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Rubber B, the very first company to create integrated rubber straps for various Rolex, Panerai, Tudor, and Patek Philippe watches, has now launched the anticipated addition to their AP Series: a rubber strap designed specifically for the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 41mm models, which come originally on a gold or steel bracelet. As always, the entire line of Rubber B products is produced and manufactured in Switzerland, by the top leaders in the horology industry.

This new strap fully integrates with the Royal Oak case, as Rubber B innovations are known for, in addition to offering other elements that are unique to the series itself. Luxuriously innovative Rubber B straps are always designed to mount the customer’s OEM equipment without the need for additional plots, pins, or other spring bars used in conjunction. While providing an aesthetically pleasing design and a proper fit, the Rubber B for Royal Oak features a unique, monolithic “titanium bridge” insert, housing the customer’s AP pins, while providing a uniquely impressive integration to the case. This offers many benefits, such as security, comfort, and stability of the watch upon the wearer’s wrist.

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Luxury Engineering

Used in sea-bound structures and the hulls of great ships, titanium is as strong as steel, yet extremely resistant to corrosion from harsh elements such as seawater and chlorine. Titanium can be used in finite applications where optimal strength is desired in a small package. As important as function, form must also be taken into consideration, and so the Rubber B for Royal Oak 41mm incorporates a flawless, flush design to every element of the watch case and lugs.

Customization for Comfort and Style

Available in two color options (Black and Navy), the new Rubber B Velcro® Series for AP is made from the softest and most flexible, supple vulcanized rubber you can imagine. This combined with 5 sizes options ensures a comfortable custom fit, which can be adjusted as needed.

Additionally, this new watchband for AP features a titanium security loop insert, for use with Velcro-Alfatex® strapping. This is the strongest hook & loop fastening material, providing a quiet, reliable closure for industrial and bespoke applications. The new Rubber B Velcro® Series is of course 100% developed, manufactured, and hand-finished in Switzerland. Priced at $300 USD, it is compatible with both standard and chronograph models of the 41mm Royal Oak that come originally on a factory steel or gold bracelet.

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Pure and Natural

Rubber B straps are absolutely Hypoallergenic. They contain no chemicals, additives, dyes or subpar materials, and they do not attract dust or lint.

The full series (Phase I and Phase II) of Rubber B for Audemars Piguet can be purchased directly at RubberB.com, the official brand website for e-commerce retail purchasing in the USA and abroad. Various photos and color combinations can be found on independent social media posts under #rubberb and at @RubberB_Official on Instagram.

Rubber B wishes to thank their customers for being the most important part of a steady journey to bring exciting, innovative Swiss made products to fruition. rubberb.com

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