TAG Heuer has a new version of its Connected Modular smartwatch that was designed with golfers in mind. Called the Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition, this is a smartwatch that comes with a specially designed golf app that has loads of features TAG Heuer thinks golfers will appreciate. Some of the standout features include showing the distance to greens and hazards, score tracking, and more.


Brand: TAG Heuer
Model: Connected Golf Edition
Dimensions: 45mm diameter, 13.75mm-thick
Water Resistance: 50 meters
Case Material: Sandblasted titanium
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire
Movement: Intel Atom processor
Frequency: N/A
Power Reserve: 25 hours battery life
Strap/Bracelet: Leather strap with rubber, rubber strap
Price & Availability: $1,850

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This is really a minor tweak of the original Connected Modular watch. The case design is identical, as is the hardware. You have a 1.39-inch wide display with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels and a pixel density count of 287 PPI. Underneath, you have the same Intel Atom processor, 512MB of memory, and 4GB of storage. The new golfing software can be installed on the older watch, too, so it’s not exclusive to this new model. The main differences are, therefore, aesthetic ones.

The Connected Golf Edition only comes in 45mm and in a sandblasted titanium case. The bezel is black ceramic and is engraved with “Golf Edition” and a scale of 1 to 18, which denotes the number of holes in a game. It’s filled with white lacquer to increase legibility. It’s a nice little touch in a watch aimed primarily at golfers.

More importantly, its breadth of abilities is quite impressive. The app that runs on the Connected Golf Edition features 3D renderings of a whopping 39,000 courses. And by using the built-in GPS, the watch can show you the distance to greens and hazards and is accurate to one meter. It can also record shot distances by measuring the steps players take to their balls. Finally, it has a built-in scorekeeping function for up to four players.

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And since the Connected Golf Edition is running Wear OS underneath it all, it has all the usual Wear OS smartwatch capabilities, like keeping track of your activity, sports tracking, showing notifications, and so on.


It’s tough to stand out in the smartwatch market dominated by Apple. The problem is that everyone else is dependent on Intel or Qualcomm for processors and Google for software, leaving little room to innovate. With that in mind, TAG Heuer has managed to do quite well with the new Connected Golf Edition. To be sure, it’s a niche product, but it’s one that seems to be thoughtfully designed and it looks like it will appeal to serious golfers who want to use technology to get more insight into their game. The Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition is priced at $1,850. Learn more at tagheuer.com.

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