Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Ref. 6241 Exotic Dial Watch Available On James List

Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Ref. 6241 Exotic Dial Watch Available On James List

Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Ref. 6241 Exotic Dial Watch Available On James List Watch Releases

The Paul Newman Daytona - next to the Submariner range, this is of the most well-known collectible Rolex watches out there. There is a sort of mythos around the watch given the ambiguous connection to the movie star/pop culture hero, and the extreme fame that the Daytona collection later had. The story of the Paul Newman Daytona is a bit convoluted and complex. There was not just one watch, and Rolex never officially called any piece the Paul Newman Daytona.

Unlike some people out there I am not an expert of Rolex watch history or Rolex collecting. In fact, the high-prices that some Rolex watches fetch at auction make me chuckle. For a better historical observation of the Paul new Daytona I will defer to my friend Jake at He wrote a nice summary of the Rolex Paul Newman Daytona here.

Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Ref. 6241 Exotic Dial Watch Available On James List Watch Releases

My favorite part of the Paul Newman Daytona story refers to the indeterminable nature of collecting. People today strive hard to predict what will become a collector's item - and that is really hard to do. When this watch and its kin came out, they were most sales failures. There are a few reasons for this, mostly due to the style and the movement. In the 1960s you had automatic chronographs coming out on the market - and everyone wanted one. So this watch that had a reliable, but manually-wound chronograph wasn't appealing. There is a also a reason the Ref. 6241 has what people call the "Exotic Dial." Few Rolex timepieces have dials with this style and it was a unique design for the brand. Today people generally agree that the look and feel of this (supposedly) race-themed dial is a classic.

Rolex never made that many Paul Newman Daytonas as they didn't sell well. This created rarity, which now translates into value. It was difficult at the time to guess that a watch that couldn't sell would be so desired, but that is the way it went. So if you are trying to predict what pieces today will go up in value? It isn't always a bad idea to find nice, but highly discounted watches that have something a but special to them.

The Paul Newman film Winning had Newman wearing one of these Rolex ref. 6241 watches on the poster. I believe that Newman did not wear the watch in the movie actually, but he did own one and you can see him wearing it around in various pictures taken during his life. He seemed to like it off the bracelet on a sort of bund strap.

Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Ref. 6241 Exotic Dial Watch Available On James List Watch Releases

Today this Daytona model is among the most popular collectible Rolex watches on the planet. They are very rare and go for big bucks when auctioned. This particular piece available on James List seems to be in excellent condition and was made in 1964. It isn't super large at about 37-38mm wide in steel. I have a feeling that Rolex will come out with an homage dial in the next couple of years to remind us of this classic clean style that still has a bit of avant garde style to it. The post on James List mentions "Price on Request," but I hear from the seller that they will part with it for around $90,000. See the result of a Sotheby's auction where another Ref. 6241 got 110,500 Swiss Francs (more in dollars) here.

See this Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Ref. 6241 watch on James List here.

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    Rest easy sir. Your multiple legacies, including watches, will perpetually endure.

  • Chris

    I feel like there has been a huge bubble in the Rolex collecting market over the last few years. In my 11-12 years of watch-geekdom, I’ve seen them go from more reasonable alternatives to new models to 5 and 6 figure lust objects. While I appreciate that they weren’t made in huge numbers, they seem to be commanding prices suitable to far rarer watches.

    There is the fact that super-high grade Rolex fakes have been coming out of Italy for years. With prices for these vintage pieces skyrocketting, there have to be plenty of fakes appearing and Rolex’s opacity and approach to maintenance make it very hard to deterimine whether a piece is real or just partially original, I don’t know if I’d risk Patek 3970 money to get one of these. Beyond fakes, there are undoubtedly pieces floating around that are little more than old cases stuffed with non-original parts.

  • Hajime Jozuka

    I would like to order this chronograph. Let me know how to order.

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