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StockX Is Offering One Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR Batman At Retail Price

StockX Is Offering One Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR Batman At Retail Price Sales & Auctions

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Detroit-based online marketplace StockX is offering watch buyers (and general cool hunters) a unique method of obtaining luxury items. The price of items is dictated by the demand for them, much in the same way that stock prices go up and down on the stock exchange. Underpinning this refreshing approach to retail are the company’s core principles: transparency, authenticity, and anonymity. And to ensure that the products offered are entirely authentic, StockX has brought on board a team of watchmakers to sign off on every single listed piece. The platform enables collectors from around the world to buy and sell items at their current, demand-driven value. Occasionally, StockX is able to offer high-demand pieces at their original retail price, giving registered users of the site an incredible opportunity to purchase something well below its current market value.

Baselworld 2019 saw the hotly anticipated release of the Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR. Its black and blue bezel has carried a few nicknames over the years, but none is more widely used than the “Batman.” The previous iteration of the “Batman” debuted in 2013 but was only available on the classic professional bracelet. 2019 saw the black and blue bezel paired with a jubilee bracelet for the first time. The result was a waiting list that continues to grow to this day. Consequently, demand for this watch has driven the current market value up to around $20,000 from an original retail price of $9,250.

StockX Is Offering One Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR Batman At Retail Price Sales & Auctions

The demand for 2018’s Rolex GMT Master II “Pepsi” proved that the consumer base for stainless steel GMTs from Rolex on a jubilee bracelet presented a ravenous captive market. It was only a matter of time before the industry’s most recognized brand released another product into that category to take advantage of the frenzy caused by the Pepsi’s release. Predictably, the sales of the “Batman” were similarly rapid, which is good news for those who purchased one at retail and very bad news for anyone who didn’t and still wants one.

Chances of getting your hands on one of Rolex’s most desirable watches for anywhere close to four figures have been pretty slim. But the team at StockX doesn’t think that’s very fair, so they’ve decided to change all that for one lucky watch-lover.

StockX Is Offering One Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR Batman At Retail Price Sales & Auctions

Last year they did it with the “Pepsi”, and now, StockX will be “restocking” a single Rolex GMT Master II 126710BLNR “Batman”, making it available for its retail price of $9,250. Bidding is open between the 25th and the 28th of June, 2019.

All you have to do to enter the running is open an account, place a bid (which will be locked at the retail amount of $9,250), invite your friends to share in the opportunity, and follow StockX on Instagram.

And the best thing about the competition is that is totally risk-free. Non-winning bidders won’t be charged a cent, so you can partake without risking anything. Only the winner, who will be selected at random by StockX from all qualifying entrants, will be charged.

StockX Is Offering One Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR Batman At Retail Price Sales & Auctions

How to Enter

  1. Create an account with StockX on your desktop or mobile device. You can find our app in the iOS or Google Play store. If you’re an existing account holder, make sure you’re using the latest version of the app software before heading to step 2.
  2. Beginning July 25th, place a $9,250 bid on the Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR ReStockX. You won’t be charged unless you win. Bidding is restricted to US users only.

You can check out the full terms and conditions for the upcoming competition here. If you’d like to learn more about StockX, then please visit If you’re interested in learning more about StockX, you can find out everything there is to know on

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  • Hands90

    Anyone comment on this site being legitimate?
    Looking at other watches listed ‘all’ of them do not have real photos. They had stock photos and there is no way of knowing the condition.

    • They’re definitely legitimate – they’ve more or less re-shaped the premium sneaker reseller market, and added watches to their offerings in the last year or so. Similar to what they do with streetwear, their listings use stock photos.

      • Hands90

        I’ve worked with someone who put bids in for sneakers but never won anything.
        I don’t really understand buying pre-owned with stock images unless the watches I’m buying are in mint condition like the photos posted.

      • Gokart Mozart

        Trainers and watches are a whole different thing.

        I had a quick look at a Beguet yellow gold classic with small seconds.

        Price seems reasonable but no pictures of the watch. It says excellent condition, but how do I know what there definition of excellent is.

        Does not say the age, if it is new used, if there are box or papers, if it has been serviced, does it have an original breguet strap and buckle or a £30 Hirsch? Does it have a sapphire back?etc etc.

        How can you buy a 7k watch with so little infowithout any of this info.

        It has the absolute minimum info. Basically you have to do all the hard work to try to find out all the details about it yourself.

  • TheChuphta

    Reminds me of the King of Hill episode where Hank thinks he’s getting a deal by paying sticker price for his new car.

  • TheChuphta

    I hope it self destructs like that Banksy drawing when the lottery ends.

  • Hands90

    Interesting. Like the watches on the site the actual condition is completely unknown.

  • SuperStrapper

    Not all heroes are recognised.

  • Allan

    if you ever get bored of a GS good luck selling it on the second hand market for anything close to retail. We don’t buy Rolex because we love the company. You get a great watch and if you ever get bored of it, you can often get all your money back. try doing that with any other brand!

  • Razzcal

    Can’t believe someone actually has the audacity to say “Hey join our lottery for a chance to buy a watch at MSRP!” What an insult to make that out to be a reward. Let’s not forget that this watch (just like the Royal Oak, Aquanaut, SS Daytona etc. etc.) only rare and difficult to obtain at retail, because the manufacturer wants to keep it that way. They could produce it in unlimited quantities, bit choose to restrict stock to maintain rarity and exclusivity, and to ensure the product never sells at a discount. The MSRP of any luxury mechanical watch is ~20x the variable cost of production, if not more, so buying one at MSRP is never a bargain anyway. But hey, people fall for these rarity tactics, so really consumers only have themselves to blame.

  • ray h.

    Not about Tribes, it’s about PROFIT.

  • ray h.

    Hey Raymond,
    Are you saying it re-sold at 2M or is what the current owner is “asking” ?

    • Raymond Wilkie

      The market value of the piece is now £2 million ( having been sold for 1m before shredding the bottom half ). The current owner is not selling….yet.

  • David

    Consumerism is the new religion and it is epitomised in this “contest” more than ever.

  • Ariel Adams

    This is advertisement from a good company and this is a promotion that they felt would resonate with consumers. We standby the value of StockX as a company and as a consumer if you don’t like the promotion you should express that in a constructive manner so that StockX can learn from the situation.

  • spice

    There is no such thing as a free lunch?

  • SuperStrapper

    That second line ???

  • Pete Yo

    What’s the big deal? If you want a Batman GMT but don’t want to pay 2x retail, you enter the contest. IF you win, good for you. If you don’t you aren’t out anything (except the emails you will receive). Sure it’s a gimmick, but ABTW has to pay the bills. This and Kickstarter watches really piss people off for some reason.

  • Garrett Hu

    Nah, history has shown things will always come and go. I’ll pick one up in the next dip. when all the flippers have lost their rear ends and ADs are giving 20% off. It will happen. Rolex ADs will tell you the demand will just get higher and Rolex is closing retailers and you need to build a relationship and spends all this money for them to even consider to sell you a watch. It’s just a watch…so many idiots out there that are willing to bend over. The more I read about Rolex the more I want to sell all mine and give my money to folks who deserve it.

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