This week on the Superlative Podcast, host and aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams is joined by Federico Ziviani, CEO of Gerald Charles. Federico starts the show by discussing how he initially became a part of the brand, which happens to be the great Gérald Genta’s last watch brand, and what Gérald means to the brand and the watch industry today. The two continue to reflect on Gérald Genta’s legacy and impact on watch design as a whole, as well as dive into the current state of Gerald Charles and its newest watch design and shape. Federico tells us his hopes and vision for the future of the brand and when the right time to introduce a new design might be.

Then, Ariel asks Federico where he learned the style of management that his current duties require, and what he learned once the brand went to market. The two talk strategy on pushing your team in order for everything to continue to elevate within the operations of the company, and how seeing the results of their actions continues to motivate them. Federico talks about sharing the vision of the brand and what the future of manufacturing and production looks like for Gerald Charles. This week’s episode is filled with anecdotes and stories about the legendary Gérald Genta and his designs as Federico and Ariel dive into his legacy and lay out all of the details of Gerald Charles as a modern luxury watch brand. Listen below or on the player of your choice.

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