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The steampunk universe just keeps getting richer, and it is best when the wares are combined with stories. You’ll see well-crafted goods from Mr. A.R.M. delightfully presented on the SSOA website here. The nature of steampunk begs for stories to be written behind the creations. The SSOA is an experiment in art, design, and watch craft. Watches and clocks are connected with steampunk because the backbone of steampunk design is “clockwork.” The pre-computer, infant-electrical concept that gears and pure machinery were king. It dives into the mystery that is the function of a clock, ands a little spice of magic and unknown possibility. To many people, the complication inserted into many watches might as well be magic.

What I really like is that Mr. A.R.M.’s design of his eBay auctions is modeled after the website theme. You’ll seldom see more effort placed into making an eBay auction page attractive. The watches are art themselves are well designed, emulating the steampunk aesthetic as well as you could hope for. The trick is to combine all the elements together in a way that looks calculated, yet organic. Which is exactly the purpose of steampunk as the idea is homebrew neo-Victorian tech. In a way it is the “new goth” but with wider appeal, and more opportunity for humor and technology.

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The SSOA Steampunk bluewatch. (CLICK TO EXPAND)

You’ll notice that these watches take leather cuffs with vintage watch gears and place them together in a manner that flows well. The artist carefully places a working watch intended to be part of the entire composition, yet retain its functionality. These are handmade creations, and still a point when they are cheap enough for any watch or art collector. Basically you can take almost any watch and add it to these types of objects. The artist needs to ensure that they can build around it tastefully. From the available watches which are inexpensive, any artist has a ton of options.

I really can’t wait to see what else this artist comes up with. Typically these items tend to evolve, in terms of look and sophistication. I look forward to seeing that the artist will come up with next, in addition to the broader range of watches and parts used for these creations. You’ll enjoy checking out the auction page, and the artist’s website.

Secret Society of Odd Acquisitions’ Steampunk eBay store.

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Visit the SSOA webpage here.

See steampunk items on Amazon here. [phpbay]steampunk, num, “14324”, “”[/phpbay]

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