Storm is probably going to do pretty well with this watch. It isn’t very expensive, and it has a cool action-hero style look that will appeal to the masses. I personally was gravitated to it when I first learned of it, and a boyish sense of “I want to put that on” came over me when I saw the angular looking case and second, smaller watch dial that was part of the strap. The look isn’t exactly sophisticated, but has a certain unpolished charm to it. It is also a limited edition (of 3000 pieces) – which is a sort of an interesting fact and part of the appeal for some.

The case is in steel, and rose gold toned in part, as well as black toned – likely being done with ion plating (IP). The case is 43mm wide and has a “destro” (lefty) style layout with the crown and the chronograph pushers on the left side of the case (as opposed to the right side of the case). Case is water resistant to 50 meters and has a mineral crystal. It wears big, especially with the size being 49mm wide when taking the crown into consideration. It is also quite tall from lug tip to tip. The dial is Bell & Ross-esque in terms of the numerals, while the hands are more simple aviator black and white rods. There is some luminant on the dial as well on the hands and hour markers. The simple lines and textures of the case and dial are contrasted with the crown and pusher tubes which have a grated textured on them.

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Storm also offers the watch in a few other colors depending on your tastes – not sure if they are all limited edition models. As a fashion watch, this piece certainly matches an active/quasi-military look. The second watch dial on the strap is fun. It doesn’t exactly match the style of the main watch – but seems to fit with the overall look of the piece. Like I said, there is a sort of mix-and-match friendliness to this piece. The main watch has a chronograph as part of the Japanese quartz movement. Both movements are Japanese quartz. With the two dials and the chronograph, the Chrono Terrain is actually a rather useful piece if you look at it that way. Tells you two timezones, the date, and has a 12 hour chronograph.

Attached to the watch is a rubber strap that is actually quite comfy. The watch never really looks like it was born to wrap around your wrist, but is certainly wearable. It could also be that my wrists are small. Like I said about all Storm timepieces, they are most always comfortable – a really big plus point for them. The price for the Storm Chrono terrain here is $300, but goes down to $250 for a few others models. You can check them out and buy them here from Strom USA.

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