstarter will start at $400, with final retail pricing of $600.  Be sure to visit the brand’s website to learn more about Roebuck’s watches and sign up for the brand’s newsletter for the latest news and updates on its Kickstarter campaign.

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