Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Titanium Chronograph GMT Limited Edition Watch

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Titanium Chronograph GMT Limited Edition Watch

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Titanium Chronograph GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

2010 sees three new Seiko Ananta watch models. The fanciest and most exclusive of which is this great looking limited edition Spring Dive model in titanium. Functionally, it has the same Seiko in-house made Spring Drive 5R86 movement as last years Ananta Spring Drive Chrono GMT model - but this new version is in a 46mm wide titanium case with gold toned hour markers and hands. It is limited to just 150 pieces world wide.

Titanium offers a new look and feel for Ananta. The weight of the watch is very light. Amazingly so actually. While the steel Ananta watches aren't exactly heavy given their size, the titanium case and bracelet feel like the steel model would if it was on the moon. Of course the color is a bit different and so is the finish on the case. Steel Seiko Ananta watches have Seiko's beloved "blade polishing." This high-grade polish doesn't exactly work the same on titanium, but at the same time, Seiko polished titanium very well. I recall when titanium was first used on watches how terrible the finish was. How far we have come with the metal. If you aren't holding the watch and feeling how light it is, you can tell the watch is titanium by its slightly grayer color as compared to steel.

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Titanium Chronograph GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Titanium Chronograph GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Titanium Chronograph GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Seiko makes the bezel and middle section of the case black colored, as well as the crown and chronograph pushers. For more information on the movement and operation of this watch, please refer to my article on Seiko Ananta Spring Drive watches here. Functionality for this watch (to repeat) includes the time, 12 hour chronograph, date, and GMT hand. All works quite nicely, as the movement and Spring Drive technology aren't really possible to beat. When Seiko wants to be the best, they are. When I first saw the watch, I wasn't sure how well the gold toned hands on black, went with the titanium case and bracelet. While the color and material combinations aren't common, it works in a unique sort of way. The watch is cool, and reminds me a bit of some older Toyota cars that switched out the steel colored Toyota logo for a gold colored one when the trim level was a bit higher. Just a neat little reminder that says this is a special version of the Ananta collection - always nice to see Seiko be creative with their limited edition pieces. Price for the Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Titanium Chronograph GMT Limited Edition watch (ref. SPS011) is about $7,400. Yes, it is pricey. But you really can't buy this technology anywhere else, for any price. It is about $1000 more than the steel, non-limited version. Look out for a few of these to reach the US soon.

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  • Kris C.

    While I am not really a fan of gold accents, this works well and I find this to be a really attractive piece. The shot of it on your wrist is a bit disturbing though – it doesn’t really sit well… maybe if I was 6’6″ and 350lbs my wrist would be big enough, but the bottom of the case is so large and flat it just looks like it is precariously resting there waiting to slide off in one direction or another. Shame.

    • It is like that because i had to balance it as the bracelet was not fitted. It is comfy and sits well once the strap or bracelet is properly sized.

  • Frank

    I consider myself a huge Seiko Ananta fan, but for some reason I am not feeling this one as much.

    The gold dial accents are a bit over the top and the $1100 premium over the nicer (to my eyes) SPS007 Ananta Spring Drive chronograph is certainly hard to swallow. I like Titanium in watched but I feel the exquisite hand blade polishing is better represented on the stainless steel models.

    I feel that Seiko did a much better job with the upcoming also titanium Ananta automatic chronograph model SRQ009. Let me explain…. That version got a gorgeous carbon fiber dial and the dial minute chapter ring is white, effectively braking the all black motif of the dial and tachymeter bezel. Also the minute register sundial have the numbers positioned differently as the other 2 standard steel versions of the automatic chrono.

    I think of the two new titanium Anantas, the automatic chrono SRQ009 is the Better executed piece, hands down.

    Thanks for the review, Ariel. Fantastic stuff as always.

  • Shinytoys

    I’m simply thrilled that Seiko is making state of the art (and then some) auto winders. The Japanese are super sharp and fast with R&D, and it serves notice to the Swiss if for nothing else, it keeps them bringing their “A” game and seeking out new avenues of design and horological benchmarks.
    As a younger man, my first quality watch was a Seiko auto and I still have it today. It was my daily wearer for 15 years, never been serviced, and keeps quartz accurate time. That is no only pleasing, but impressive.

    Thanks Ariel

  • barton rivkin

    purchased #113 out of 150 end of august I like it much better than the all black one with black crock strap that i bought back in june, the light weight is more comfortable. I must say, that I set to atomic clock aprox 3 weeks ago, and I am very impressed that as of today it is exactly on the second, just amazing! and the luminescence is good from 10:30 pm to 5:30 am when I get up. I may want to sell my spring drive ananta #280 out of 300 for $5200.00 it 3 mon old also runs perfect. All in all these seiko watches are far better watches in the aspect of accurate time keeping as compared with my other watches, rolex sub blue face, my gmt master II, ulysse nardin 1846, patek, vacheron o.s. chronoswiss chrono date moonphase and a lot of others that i owen including a fairly new citizen signature eco-drive month day date leap-year hour & min repeater which runs about one second a week fast, I know you must think I am a nut, I’m just a watch-ahaloc, anyway this ananta is one watch I plan on keeping. Well keep ticking or in seiko ananta case keep on gliding!

  • Max

    I purchased #149/150 of this SPS011, and I love it. I also love my Cartier Pasha Seatimer. Both of them are great timepieces. Never regret.

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