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Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Americas Edition Watch

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Americas Edition Watch Watch Releases

Limited editions in the world of luxury watches are quite commonplace. When you start talking about watches that are a limited release, and limited to a particular country, things sometimes get interesting. This often takes the form of a watch that is available only through a boutique that resides in said country. That is precisely what we have going on here with a new iteration of the Roger Dubuis Exalibur Spider Americas Edition available exclusively through the Roger Dubuis New York boutique.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Americas Edition Watch Watch Releases

Yes, that’s right, watch fans – this is an American-only watch (USA! USA!). Well, ok, anyone can buy it, sure – but they will have to travel over to New York to pick one of the twenty pieces up. Should you find yourself in that position, you will be getting not only the very scooped-out “spider web” look of the hand-wound RD505SQ calibre (which also looks like stars to me), you will also have a flying tourbillon whirling away on your wrist. With extremely skeletonized watches, like we have here with the Roger Dubuis Exalibur Spider Americas Edition, I am frankly amazed at the work done on the dial and case.

By that, I mean how tidy-looking things are kept, all while keeping the “interesting” bits exposed, and tucking everything else away in layers under the structure that still remains. The tiny machines are amazing, and then when you constrain yourself with these sorts of limits, that does certainly elevate things a good bit. Unfortunately, it also afflicts the watch with something that hits a lot of these skeletons – reduced legibility.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Americas Edition Watch Watch Releases

That said, you are likely not going to mind having to stare at a watch like the Roger Dubuis Exalibur Spider Americas Edition for a bit longer in order to tell the time. And who knows, maybe in person, those white-filled tips on the hands (one presumes lumed as well) are easier to pick out in the 45mm case than the pictures suggest. I just know that the rest of the hand being dark as it is will make it tricky. Yes, it blends thematically with the movement/dial, but I could certainly go for some contrast – say, fully red hands.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Americas Edition Watch Watch Releases

Speaking of color, that was another somewhat odd choice in my book for a USA-exclusive watch. This version of the Roger Dubuis Exalibur Spider features red and yellow accents – I would have figured something more to the red, white, and blue scheme could have been executed. Expected? Sure, but it could be done well (in fact, swapping yellow for blue on this watch would do it), and seems like a miss on this particular version. Then again, there must be a reason for it, and I’m sure those who are more well-versed in the world of Roger Dubuis will let me know in the comments below.


Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Americas Edition Watch Watch Releases

I also have to call out that, for all the airy-ness of the design, it still comes in at a fairly hefty 13.75mm thick – guess all those gears have to hide somewhere (hint: it’s vertically). That aside, for those who want an amazing bit of timekeeping architecture on their wrist, the 20-piece edition of the Roger Dubuis Exalibur Spider Americas Edition is available at their New York boutique at a price of $167,500, at Roger Dubuis 545 Madison Avenue, New York. 

 Tech Specs from Roger Dubuis

  • Reference:  Excalibur Spider Americas Limited Edition, RDDBEX0549
  • Case: Skeleton case, 45mm, Titanium
  • Thickness: 13.75 mm
  • Dial: Skeleton
  • Red and yellow black DLC titanium skeleton flange
  • White Roger Dubuis transfers
  • Titanium screws with SLN
  • Skeleton hands in gold
  • Black DLC treatment with SLN
  • Water Resistance: 5 BAR (50m)
  • Strap: White rubber
  • Clasp: Titanium adjustable folding clasp
  • Calibre: Hand-wound calibre, RD505SQ
  • Production: 20 pieces
  • Certification: Poinçon de Genève



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  • Beefalope

    The movement looks legit, but has this company every designed a remotely tasteful, decent-looking watch? Every watch I’ve ever seen from them has a gross, tacky, over-the-top design, and this one is no different.

  • wallydog2

    Well…I…er….uh…for $167k+…well, my driver Vlad will always let me know when it’s time for lunch. Nice watch.

    • Tacos in Atlantic City again?

      • wallydog2

        How did you know? I have a private table at the Taj Mahal.

  • A_watches

    Whats the point of this article without a real pic

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Am done with the skeletonised, illegible look. It was fun for a while going through a ” look what we can do ” phase but enough is enough. Limited editions means that’s all we can sell. Maybe all 20 buyers of this piece of nonsense can get together and discuss what’s lacking in their lives.

  • Bill W

    Red, White, and Blue is a little too “on the nose”. So they went with the ketchup and mustard look because everyone loves a good hamburger.

  • Bill W

    “I LOOOOOOOOVE this watch.”

    –Ray Charles

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Oooooh……….., i get it now.

  • Shawn Lavigne

    Roger Dubuis can do no wrong.

  • I wonder if they have even built the first one (of the 20) yet. All we see here are renders (yeah I know you only have what their press release gives you Patrick). While I appreciate that this is a small production run Swiss tourbillon with a skeleton movement and has high end finishing, in the end this is a 3 hand manual wind watch. So outside of “design” and finishing, there is not a lot to be excited about in terms of horology. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it, but the price seems, shall we say, “aggressive”. Thanks for the review Patrick. Waiting for you to do a hands-on of this piece!

    • laup nomis

      After the ‘eye-catching’ colours, that was my first thought. It’s a simple three hander and tourbillion. Not a lot for the price. It doesn’t even have the sublime grace and presence of the Laurent Ferrier three hand and double tourbillion at a similar price.

      • Now sure this one is 350,000 CHF but at only about twice the price look at what you get with this RD:

        • laup nomis

          Yeah, I realise I was a bit fast and loose with the price there.
          That Quatuer is Insane! I’ve seen it in action on youtube. It is very impressive. But you know me I go for aesthetic purity/cohesion; and then an appropriate movement that matches the the watch as a whole.

  • ??????

    There are some brands like RD: if you don’t like their current trend aethetics, every new watch from them is a miss for you. I don’t like all this Excalibur stuff, huge messy cases, nicks, triple lugs on each side. I’m not in your average auditorium 100000-500000, but I would still like to see any other type of watch from you, looking different from Excaliburs.

  • Ulysses31

    167 grand for a watch that looks about as tasteful as a $300 Festina. There are quite a few watch companies that mistake making a watch ugly for being bold and “avant-garde”. Invicta do that a lot, too. Tone it down and it has potential to be a great watch. I’ll never like that damn bezel though.

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