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Shinola Lake Erie Monster – Brand’s First Mechanical Watch – Debuts Via Auction On StockX

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

StockX hopes that their watch sales and data platform will be used by watchmakers to debut products, just as they are doing for the first time with Detroit, Michigan-based Shinola. StockX, made famous by its sneaker buying and selling platform, has successfully helped major shoemakers debut products on its platform with what they call an “IPO” (initial product offering). The term similarity to stock market IPOs (initial public offering) is intended. The first of these watch product IPOs on StockX will be Shinola’s first mechanical watch, known as the Shinola Lake Erie Monster.

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

This diver’s-style watch is the brand’s first mechanical timepiece, as until now, all watches produced by Shinola contained quartz movements. Recall for a moment that part of the brand’s shtick, is that the movements are assembled in America, with kits of parts that are produced in Switzerland. Assembling a mechanical watch versus a quartz one is in most instances a bit more complicated, but of course, the same types of watchmakers or technicians can be trained to do so.

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

Shinola calls the movement inside of the Lake Erie Monster (named after a mythical aquatic beast in the famed great lake with origins back to the mid 19th century), the caliber “Argomatic R-150” automatic movement. The same language to describe the origin of the quartz movements in Shinola timepieces is used for this automatic mechanical movement. Those operative statements are “Built in Detroit” and “Swiss & Imported Parts.” Shinola also mentions that the Swiss movement kit the Argomatic R-150 automatic is based on is actually the Ronda R-150, which was revealed at Baselworld 2016 as the firm’s first mechanical movement in decades.

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

For the six-year-old Shinola brand, this is a big step because now they can claim that in addition to quartz movements, their team is able to use mechanical movements assembled by Ronda. Shinola has long hinted at a mechanical movement-based watch, and the the Shinola Lake Erie Monster diver’s watch is the first one. It also demonstrates the enduring power of the dive-style sport watch as having appeal to both traditional watch lovers, and the American watch consumers who represent the vast majority of Shinola customers.

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

The most interesting design element of the Shinola Lake Erie Monster timepiece is the caseback, which has a motif of the fantasy creature with a blue sapphire crystal stone set into the eye socket of the relief-engraved graphic. The watch case itself is in steel, and water resistant to 300m with a rotating diver’s timing bezel. Case size is 43mm wide and over the dial is a sapphire crystal.

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

Dial design of the Shinola Lake Erie Monster watch is pleasant, with high-contrasting lume-filled hands and hour markers, against a black dial. A date window is neatly integrated into the four o’clock hour marker, and thankfully sports a matching black disc for the black face of the watch. My only complaint about the dial design at this point is the length of the hands, which are all about a millimeter or so too short given their relationship to the hour markers.

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

Shinola appears to include a matching steel bracelet along with two additional straps with the Lake Erie Monster timepiece. The additional straps include a black textile strap, as well as a black diver’s-style rubber strap. The overall design of the Shinola Lake Erie Monster watch is conservative and familiar, but it manages to have enough visual distinction within the very wide universe of similarly equipped mechanical dive watches that are currently on the market.

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

This particular version of the Lake Erie Monster diver’s watch is a limited edition of 500 pieces. Shinola likely hopes that this exclusivity will help create more attention on this debut mechanical timepiece, though the brand is no stranger to releasing limited edition products. Interestingly enough, five additional unnumbered pieces of the Lake Erie Monster watch will be auctioned off on the StockX platform starting on the November 7, 2017 (10am EST) launch date of the Shinola Lake Erie Monster timepiece, and lasting until November 12 (see more details on the StockX website). These five “000/500” watches will further come with some additional accessories and carrying cases to help sweeten the deal.

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

Shinola Lake Erie Monster - Brand's First Mechanical Watch - Debuts Via Auction On StockX Watch Releases

As is part of the StockX platform, the winning bidders of these five special “more limited” versions of the Shinola Lake Erie Monster timepiece will be able to immediately post them on StockX for resale. This is again part of how StockX works, allowing collectors and speculators alike to “own” a product, but at the same time immediately be able to re-post it for sale to another party. Proceeds of the initial auction results are said to go to local charities like The Empowerment Plan, Project ACT, and the Detroit Children’s Fund. Additionally, the new dive watch is also available directly from Shinola. Auctions for the five unnumbered “StockX” versions of the larger limited edition collection Shinola Lake Erie Monster watches will begin at their retail price, which is $2,250 USD. |

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  • Why are dates so hard to implement correctly?? Go with 3, 6 or no date!

  • DanW94

    To keep with the nautical theme, it’s a dip into uncharted waters with that new and unproven Ronda movement. I like the design but 2,250 dollars? Who do they think they are, Monta?

  • JosephWelke

    As a native Ohioan, I like this piece. Well done to Shinola for putting out a mechanical watch. The blue crystal eye for the monster is a nice touch. However, you lost me at 43mm. May your next mechanical watch be more sensibly sized.

  • Tea Hound

    I’m trying to think where they got their design language from. Can’t quite put my finger on it…

    • Pete Pete

      the only original design is the numbers on the price tag. everything else is: “hey china, send over some divers. yes, yes the basic model will do just fine.”

    • Middle

      ” The overall design of the Shinola Lake Erie Monster watch is conservative and familiar”


      • Tempvs Mortvvs

        These reviews, or whatever they really are, are stellar examples on the use of euphemisms and obfuscations in the benefit of political correctedness for the watch industry.

        • PollyO

          ABTW really are struggling lately to cling to the integrity of their independence as reviewers. I’ve spoken before about it being a difficult thing to do, but some of these pieces might as well just refer you to the companies website and save the trouble of writing themselves. Not exactly advetorial level yet, but…..

          • PollyO

            Perhaps I’m just disappointed because I don’t mind Shinola as a brand….a bit pricey for quartz but they have a design language…. and I was looking forward to their first mechanical….but this is just boring.

          • DGS70

            Not just them, check out W&W’s “review.” BKN hipsters canoodling the deep-pocketed fashion brand. Losing respect.

  • Middle

    Everything about this Rolex knockoff seemed reasonable until we got to the price.

    Just buy a Tudor.

  • Jonathan Smith

    I strangely like that caseback… is there something wrong with me?

    • DanW94

      Yes there is, but it has nothing to do with you liking the caseback.

      (Just joking with you…)

    • Berndt Norten


    • Golan Klinger

      Liking the caseback is fine. If you had said you like Nickelback, I’d recommend you get checked out ASAP.

    • Pascal Leers

      The caseback is the only thing I like on the watch. All the rest, not so much….

  • Sheez Gagoo

    The clasp looks quite crappy for the price.

    • Beefalope

      The crap starts at the clasp, works it’s way inexorably through the bracelet and completes its inevitable journey home at the watch, thus completing the Circle of Crap.

      • IanE

        ‘completing the Circle of Crap’ – ah, someone else who can’t tell shit from shinola!

      • Berndt Norten

        it rots from the clasp

  • R Ramki

    Shinola has a good knack for unique and trendy retro styled design, I’m surprised they chose quite possibly the most generic looking design to launch what might be a significant step for the brand. Looking forward to seeing how much more they expand the mechanical line up

  • Beefalope

    It manages to be simultaneously ugly and derivative. What a lovely combination.

    • MeaCulpa

      Derivative? Surely the unique combination of a Seiko dial in a sea master case on Rolex braclet with a seiko clasp is very novel.

  • SuperStrapper

    “Ok Team, thisbis a big day for us. We’re going to release a mechanical watch! Now, I’m going to break you all up into 4 teams, and one team each will design the bracelet, dial, case, and markings”.

    If there was an entry in some encyclopedia somewhere for ‘watch designed by committee’ this would certainly have to be up for consideration as the poster child. And how adorable is the dungeons and dragons inspired caseback with glass crystal eye and everything. Top it all over with a 1500% profit margin and here we are.

    Shinola: we take one step forward and end up 2 steps back.

    That one’s on the house.

  • Berndt Norten

    Rows of lights in a circle of steel
    where you place your bets on Shinola’s appeal
    high prices low spark of Detroit City manufacture
    I think we all know
    sights and sounds of this b.s. going ’round
    Everybody’s in step with my reasoning

    A watch is born to a joke-company case
    where the sycophantic reviewers run around and pace
    the mood is chilly, integrity–that’s an old concept
    and that’s how it goes
    Dr. Marius will soon make his ABTW round
    and he’ll put this brand in its place on the double

    Deck the halls with the paper they’ll make
    selling this crappy watch one notch above the fakes
    they sell on Canal St and in the tube yo
    that’s how it goes
    A week a day they will send it away….

    • SuperStrapper

      Gordon Lightfoot! The poppy on my lapel just grew a brighter shade of red.

    • Golan Klinger

      How does this only have four up votes? C’mon! That’s brilliant.

  • Roger Goodgion

    First, I could never own a Shinola because they named their company Shinola.
    Were they thinking they could use the slogan “Shinola…know the difference.”?

    Second, I could never own a Shinola, because I can see the difference from a mile away. I agree with the consensus that a Tudor is a better buy.

    Third, I still can’t get over the fraud-ish type statement “Made in Detroit” they launched with that now is apparently “Assembled in Detroit” soon to be ” Website managed near a suburb of Detroit.”

  • Lurch

    I am clicking the “I Don’t Want It” button that does not exist yet.

    • Berndt Norten

      6?? Phil leavell

  • error406

    Not awful. Basically your average uninspired microbrand/kickstarter diver.

    Absolutely insanely totally overpriced though. For a cheap looking watch like that, the appropriate thing to do would be to put in a Seiko movement and remove a zero from the price tag.

    • ?mperius ???????

      Remember that Rolex’s where a no namer in the 60’s, where they where ” kicked under the table when dropped” in a watch store according to some of the video interviews at hodinkee.

      • DGS70

        Your analogy falls flat.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Despite the fact that Shinola is hatet for very good reasons like the nonsense of importing movementparts from Ronda and assemble it in Detroit, the “Made in U.S.A. scandal, the huge and crappy collection of all kind of stuff, think Shinola has some potential to grow in the right direction and gain some credibility. I hope they do so. I don’t see any other American brand with this potential.

    • Mikita

      “I don’t see any other American brand with this potential.”

      Well well, you forgot Monta! How happy their customers might have been after their prices dropped by 1/3.

  • Mark1884

    Where to start on this one. Being a native Michigander, I have had the opportunity to witness Shinola from it’s beginning. They made a big deal about being “Made in Detroit” Showing their watch “experts” assembling the quartz movements in a “clean room”. After some time, Shinola was slapped for false advertising. The watches were not made in Detroit – only assembled in Detroit. So the “made in Detroit” line was dropped.

    My observations of Shinola customers can be condensed into two categories:
    1) The hometown person who wants to support Detroit. (As it needs all the help it can get)
    2) The customer that is a casual watch enthusiast, and this is their first “expensive”watch.

    I do not have a problem with either type of customer.

    Now to the “Lake Erie Monster” I know it is difficult to come up with another unique dive watch design. But, Shinola should have at least attempted to do so. The design cues were clearly modeled after the Submariner. I think the movement is not worth talking about much. I doubt is even assembled in Detroit. Probably only dropped in the case. The monster on the caseback, real hokey.

    The price is totally insane!!! No way I am going to buy this instead of a Tudor, Oris, CW etc.
    AND, the name is just stupid!!

    In summary, I don’t think much of Shinola, and would not buy or wear any of their watches.

    • Scott

      I don’t know if it’s fair to say this is modeled off a submariner. The bezel is copied off a Yacht Master and the case back is modeled off a Seamaster.
      It takes creativity to look at three dive watches from other brands and mash them up Invicta style.
      In fairness, this is not a bad looking watch and I’m sure the quality is fine. But, as beat to death already, the price is completely out of hand. I’m not one to complain about the price on everything, but there is nothing at all here to justify a $500< price tag.

      • Mark1884

        I do agree with your assessment of the Yacht Master & Seamaster design cues. Perhaps I should have broadened my description to include these.
        I just have a hard time taking this company seriously.

        • Scott

          Yes, let’s give them full credit for creative plagerism.

    • SuperStrapper

      Dude, I hate to tell you, but I watched a very compelling documentary on Detroit, it’s called RoboCop.
      Sorry to say, but Detroit has fallen. No amount of help is going to bring it back.

      • Mark1884

        Tell me about it. Thats why I stay far away.

      • Kuroji

        My understanding from The Onion is that RoboCop Detroit is now much nicer than actual Detroit.

      • Pascal Leers

        And even the movie wasn’t made in Detroit.

        • SuperStrapper

          Very relevant.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Dull dull dull.

    • egznyc

      Now that caseback is kind of interesting. Looks more Loch Ness than Lake Erie monster heh heh.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        i’ve seen the Loch Ness monster and it’s not a very good likeness.

  • Ranchracer

    Totally uninspired design. Even at $600 this would be a tough sell for me, but at over $2k, well, I think someone at Shinola has been smoking a bit too much of the whacky weed!

    If one really wants a timepiece designed and cased in Detroit, Detroit Watch Company is a much better choice. Patrick’s designs are leagues better than this junk, and they’re priced MUCH more reasonably.

  • Elijs Dima (@x2eliah)

    wait, how much?

  • egznyc

    Wait: the retail price for the special auction pieces are the starting bid? What is the retail price for the rest of the limited edition; also $2250?!? That’s nuts. Even though I love the idea of a Lake Erie monster.

  • Ross Diljohn

    The phrase…You don’t know shit from shinola…means I can never hear this brands name without grinning while the price makes it downright laughable.

    • DGS70

      I think everyone here knows the difference. It’s the bespoke frontiersman bearded types who will shell out that kinda cash all day long. Goes well with their small-batch wetsuit.

  • TrevorXM

    I just looked it up and the Monta Ocean King is now down to a still pricey $2350. Neither it nor this watch has enough character or originality to merit a thousand dollar premium over other solid Swiss divers in my opinion, but this Shinola is even at a disadvantage to the Monta in a number of ways. Reading over the glowing review of the Monta on here and on other watch blogs makes that case.

  • Nathan Likes Watches

    Its nice but would rather have a similar style Tag for the same price!

  • Sam Soul

    Automatic, yet looks meh, and expensive for no specific reasons…

  • Unoffensive design, three straps + a flashlight, nice packaging… Price is more than most would want to spend on this, but I can’t help but feel like people are pouring it on for the sake of being on the hate bandwagon. What exactly about this says ‘Submariner’ anyway? If it’s going to be derivative, I’d say it looks more like the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Cal. 5 models than anything…

    • Pete Pete

      it doesn’t even come with an original rubber b strap!

      rubber b – the world’s finest rubber straps which are so fine indeed, that any criticism is simply unthinkable (check out the comment section of our sponsored posts on abtw if you don’t believe it)™

      • Sheez Gagoo

        Reminds me of Michelin and Goodyear. Two excellent brands to be associated with.

  • Marius

    Three paramount, overriding, and cardinal questions need to be asked.

    Question #1. Who in his right mind is going to auction for a Shinola watch? That’s similar to auctioning for the results of another person’s bowel movement. And, who is StockX? The only auctioneer who might be able to sell a Shinola is the renowned Aurel Bacs from Bacs & Russo Associates.

    Question #2. Why doesn’t Shinola present any pictures of its first mechanical movement? Considering that Shinola makes a big deal about this movement, wouldn’t it be logical to show a plethora of images of their new creation? For instance, whenever I find a new & improved ladyboy, I don’t hide him/her. Rather, I parade him/her at the Monte Carlo Beach Club, until all my friends get jealous and envious.

    Question #3. Who in his right mind will pay $2,250 for a Shinola? In fact, who is going to pay $2,250 for a watch made in Detroit? Even a car made in Detroit would never generate $2,250, let alone a highly derivative & unoriginal “watch.”

  • palettj

    I can just imagine how many people will be taking this watch back to the Shinola store after the power reserve runs out saying their watch is broken.

    • Actually that happened with Johan Rupert (more of less the owner of Richemont). Every other day at 6 AM the watch stopped. He had his minions check it out and they found nothing wrong with it. Same thing happened to Rupert. Then they had to gently tell the big boss that is was a manual wind mechanical watch.

  • Pete Pete

    btw, if this isn’t a sponsored post, then I don’t want to be called pete pete anymore.

    • PollyO

      It really is pretty f**king close isn’t it. But if they can get through the RM cyclist and the Hublot golf watch with a straight face then AA and the gang are capable of anything.

      • Marius

        À propos Richard Mille, and his Cyclist watch, here is what Ariel Adams had to say about it: “In a few years from now, people will be remarking on the genius of the watch, all but forgetting their initial skeptical reaction to it.”

        • PollyO

          Or perhaps it should have read: “After the next great War ends, people will look back at watches like these and be reminded why they took up arms in the first place”

    • Marius

    A question for all Millennials, Why can’t you simply create a quality product and sell it on its own merit???

    Why does every product have to be based on hype and marketing? Is marketing the only classes taught these days?

    I am so sick of all these bearded wonders thinking up these over creative sales pitches with zero actually put into the product itself. So explain why anyone would go through this bidding process to buy a Submariner look alike when they could simply buy one of the other 100 more established Sub look al likes?

    Create a unique quality well priced product FIRST then think about the marketing. Somebody is going to feel mighty stupid after they come down off their craft beer high realizing what they bid on at 2AM.

    • LXZ

      My sentiments exactly.

      Though I might have an idea why the majority of micro brands in recent years stay away from original designs. I don’t agree with these rehashes, but I can understand why they did it.

      It’s probably a commercially driven decision, not so much a lack of creativity. Whenever small brands invest in the production of a new design, which comes up to a lot of capital, the last thing they need is to lose money not being able to sell X number of watches. (Shinola is not a small brand though, and I wished they’d put their resources to good use with a unique design)

      Then it becomes a struggle – Come out with something original but unvalidated in the market, or produce something the watch market has been snapping up (in Shinola’s case, perhaps a familiar looking dive watch design).

      I have been designing watches for just about 5 years, and that struggle is real, especially when you’re about to sink a fortune into production. I have actually spent the last 8 months completing what you might call a ‘unique’ design, and the decision to launch it keeps me up at night, only because of how different it looks from convention.

      And yep I agree the hype driven marketing techniques are getting a little vexing. I think brands need to pull back on the BS and focus on the product. Then market it enough to just let everyone know your existence, and let the product speak for itself 🙂

      • I hear ya.

      • DGS70

        But what would the skinny guy with the bespoke frontiersman beard wear when he walks around BKN in his small-batch wetsuit?

  • John___B

    You’re all being too hard on Shinola. This is a nice looking watch even if derivative of other watches.

    I’d certainly consider this for an everyday dive watch, especially if…


    Holy shit, $2,250??? Are you fucking kidding me? $2,250?

    If I was spending north more than $2k for a dive watch and I didn’t want to drop $7,500 on a Sub, I’d get a Tudor Pelagos. Hell, I’d shake out my couch cushions every day for a year to save an extra $2K and get the Pelagos.

    But there is no way in Hell, I’d spend $2,250 on a Shinola dive watch.

    N. E. V. E. R.

    $500 tops. And even then I wouldn’t do it.

    Yea, good luck with that.

    • TrevorXM

      Not quite sure where you stand on this one…

  • Marc Levesque

    I just have to put this out there… From Worn & Wound:

    “The price will be approximately 66 CHF, making it a highly attractive option for those seeking Swiss-made.” (re the Ronda R150 movement)

    Yep… 66 CHF = about 66$ USD right now, with today’s exchange

    I have nothing else to say that has not already been discussed below…

    • DGS70

      Lest we forget W&W are the latest Shinola shills.

  • Yan Fin

    So, Ronda movement, retail 60 CHF, made of Swiss, Thailand, and German parts and assembled in Detroit, with $3 sapphire on the back, and auctioned on Snickers website, starting from $2,250… is it April 1 already?

    • SuperStrapper

      Wrong. Minimum bid on snickers is over $5k.

      • Yan Fin

        Wrong. Minimum milage on Snickers should be 5K to be allowed to auction.

        • SuperStrapper

          Are you complimenting snickers now?

  • Golan Klinger

    $2250? If it was $225 they might have something although for that money I’d rather stick with my Deep Blue ProTac Diver 1000 and get a flashlight separately.

    • Framlucasse

      225$ is the price of the parts + assembly, so no. 750 to 1000$ would be ok.
      But no more.

      • DGS70

        That’s being kind, the retail value of the flipping movement is $60.

  • Kuroji

    I feel like I’ve seen this watch somewhere else before…

  • Marius

    I would like to point out that Shinola delivers this watch with a very capable flashlight. The flashlight is extremely helpful for those using rectal suppositories. How does it work? Well, you place a suppository on the flashlight, and then you gently push it inside your rectum. It’s extremely easy and safe. You can perform this procedure yourself, or you can ask the nice salesperson from the Shinola boutique to push the flashlight for you.

    • Yan Fin

      There are also backpack and a purse, where, depending on gender, you can carry a 3 months supply of aforementioned suppositories.

      • Tea Hound

        So it’s really a very upmarket rectal suppository kit with a crappy watch thrown in for free?

        • Yan Fin

          Well, you need to know if it’s time to replace…

        • egznyc

          That’s makes sense, as I suppose there are people who will voluntarily bend over and take one up there if there are people who will purchase this watch at this price.

    • Kuroji

      I believe that rectal are the only kind of suppositories.

      • I would have though so too, but WebMD says:

        Different types of suppositories go into the rectum, vagina, or the duct that empties your bladder, called the urethra.

    • Lurch

      I thought the flashlight was for finding spare change in the sofa to replace the bracelet or strap for something better.

  • Nice sea-serpent/dragon on that Seiko!

  • Jon Snow

    This will fit in nicely next to my Donkey Lime and Squale TGV Lion-Dung Special Edition. In a few years, the entire collection will be auctioned by Aurel Bacs as part of the “Queens Borough Number 2 Auction – Shitter Watches of the Blogger Era.”

  • awildermode

    Best watch to come from Shinola, so far. I thought they had other mechanical/automatic movements in the past. I do not follow Shinola very closely, did not know all their previous watches were quartz.

    Lume looks great, I like the little blue lume accent. But, I generally like things that glow in the dark, feel free to judge.

  • Uncultrured_Swine

    Shinola has a lot of Detroit heritage.

    Like running themselves into the ground by manufacturing unsellable products.

  • Alan Jai Kuriako

    I’ve never commented on one of these articles before. But then again, no watch brand has ever lost their mind like Shinola. This watch looks like every other cheap Steel Sports watch, which all look like Subs. Nothing to see there then. But the price. Over 2K for a Shinola. I rather just buy 3 steinharts for that. Wonder how much of that 2K goes into that fake ass blue crystal on the lake monster or whatever.

  • I don’t know what it is but I don’t love it

    • DGS70

      I think the bespoke-plaid-clad-bearded-skinny-jeans crowd will echo your sentiment and snatch these up!


    Joining late the parade of accolades to welcome Shinola to the world of automatic watches…no doubt the Argomatic r 150 movement will resemble the famous Bassomatic 1000 movement made famous by Dan Aykroyd (just google it) . Go out there and put some coins down to buy this magnificent piece of taiwainchinatroit horological marvel. Do it , do it now

    • If this was Fossil (I know same brothers but different company), then yes an STP would make sense. But Shinola has been partnering with Ronda and as Ronda started making their ETA 2824 clone a year or two ago, they were the logical choice.

      • BNABOD

        True true potatoe potatoe

  • Framlucasse

    The watch is not bad.

    But “Swiss & Imported Parts” means a 60$ Ronda R150, let’s say 150$ of chinese parts (the rest of the watch).
    Asking 2250$, it’s as optimistic as ridiculous. Good luck with that.

    • And I think your pricing is about 5 CHF low for the movements (in quantity 1000).

  • Berndt Norten

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  • Timothy Sou

    Love the caseback and the packaging, but definitely not willing to pay 2k+ for it, especially for this generic design (IMO at least)

  • Bert Kanne

    I would much rather have my Ginault for a fraction of the price. There is no way this watch is worth over 2k

  • Kumaran Ramu
    • Ariel Adams

      The term “enamel” doesn’t always mean the same thing when used by manufacturers. We aren’t sure these watches have the oven-heated enamel that people think of when they speak of enamel on traditional watches. Unless we learn otherwise, I don’t think that the dials of the watches are the same type of enamel as many watches lovers imagine when it comes to enamel-dialed watches.

      • Framlucasse

        I didn’t see that. Well, if it’s not enamel, the “black Glossy Enamel” is deception.

        • You can buy enamel paint for your house and rest assured that it does not require firing in an oven nor is is glass based. So Ariel is right. The thing we tend to think of when we hear enamel is Grand Feu (grand fire), but not all “enamel” is that fine stuff. Cheers.

  • Nick Rice

    Not my money

  • Mikita

    Honestly, the watch isn’t that bad. The seamonster is a nice touch. But damn how overpriced it is.. You can imagine plethora of better divers ranging from Tudor BB/Pelagos to Seiko MM or Eberhard, which looks like a traforetto for this Shinola.

  • Pete L

    Nice enough cheap knock off of a Tag aquaracer although not cheap. At this price would suggest buying the Tag or even better save up a bit longer and buy a Seamaster.

  • #The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    For the Love of G-d, let this be a “Sponsored Post.”

    I dearly would not like to think ABTW spent any $$ on this one.

  • Shinola and StockX are a match made in heaven.

    A watch no one is going to buy and a platform no one is going buy from.

    A brand new Glycine Combat Sub (a model which bears the most resemblance to the Shinola Monster Ego), costs under a grand and comes in dozens of flavors / colors / styles. A brand new Tudor Black Bay with their in-house movement goes for about $2700 grey market.

    Shinola is America’s Bremont, which ironically is an insult to Bremont.

  • Inoffensive, ordinary, overpriced…and I can’t help imagining that “sapphire crystal” (whatever that is…blue-tinted CZ?) digging into my wrist.

    • commentator bob

      Not only is the blue tinted faceted material in the back superfluous and contrary to the tool watch aesthetic this watch should have, but it is also clearly going to dig into people’s wrists.

      • Mark1884

        I surmise that the “stone” on the casebook is a Swarovski type of crystal.

  • Mr. Snrub

    Like Mark, I too am a native Michigander, and as such can’t help but root for these guys. I’m glad to see them enter the world of automatics. I only wish they did so at a much more reasonable price point.

    I read a report from a local source that the bezel is ceramic, which may explain some of the price. Still, they haven’t made a customer out of me. I’ll stick to their leather goods for the time being.

    • DGS70

      Root for them? They are a fashion lifestyle corporation with deep pockets. Who exactly are you rooting for?

  • HectorAsuipe

    Arrrrrrg…omatic. Pirate Day Watch?
    Meh. I’d go for a Monta first, but keep on trying Shinola.

  • Ulysses31

    Christopher Ward have a new logo now, which for some reason looks like “Shinola”. Eerie resemblances aside, I like how they’ve tried to make this a bit unique, using different coloured lume and giving that lake monster a beady blue eye. I’d like it more if they were a little more creative with the hands and markers though. The body-plan for this watch is simply too generic.

  • SnarkyJay

    If I want a watch made in Detroit, I’ll get a watch from the Detroit Watch Company. Quality watches without all the marketing and BS. You get much more watch for your money, and they weren’t created to take advantage of peoples nostalgia for a long dead brand of shoe polish from NY.

  • DGS70

    A lake monster and an honestly priced Shinola. Two things that don’t exist.

  • Pascal Leers

    $ 2.250 – for a Shinola ? For a “Made in Detroit” watch that is actually just put together, from parts made in China and Switserland . That is a lot of money for false sentiment.