For this episode of SUPERLATIVE, aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams is joined by Andy Zhang, CEO of WatchBox China. Andy explains what WatchBox is and what his role as CEO of WatchBox China entails, and the two discuss what life is like on the industry side as opposed to the collector side, the murkiness of the pre-owned market, the thrilling topic of taxation, as well as the idea of watches as investments. Plus, a discussion of the current and future landscape of watches in China. Listen below or on the podcast player of your choice.

WatchBox was founded in 2017 by Danny Govberg of Govberg Jewelers as a platform for selling exceptional pre-owned timepieces. With offices in the United States, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, the company is now synonymous with luxury watch retailing. Five years in, WatchBox seems to be the place to go if you want to find the rarest, most desirable watches.

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