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aBlogToWatch is sort of like one big buying guide for watches: Through our articles, you can educate yourself on watches and even shape your own tastes. In this section, we get very specific.

So, what should you expect to get for your money and where should you purchase watches? Those are two simple questions with no quick answers, and while no single buying guide can make you an

instant expert, you are in good hands. After reading the guides below, be sure to check out Watch Reviews to further inform your decisions.

We can help you choose a luxury watch from different price ranges, and help you choose where to buy your watch. No watch buying guide will make you an instant watch expert; it has taken years and great effort for us to develop our appreciation and knowledge of timepieces. This is where we share culminations of our buying experiences, our knowledge and where we offer our advice.

How To Choose A Watch

Before a purchase, consult our detailed luxury watch buying guides on what to look for in a luxury watch of any budget:

Entry-Level Luxury Watch Buying Guide ($1000 and under)
Entry-Level Luxury Watches
Mid-Range Luxury Watch Buying Guide ($1000 to $20,000)
Mid-Range Luxury Watches
High-End Luxury Watch Buying Guide ($20,000 and above)
High-End Luxury
How Do I Buy A Watch, Where Do I Buy A Watch?
Editors' Top Lists of Best Watches
Find out which watches our editors think are the best watches... See if your ideas of the best luxury watches match-up with that of our expert team members, and tell us what you think!

Suggestions On Where To Buy

More and more brands are opening up either their own e-commerce websites or are authorizing their dealers to sell watches online. These are often the safest places to buy watches on the Internet, and the watches will come with full factory warranties. We recommend that you always check those places first.

Anyone using Google to look for watches to buy online will tend to come up with many options. We recommend buying through authorized dealers or other reputable sites. While often "at your own risk," sites like eBay and Amazon offer good selections as well. For used, rare or unique watches eBay is a "must check" before almost any purchase... there are often items no one else has, and some of the best deals can be found there.

We also profile watch stores around the world where you can expect the best in selection and service. Take a look at our continuing Watch Stores series.

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