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The more time I spend with innovative independent watch makers, the most I find myself being drawn to that world. Nubeo is one of my newest favorites because founder Ivan Castro is first a jewelry man, second a watch maker. The sentiment translates into a totally unique interpretation into watch design as well as construction ethic. He is a humble guy, but has a no tolerance attitude for deviations from his strict concepts of quality in both aesthetic and construction. These are a few watches from one of his first lines of watches, the Jellyfish. There is also the Black Jellyfish, and Medusse (which is the women’s line). Then for the ceramic built versions, they are called the Keramik watches. All of these are based on the same type of design. The Jellyfish looks comes out best when you turn the watch on its side and look at the outline shape. Looks like the profile of a jellyfish right? All Nubeo watches has this theme of “organic” influence, and it works really well for the brand.

The first thing you notice when holding a Nubeo watch is that they have a level of detail typically unseen in other timepieces. Edges are so perfectly cut, colors are vivid and sharp without holding back, lines are fluid and meld together. These are truly works of art that have been translated into haute horology, and imbued with a very high level of manufacturing pride. The first watch pictured is the Black Jellyfish in rose gold and rubber. The case features both brushed and polished surfaces and rubber is used in unique ways over the bezel. The strap is exquisite and you have these gold links that move like spinal vertebrae when you move or twist the strap. Part of the “organic” aspect of the design. The dial is meld of various textures and materials that remind you of sea shells and fossils. Still, the face of the watch is very easy to read. Inside the watch is a modified automatic ETA Valjoux 7750 movement. The traditional chronograph movement has the chronograph part of it taken out. The reason the movement is used is that it was likely the easiest way to have the subsidiary seconds dial placed in the correct position while still retaining a hardy movement that did not require a module to be placed on it. Actually across all Nubeo timepieces, I’d say the Valjoux 7750 is their favorite movement to use.

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Looking at the rear of the watch you see a fantastic thing, but I might need to explain it to you so that you can appreciate it. The case of the Jellyfish is made up of several parts, but do you see how they are all flush on the curved back? This is so hard to so, making sure each pieces is so exact in size that the rear of the watch feels like one solid piece if you run your finger over it. You can also see the kidney bean shaped sapphire window through which you can see the movement and the black textured automatic rotor.

Next you’ll see whimsical model of the Jellyfish, the Camouflage model. It is a fun timepiece with a cool sort of marine camo look. It hide a complex secret though. The camo rubber strap is very hard to make. Most camo straps are painted, not this one. A technician at the factory must hand apply globs of rubber to make the patterns for each strap as opposed to using the basic injections molds. There just might be the most luxurious camouflage rubber straps out there. I am going to leave it to Nubeo to tell you each detail about the watch. I think the images speak for themselves to a large degree.

nubei-jellyfish-ladies-watches nubeo-jellyfish-lady-jewelry-watch

Then you have the women’s line which I wanted to show you. These are of the most stunning women’s watches out there. So cool you’ll actually want her to have one. They are basically men’s sized anyway, with masculine enough colors I would probably wear one. The women’s Jellyfish watches are called Medusse. Which is a play on another name for jellyfish. These watches illustrate Nubeo’s jewelry background. Mr. Castro is very talented when it comes to picking the right stones. You’ll find that the various watches have been meticulously thought out when it comes to choice of colors, cuts, and sizes. I think that he did a very good job without going overboard. It is a tough line to reach to being clearly a jewelery timepiece without being  reduced to a framework for a precious gem orgy (you know you’ve seen those watches).

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The overall Jellyfish line of watches include dizzying amount of variations. If you are interested in one you’ll certainly want to explore your options with Nubeo. Nubeo’s newest line is the Black Mamba watch collection that I’ve written about before, but I thought it was important to give emphasis the brand’s other collections as well – as they each embody something special.

Visit Nubeo here for more information.

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