Romain Jerome Moon Dust DNA The Truth about roswell watch closeup

Romain Jerome, come on? I know this watch is intended to be a limited edition of only nine pieces, but what does it mean?’ And not just that, but how is it gonna be made? A watch designer friend pointed out that the minute tiny details on the face (like the skeletons) would be virtually impossible to produce – at least with any integrity. This is a weird and delicate watch. Let’s assume for a moment that you have a special way of manufacturing it such that it will hold together, fine – then how to you still explain what it all means? The Moon Dust DNA collection, while controversial, it is a line of watches that I can stand behind. Interesting ideas and good marketing, and a unique style to say the least. I don’t tire too easily of the “sputnik antenna” -shaped hands, or the moon surface -inspired dial (with real moon particles as you continually point out). Now you bring an oddly named watch with gears and skeletons put into the dial like the apocalyptic result of a steampunk-inspired future.

Not to lose focus, but what does any of this have to do with Roswell anyway? I assume you are referring to Roswell New Mexico, the famed “alien landing” town. There is some lost message in here about how skeletons and watch gears on the Moon’s surface are the key to unraveling “the truth about Roswell,” but I am not catching it. Oh, and what gives with the tire treads? Yes I know that some of your other watches feature this “X” pattern on your watch dials, but you need to explain more. Why do you just release information about this watch with nothing else?

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Aside from that, you have a standard super high-end Romain Jerome Tourbillon watch. The movement is a sourced BNB Concepts caliber 1000RJ manually wound movement with a one-minute tourbillon. Thankfully, it has a 120 hour power reserve, because you sure as hell aren’t going to be wearing this piece often, and don’t want to wind it daily. Everything else such as the 46mm wide case with lots of carbon fiber is off the rest of the Moon Dust DNA watch line. So, I will ask again, how do you plan on making this watch, and why are you making this watch? Did nine little green men ask for these special limited edition watches? Perhaps there is an inside joke the rest of the world is missing. Throw us a bone and explain what these computer rendered watch images do not.

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